Shedinja Pokemon go – Evolution, Moves, Stats, and Counters

Shedinja Pokemon go –  Evolution, Moves, Stats, and Counters

Shedinja Pokemon go – Evolution, Moves(bug bite, Shadow claw, Struggle Bug, Aerial Bug, Shadow sneak), Stats, and Counters All Updates


Shedinja is such a kind of pokemon which is the type of bug and ghost. It was formed in generation III. Shedinja was born from the Nincada. Shedijnja Japanese name is Nukenin. As we earlier told that it has two types. One is a bug and the other is a ghost. It is an evolutionary product of Nukenin and it turns into the Nincada. It looks like a small type of turtle. Most of Shedinja body is light brown and it looks very innocent.

Shedinja’s head was in grey. It is the number 292 in the pokemon family. Also, It has 73 defense types of moves. It contains only 1 stamina in the pokemon series or the Pikachu family. The Shedinja was found in the region of the Hoenn. Shedinja can boost its moves from the fog and rainy weather. Shedinja pokemon has the wonder guard ability.

Availability of Shedinja in the pokemon’s family:

Shedinja Pokemon go

Shedinja is now available in the Pikachu family. Shedinja was formed in generation III so there is no availability of bug type of pokemon in the Pikachu family. He eats and loves to eat candies. The candy will boost its stamina power and it can fight and defense better. This type of pokemon of only available in the research work of the pokemon series. 

Shedinja pokemon go full bio:

Shedinja is a dual-type of pokemon. It is a bug and also a ghost type. It is in the shed category in the Pikachu family. Shedinja pokemon has a height of 0.79 meters long. It has 1.2 kg in weight. It likes to have buddy candy. Shedinja pokemon is only found in the Hoenn region. The Shedinja pokemon is a member of the Nincada family. 

What is the reason of banned Shedinja?

The reason of banned such type is very tricky to explain. As it is an earlier type of pokemon which is designed and formed in generation III. So after that many types of pokemon have been introduced and formed from the earlier pokemon. But the Shedinja type of pokemon evolves dual type of its availability in the Pikachu family. It has the dual type of pokemon.

But the question is that the why this type of pokemon is banned for a long time? The answer to this question is it doesn’t evolve in other available pokemon. It has very slow speed and it doesn’t take part in ant battles for keeping its self in the game. He is also live without the abilities of battle and wars. The Shedinja was available and found in the weekly field research breakthrough.

What is the strange tale?

Shedinja Pokemon go

Best moves:

The best move of Shedinja is shadow claw and aerial ace when he is in the gym. These moves give him and boost his stamina power in the gym. These moves are also increasing the DPS and PVP levels.

Shedinja best description:

Shedinja is a peculiar type of pokemon. This is the special feature of Shedinja pokemon goes. He can be seen in the poke ball. This type of pokemon cannot breathe. Also, he can float in the air along with its wings. But its wings have remained still. They cannot participate in Shedinja to fly. He has a very hard body as it has a hard shell on its back.

The Shedinja type of pokemon cannot move very steadily. Its body has a hollow shell. The hallow shell is the reason for stealing the one’s passion of moving forward and spirit of forwardness and peering into one another. It does not even twitch due to his hard body and the shell. The player of the game does not involve the Shedinja pokemon in the battle and the wars because they have not the ability to fighting. But the players only keep him in the character in the completion of pokemon.

Shedinja possible attacks:

Shedinja pokemon go has the weakest against fire, flying, dark, rock, and ghost moves. When you want to see a shiny pokemon then you cannot see it in a shiny avatar they are very rare. Shedinja cannot resist the direct attack of damage. They are not super –effective as other pokemon in the Pikachu family. The candy will boost the energy and power up.

Shedinja pokemon go the defensive moves:

Also, he has the defensive move sets in the series of pokemon go. It contains the 5 types of moves set in the series of pokemon go. 

 1: bug bite:

This is the very ideal defensive move of Shedinja pokemon go.

2: Shadow claw:

This is also a very fast defensive move of in the series of pokemon go.

3: Struggle Bug:

This struggle bug move is that type of move which is very ideal for the pokemon. 

4: Aerial Bug:

The aerial bug is that type of defensive move in which they can charge themselves.

5: Shadow sneak:

This is the best and ideal move of defense and ideally charged up easily. 

How we get the Shedinja pokemon go?

We can easily catch him. We can just need the Nincada and a poke ball for catching them easily. Nincada has the 5 pokemon on the list and the poke ball has the ability in your bag too catching the Shedinja pokemon.

The last words:

The Shedinja pokemon has a dual-type of pokemon. The main type is a bug and another type is a ghost. They are very lazy and live in the Hoenn region. He can be fly without his wing in the air. This article summarizes that this type of pokemon is cannot evolve into other formations. They are very rare to catch. The player does not want to catch but collect the Shedinja in their pokemon lists only. The Shedinja pokemon’s best moves are aerial ace and shadow claw. Shedinja is the bad pokemon. It blocks out all the attacks from the 5 types of pokemon.

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