Polk Audio Buckle Complete Review, Specs, Key Features, Pros & Cons

Polk Audio Buckle Complete Review, Specs, Key Features, Pros & Cons

Polk audio headphones are trustworthy. When you are looking to purchase a headset, surely you want high voice quality with a long battery life. These features are all present in the Polk audio buckle. It has a comfortable and perfect-fit headband with ear cups and a high battery life.

In this article, I will discuss all the features of this Polk audio in detail. In addition to this, a complete analysis of the performance and quality will also be part of this article. Following through this, you will know either it is worthy to buy or not. 

Specifications Of Polk Audio Buckle

Wright  0.8 Lbs
Size  6.9″x7.2″x.3.3″
Volume 168 in³
Clamping force  1.2 Ibs 
Volume control option  Present
Microphone control Not present 
Music/call control Present 
Treble Amount  -6.42 dB
Bass amount  1.38 dB
Low-Frequency Extension  10 Hz
Sound output  Stereo
Style Over ear
Price $54.90 – $99.34


Quick Feature Highlights

Polk Audio Buckle Specs

Style and Overall Look Analysis

Firstly, these are over-ear headphones. Their style and looks are so aesthetic. Moreover, it gives a high-class look as well. Due to this, they appear to be expensive products as well.


The headband is completely covered with faux leather.

Ear Cups

The padding of the ear cups is actually soft and easy to use. However, these are mounted on the swivel hinge. It’s located inside the headband. Due to this combination, it gives off old-school vibes.

Polk Audio Buckle Ear Cups

Available color schemes

However, the color combinations might not be so good for some users. These are popularly available in two color combinations.

  1. Accents and brown
  2. Black with silver

Strength And Build Quality

First and foremost, these have a sturdy design with high build quality materials. There’s the material that’s of high quality and premium, which makes its build quality amazing. However, if they fall accidentally, they will not break.

Additionally, here’s the mounted toggle on it. Although the cable is replaceable if it is damaged in any case.

Polk Audio Buckle Build Quality

Decently Comfortable

In comparison to other headphones, it’s a good-quality pair. You will totally fall in love with it because of its comfortability. However, sometimes people observe ear tightness after wearing it. That indicates that it’s a little bit tight on the head.

Additionally, they are very heavy according to their weight. However, due to the presence of ear cups and a padded headband, the tension is equally distributed. As a result, it will feel comfortable.

Insights On Reviews

  • Nice and tight-fitting version. Without any restrictions, it will stay in the right position.
  • Moreover, they will not slip away during any kind of work.


  • Might give it a heavy look.
  • There’s not enough padding made for extended listening.

Polk Audio Buckle Downside

Efficient Control Scheme In polk Audio Buckle

Overall, there’s a great control scheme present in it. Actually, it includes all the basic control effects. However, it involves the one who toggles over it, which performs various functions.

  • You can easily skip the track.
  • Moreover, it includes complete volume features.
  • Additionally, it supports total control over phone calls and music.
  • It lacks a microphone control feature.

Reviews About Control Features

First of all, it’s important to use. In most cases, people actually fail to understand that it’s functioning immediately. That’s why when people try to pause it, they will mistakenly volume up or change the song. As a result, it’s quite difficult to understand how it’s working. However, with time, it becomes easier to perform all functions.

Sound Quality

It has superior mids. Additionally, it will create a lively and dynamic sound. Moreover, it has a silky, smooth bass. No doubt these are comfortable fits from all perspectives.

They have the 40mm driver’s that are durable, made up of PET material, and lightweight. However, sometimes you will find that the songs are much more tiring and harsh. Besides these, it will avoid any unnecessary sound or voice outside of the box. So you will hear and experience the right sound features.

  • Rich base
  • Sound sometimes lacks this clarity.
  • However, the mids are not including any type of harshness or distortion in the voice.
  • Mids are fully smooth and clear.
  • The sound quality is so good that you will not experience any harshness, even at high volumes.

Polk Audio Buckle Sound Quality

Battery Life and Analysis

The Polk Audio Buckle performs well in terms of battery life. You can also choose to charge it for at least 15 minutes to charge enough. However, when it comes to battery life, it has a high-class battery. Basically, you can enjoy up to 20 hours continuously after a fully charged battery.

Decently Stable Product

They are actually tightly fitted products. That’s why they will not give you any loose type of effect. However, they are not a good innovation to carry to the gym. Although it’s a good edition for listening to casual lessons and listening to music.

Portability And Practical Compatibility

These are over-designed practical items that actually don’t fold. That’s why it’s not easier to use it or take it while traveling. Additionally, these headphones also don’t stay in the flat position either. So you actually need a bag to carry it safely. As a result, these are not headphones that you can practically use anywhere.

Polk Audio Buckle Portability

Stylized Cloth Pouch

These audio headphones come in a stylized cloth pouch. This is actually important for protecting it from any type of scratch. Whenever these are in the pouch, they are fully secure and easy to carry. Basically, the pouch is too soft. However, this won’t help protect each part in case the headphones fall.

Review Of Headphone Connectivity

  • It will effectively connect with all of the devices.
  • Moreover, it’s the best edition to work on Apple devices.
  • However, when using Android, it starts to show the control’s mapping.

Cord And Jack Details

  • This one is the tangle-free cord with the replacement features.
  • There’s an uber-sensitive microphone inside it.
  • However, the cord’s length is small compared to the fragile jack quality.
  • In order to connect with the other devices, you require an adapter or extension cable.
  • Jack = 2.5mm (1/8″) that one is not near the standard size.

Invisible Microphone & Review

The microphone inside it is actually invisible. It is pressed into the form of a pinhole near the side of the plug-in jack. However, the headphone side jack is fragile. After excessive usage, it starts to loosen.

Box Inclusions

  1. Headphones
  2. Audio cable
  3. 1/8″ to 1/4″ adapter
  4. Manual
  5. Carrying pouch 

Overall Pros And Cons



It’s built in iOS control with great product value. 

Moreover it possesses a rich and rich midrange.

Additionally it support’s a distortion free sound with powerful support.

It possesses the Heavy-hitting bass. 

It’s a little murky towards the center. 

There’s the lack of presence in the treble.

Moreover it possesses rigid design & cumbersome.

Additionally it possesses poor noise isolation.

No control on the microphone.

 Downsides Of Purchasing A Polk Audio Buckle

  • Its noise-canceling ability is really poor.
  • However, the design appears to be heavy.
  • Ear cups are bulky.
  • Basically, the ear cups are the weak points of these headphones.
  • You are not able to choose the colors.


Q. Why Should You Buy Polk Headphones?

There are some reasons that support its purchase, which are:

  • First of all, these are pocket-friendly.
  • These are made up of premium-quality components.
  • Additionally, you will find the option of multiple controls in it.
  • Moreover, it shows great leakage performance.

Q. Is There Any Multipoint Pairing Available In Polk Headphones?

No, this feature is not present in these headphones. As a result, you can choose to connect only one device at a time.

Q. Is There Any Warranty On Polk Headphones?

Yes, you will find a 6-month to 1-year warranty on these headphones. However, this warranty depends on the region.


Concludingly, it’s found that Polk Audio Buckle is a good option according to their price. However, if you are looking for great voice quality and high performance, then this might not be a suitable piece.

We have discussed the ups and downs of these headphones in detail, which will be helpful in evaluating them. So if you are looking for a headphone piece that is good enough to give you high battery life with clear sound, then you can buy it, for sure.

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