Morpeko Weakness – Morpeko Pokemon Sword & Shield:-

Morpeko Weakness – Morpeko Pokemon Sword & Shield:-

Morpeko Weakness Pokemon. What is their Weakness When Full Belly Mode and When Hungry Mode? Body data, Power, Trivia and Origin

Introduction to Morpeko Pokemon

Morpeko weakness makes you feel great when we talk about the morpeko, a cute little rodent-like Pokémon. This belongs to galar region, akin to pachirisu, dedenne, plusle and minin. The one is just cute overloaded being a little hamster with round pink cheeks. Something which differentiates it from others is its looks from other rodents and this gets hangry. When morpeko is in full belly mode, it’s yellow, brown and black and when it turns to “hangry mode” it gets on to the black, purple and red color scheme. The reason behind that is its signature move with the aura wheel from the electric type to the dark type.

But the morpeko weakness is it gets hungry often and need food instead of how much it eats. When it stays hungry for a longer time period then it switches to hunger mode and that is its signature mode where it balances its hormones within morpeko’s body changes. The morpekos also carry berry seeds around just in case they feel puckish. These seeds are eaten by it when it feels hungry and satisfies its constant hunger with the power to generate electricity. It’s important to keep it feeding as once it stops with no food, there are chances for it to become aggressive and volatile in its behaviour.

Body data:-

Even though morpeko weakness lies with food, still there are some other weapons that trigger it as a player. These are 344 sword/ shield, 104 the isle of armor and 157 he crown tundra. The one weighs around 3.0 kg with a height of 0.3 m being a species of two-sided Pokémon.

Its biology:-

The morpeko is chubby being a short rodent bearing hunger switching ability to alter its appearance. It is short with stubby arms and feet with a pair of pink circular cheek pouches and a very small nose. Other than that it has two almond-shaped ears with a single fur tuft present under each ear and the primary body color separates both with a zigzag inwards towards its face stopping at the waistline. The furry patches form pockets in which they store the seeds to the ear whenever they feel hungry.

The best part about this is the berries are roasted inside the pockets with the electric power of the Pokémon and is hence called the morpeko weakness. Once the morpeko’s hunger gets satisfied, it refuses to eat more food and then attacks anyone who tries to feed it. Now the energy with its cheeks would change from electric type energy to dark type energy. Globally it’s the only Pokémon who is capable of learning the move aura wheel.

Morpeko Weakness of Power:-

Its power stands on with the sword and shield. Now with a sword, in hangry mode, there is intense hunger which drives it to extremes of violence and the electricity in his cheek sacs gets converted to dark type energy. But when in full belly mode for the sword, it eats the seeds stored in its pocket to generate constant electricity. Now in the shield mode when it has a full belly it would carry the seeds that are roasted electrically; and are a precious treasure as it gets to eat always within short order and in hangry mode; the hunger hormones affect its temperature until its hunger appeased, it gets up to all manner of evil deeds.


The morpeko is the only Pikachu family-based Pokémon that can change its forms and is the only one to have a unique type combination. This tie with dedenne as one of the smallest Pikachu family Pokémon at just being 8 inches tall. It bears the authentic power of shifting. With a number of success points, morpeko weakness is also dominants.


The morpeko appears with a wheel based signature move that indicates it might be based on a hamster or guinea pig. Alternatively, its temperamental hunger with its small and cute nature is quite attractive. It’s too tiny and even the dendenne might draw inspiration from the shrew. This may also be based on a marsupial as it’s being shown to stuff food or its hand inside of the yellow and purple portions of its body. Its distinctive color has come from the broken colorations found in guinea pigs.


This morpeko is a combination of morph and harapeko which in Japanese refers to hunger or starving. This also might have come from marmot which is the Japanese name for the guinea pig. Possibly it could also have come from pika as it is the electric rodent Pokémon of the region that originates from the concept of Pikachu. Its form uses the term called hangry to confirm its hunger as a basic concept combined with anger.

Morpeko Weakness Comparison with others:-

The Pokémon sword and shield are nowhere that promotes the answer to every single question. The sword and shield is the main element when it comes to the game world, story and mechanism. What differs is in which Pokémon can catch and can battle ahead. The morpeko is quite a powerful one with determining the key element relatively with efficiency. This differs from zamamenta which is a large wolf-like creature whose armor looks like one big shield.

There are other notable shields which include new breeds of Pokémon like Appleton, indeed which are a female; and the eiscue as well as the galarian version of the ponyta and cursola. The swords of Pokémon will battle the fighting type gym leader Bea and rock type gym leader gordie. But the shield owners would fight ghost type gym leader allister and ice type gym leader melony.

Last Word on Morpeko Weakness

These games are compatible with the Pokémon home; an online cloud storage service for storing pokemon which was released in 2020 February. The home is the path to bring Pokémon from previous generations into a sword; a shield that includes the let’s go Pikachu and the let’s go Eevee.

The morpeko becomes quite terrific with Snorlax or morpeko and the trio of Pokémon TCG booster packs. So the need is to verify and check out the morpeko weakness in every single way; before starting the game with Pokémon power.

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