Electric Pokémon Vikavolt Weakness and Evolution

Electric Pokémon Vikavolt Weakness and Evolution

Complete Detail on Vikavolt weakness, Evolution, Stats, and Moves in Pokemon Sword and Shield. This Being a Beetle-like Pokémon holds on Large Pair of Mandibles. Vikavolt is a Pokémon designed being a bug built up with electricity in its abdomen and focusing it through its jaws. Then it fires the electricity off in the concentrated beams. This belongs to the stag beetle category with a height of 4’ 11’’ with levitate abilities and is available in both male and female version. The Vikavolt weakness is well designed being a dual kind of bug introduced in the vii generation. This evolves from Charjabug when it is levelled up in a special magnetic field or even when it is exposed to a thunder storm in generation viii. This is the final form of Grubbin.

Vikavolt Biology

This being a beetle-like Pokémon holds on large pair of mandibles. It has a small orange face being robotic with yellow eyes and is covered with a blue carapace. Also, The mandibles extend from the helmet with blue on its inner surface and yellow on its outer surface. At the base of every single mandible, there is a large spike and inside that, it is lined with short spikes.

The body is completely black being divided into three sections by yellow rings. The last two sections bear a yellow spot on each side. On its back, there is a pair of the wide, flat wing which is transparent and have blue wind covers. It bears four legs from which the front pair of legs has two claws and his back pair has only one.

Its priority as Vikavolt weakness is its electricity production with an organ in its abdomen. Apart from that it also controls it with its huge jaws to fire powerful electric beams. Now when it clasps its legs with a Charjabug it is able to utilize it in form of an extra battery. This is believed to help with continuing firing with powerful attacks. But during the fierce aerial fights, it is going to release Charjabug to make it lighter and quite advanced mobile.

This for this reason is an adaptive flier who is capable of acrobatic manoeuvres like tail spinning and taking sharp turns. Even it weaves through complicated tangles of the branches in the forest and also maintains high-speed flights. This is known to have a rivalry with the pinsir and her across. As like being described in anime, it likes to drink the tree sap.

Vikavolt Weakness and Evolution

There are certain things being effective toward Vikavolt. Also, These are like the Pokémon sword and the shield Vikavolt which is a bug and even an electric type of stag beetle Pokémon. This makes it weak against the rock and fire type moves. Looking ahead, the Max IV stats of Vikavolt are like 77HP, 70 attacks, 145 attacks, 90 Defense, 75 SP defence and even the 43 speed.

For its performance, the Vikavolt weakness and evolution have become a mandatory impact and for the same reason; the Vikavolt is considered as one of the best looking new Pokémon. This is present in both Pokémon sun and moon. With a bug and electric types that give it access to very few and popular moves. The Vikavolt has the levitate ability that allows it to ignore all ground kind of moves; as well as some of the great moves with the right TMS and HMs.

Something which makes it really troubling is its slow movement. The reason behind that is its build-up with the rail gun part of its design. The rail guns are quite advanced and powerful but are slow to fire. So it can be said that its speed comes from attack speed rather than the movement speed.

Vikavolt Moves and Stats

The big buzz is the Vikavolt’s one of the most powerful moves which is dealing with good damage on the neutral targets with having usable neutral coverage. This can also be boosted with the help of beginium Z to provide Vikavolt with an incredible powerful savage spin out. Even it is able to target the OHKO neutral targets like Delphox. The volt switch bears quite reasonable power which would let the Vikavolt bring its teammates safely when in use as well as being the Vikavolts main electric type STAB move.

The energy ball would hit most of the Pokémon for heavy damage. The OHKOing rhydon after the stealth rock and being the Vikavolt’s most powerful move against the steelix. There is roost also used to heal the Vikavolt up by helping it mitigate the damages that are taken from the stealth rock; and chip damage from the enemy attacks. This may cause Vikavolt weakness.

How to use it

The Vikavolt should use its resistances and typing to obtain its power as often as possible. The power means that if it is able to safely get it; then it must often be able to deal with heavy damage to the enemy team. It aims to wall break with the Vikavolt early game to open up the holes for the teammates to clean up the late game. There is savage spin-out which is being used to reduce the burden of prediction.

However, The reason for it can be its sheer power to break quite an important target as its increasing damage is going to harm the game by helping secure the KOs against Pokémon like the Delphox and cryogenic. Also, The volt switch is the one used against the faster foes to safely get in the Pokémon; without any kind of Pokémon Take away or damage. Even it’s important to not let the Vikavolt get worn to large extent. As this at higher HP would mean that it has the opportunity to switch into; use the roost against the targets like passimian and steelix.

Last Word on Vikavolt Weakness and Evolution

This Vikavolt weakness and evolution built up with the bug buzz are quite safe to move on with the early game; as it has good neutral coverage with types immune to it. This hits almost anything that doesn’t resist it for any heavy damage. There are energy balls that should be used; if you have predicted your opponents to bring the ground types to stop the volt watch.

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