Helioptile Pokemon: Stats, Moves, Evolution & Locations

Helioptile Pokemon: Stats, Moves, Evolution & Locations

Helioptile Evolution. Helioptile is an Electric Type Pokemon Introduced in Generation Six. It is known as the Generator Pokemon.


Helioptile is the species of Pokémon series he is the part of generation 6. He is also known as the generator of the Pokémon. When he is outside of his house then he starts bathing under the sun and he starts to enjoy the sun rays as the bathing system.

He enjoys the light of the Sun and May starts to fill its energy from the light of the sun. However, He does not eat anything although he feeds himself with sun rays. He eats and absorbs the sunlight as food. Also, He enjoys the sun rays so much. Helioptile makes his home in the desert areas. 

They can take and generate energy from basking in the sun. He has the two big ears known as the frills. The frills can work as a solar panel for him for generating energy. When he spreads his frills then these may work like solar panels. The frills are attached to his head side.

And the frills may have cells that causing generating of the energy supply for him. He does not need to feed but he feeds sunlight delightfully. When the Helioptile charges himself with enough power supply then he turns himself as different and charges Pokémon in Pikachu family.

Bio of Helioptile: 

However, He is a bipedal, lizard type of Pokémon. He has primary color is yellow. He has two long frills-like ears which are attached to his head. Also, He has black paws and a tail tip. He has a black head top. And he has the body of triangular yellow marking on his body.

He has blue eyes. And also has a pointed head. He has the tapering tail. And having three toes on each foot. He has frills which electrically chargeable from the sunlight and works for him very well in every situation. When he does not find enough sun rays then he becomes hungry and does not behave very well. He can create his energy and can survive the worst conditions in the desert type of areas.

Initials of Helioptile:

The Helioptile is based on the frilled neck type of lizards. These frills may have the resemblance upon the secret toad-headed agama. He may have some kind of resemblance from the salamander. The Helioptile may have some based on the iguana too. Furthermore, he may have a resemblance to the leopard gecko. 

Combination of name:

The name Helioptile is the combination of two Japanese words which are helios and the other is Helioptile. 

A brief note on Helioptile structure

The structure of the Helioptile is very unique from other Pokémon families. He has an electrically powered supply. No one pokemon has the same qualities and having the same abilities. He has the only non-grass type of pokemon in the Pikachu family. He has the main three abilities which are mentioned here like dry skin, sand veil, and solar power. And these conditions may have suffered from these types of weather conditions like rain, sandstorm, and harsh sunlight.

 He has number 694. When he spreads out his frills he looks more cute and beautiful as well. He has power-generating abilities that make him different from all the Pokémon species. Also, He has the electric type of moves. He weighs 13.2lbs and has a maximum height of 1’08’’.

However, He has the generator type of category-based pokemon in the Pikachu family. He has a 50 % ratio of gender changes. Also, He has the major of two types: one is electric and the other is normal. He has two weak points are fighting and ground. 

Helioptile is the small, yellowish, and quadruped type of Pokémon. He has a round face and has the blue eyes and a long, thin, floppy, deep, grey shade. Similarly, He has ear-like appendages with a yellow color scheme. He has triangular tips which dangle from another side of his head. Also, He has a bright yellow color. And the color of his tip, his long tail, and the top of his head is in the color of grey. 

He has a body like a slinky and very thin. However, He has tiny clawed feet and a long tail. He has a large head as compared to its firmly thin body structure. Also, He has a shiny bright red color body with some yellowish patches. 

Helioptile Evolution & Behavior:

The behavior of Helioptile is very different from other pokemon. He takes the sunbath and takes charge from the sun rays and sunlight. As we all know that he absorbs the sun rays just like the plants and trees. He absorbs the sun’s rays then he does not need to eat anything. He fills his tummy with the sun’s rays and sunlight.

Ghost-type Helioptile

Ghost-type of Helioptile have not received damages from fighting attacks because they are ghost

Poison type:

The poison type of Pokémon may not receive half of the normal damage from poison type attacks.


The bug type of pokemon can receive the half of normal type of damage from their enemies. 


The ghost-type pokemon does do double damage to their enemies and opponents and receives the normal type of attacks.

The team options:

The team of Helioptile are cannot deal with the ground type of attacks. And they cannot deal with the fighting type of attacks as well. The fairy type of pokemon can act as liaison and soaking up the hits and can healing the statuses of Helioptile. They may have received the double of attacks and they may threaten their enemies by giving them an electric shot.

The last note:

As above all the points and their contents may have full knowledge about the Pokémon type of Helioptile evolution, he has a cute body shaped but not eat anything except the sun rays. They loved to live in sunny areas like deserts mostly. They have two big flapping-like ears. When he flapping his ears then he starts the power generation from the sunlight. They are also known as the power generation Pokémon. They have more attacking power-moves as well as includes in dark pulse. These Pokémon types have some water-type attacks and then punished the opponent party. I hope after reading you will get all information about Helioptile evolution.

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