Audiotechnica Open ear Headphones Detail Review

Audiotechnica Open ear Headphones Detail Review

Is it worth it to buy Audiotechnica open ear headphones? Yes, you will find great quality music with the open headphones you use. Additionally, there will be comfortable air pads and an Aluminium casing for light weight. These are worthy of buying at such cheap rates. However, usually it comes in plastic casings.

This article will highlight the features and quality check points of Audiotechnica open ear headphones. Moreover, you will learn about its top headphones and their pros and cons.

Overview Of Product; Audiotechnica Open Ear Headphones

  • These headphones are a great innovation that actually supports smooth time balance.
  • They are helpful in delivering clear instrumental production.
  • Moreover, it has a large aperture of 53 mm.
  • There, it will not feel like putting pressure on the ears.
  • Additionally, it will give you a kind of natural sensation.
  • Its air pads are the most comfortable.
  • Additionally, there is a golf-plated stereo on it that is 3.5mm.
  • Moreover, it has an adaptor (6.3mm) connector with it.
Type of headphones Open air dynamic
Frequency range Between 15Hz to 28KHz
Water resistance ability No
Noise cancellation features Not available
Wireless/with wires No wireless feature
Type of connection Stereo 3.5mm
Price range About $169.99

Features Of Audiotechnica Open Ear Headphones

  • These kinds of headphones are designed according to the comfort of the user.
  • It had a large exclusive driver that is 53mm.
  • It’s ideal for music lovers, as it is more comfortable to wear.
  • It contains superior sound-producing qualities due to the presence of rare earth magnets.
  • Additionally, it will produce a wide audio reproduction range of 5 Hz to 35,00Hz.
  • It will provide a precise and dynamic listening experience.
  • They offer fit-cushioned ear pads.
  • With the help of its wing support features, it is easier to use.
  • Moreover, it is lightweight.
  • It will provide an immersive listening experience.
  • Additionally, it will give you a honeycomb Aluminium casing.
  • Moreover, it has high- and mid-range voice coils.
  • There is an open back.
  • Moreover, it has a 3D wing structure.
  • There is a complete midrange, bass, and treble.
 Audiotechnica open ear headphones
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Why Should You Purchase Audiotechnica Open Ear Headphones?

There are multiple reasons that support the workings of Audiotechnica open ear headphones.

1. Trustable Device

People are always looking for comfortable devices, which is why it is actually a more comfortable option. This is the most trustworthy option in order to enjoy the product in a more reliable way. Most of the professionals in the industry are looking at it and considering it a more reliable product. It’s the most trustable solution for professionals in order to record, broadcast, record, and confer.

2. Warranty Features For One Year

All products of this company are available for purchase with a 1-year guarantee. That’s why you can enjoy all its products safely. That’s why it is usually available for purchase with a one-year guarantee. All of the products that you buy from these sites or stores provide this feature. So that’s why, if you face any kind of defect, you can choose to repair or replace the product.

3. Innovative Products And Legacy

Due to their designs and manufacturing techniques, these products are innovative and amazing. It’s also easier and more quickly useable for the advanced features. It’s making history due to their innovative schemes and ideas. With 50 years of experience, it becomes a great idea globally. As audiophiles, making and crafting the audio levels.

4. 50+ Years Of Devotion And Experimentation In Music

They spent more than 50 years in order to experience the best quality broadcast and other feature as well. Moreover, they also choose to distribute the products at the World Cup, Commonwealth, and other games. Furthermore, they are making great high deliver with the highest use levels.

5. Passion For Music

Music becomes more attractive and soul-warming when you use it as a passion. Due to their design and other features, they are actually an amazing product. Whenever you listen through these amazing headphones, you will love to wear and hear through them. Listening is more common, and it’s a legacy from the 1970s. That’s why you will love to experiment with this amazing arrival on your musical journey.

Exceptional Characteristics Of Audiotechnica Open Ear Headphones

  • They are useful and the best-selling products.
  • Moreover, they don’t put any kind of stress on your ears.
  • With the back color appearance, its exterior looks great.
  • You can also choose to remove the cable.
  • It contains a high-bass sound.
  • As a result, these are available at low prices that are not easily available.
  • These are premium headphones with high-quality features.

Quality Reviews Of Audiotechnica Open Ear Headphones

Audio Quality

It carries 53-mm speakers. Moreover, there are lightweight honeycombs that are made from Aluminium. Moreover, it also has 3D support that comes along with the elastic wrapping and tangling. Afterwards, you will feel your ears light through the use of these flexible fabric air pads.

Quality Reviews Of Audiotechnica Open Ear Headphones
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Air Pad Quality

They carry open-air headphones. That’s why these will keep your ears more comfortable whenever you go somewhere. As a result, this is a unique longevity material.

Designs Of Audiotechnica Open Ear Headphones

Basically, they are the most comfortable and secure pair of headphones. They will not feel like they are over pressing your ears or stressing you. You will hear more clear and controlled tones of organic sounds through this. They will be producing soft and possessive sound tracks. They are actually amazing for artists and musicians. Due to their high sensitivity, they will work well in noisy places as well. With the availability of 3D wings and shells, these are lightweight and easy to carry. The sound it produces is actually neutral.

Designs Of Audiotechnica Open Ear Headphones
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Features Of Audio Cables

With their years of experience, they are improving their products quality as well. These are available with wires that will be easier to use and have all the features that you are looking for in music comfort.

Features Of Open-Back Headphones

With the wing support, these are easier to carry, and they will give you a whole sensation of pleasure. With the 53 mm drivers and voice reproduction, you will find the best quality of music. That’s why ear buds are available in these to make you hear more prominently. It will not exert any kind of pressure on your ears. These are available to purchase in three colors as well.

Top 6 Audiotechnica Open Ear Headphones

1. ATH-M50xbt2

It includes a 45-mm driver size. It has 99dB sensitivity. Its weight is around 307g. The frequency ranges between 15 and 28,000 Hz. They are suitable with the monitoring feature and are well-rounded headphone pairs. Moreover, they have wireless or wired connectivity features. However, the sound quality doesn’t lower due to this wireless usage. Moreover, it has a 50-hour playback time. Additionally, you can easily charge it within 3.5 hours. Additionally, you can choose to fold its ear cups with a built-in microphone. However, it doesn’t have any kind of noise cancellation option overall.


It has a driver size of 45mm. Moreover, its weight is around 262 gram. You can purchase these at various competitive prices. Additionally, it carries noise-reducing features as well as 28-hour battery life. These headphones are good for listening to music, emphasizing lows and mids, reverbs, and other features. Due to their 100 dB/mW sensitivity, they are helpful in using their power effectively and efficiently. It will be fully charged within 5.5 hours. It contains a charging option using the USB feature too.

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3. ATH-R70x

Its weight is about 210 g. Its sensitivity is 99dB.It includes the right features of technical strength, sound quality, and comfort. They have a neutral style, enhancing bass features, mids, and vocals as well. Moreover, they are also detachable. It has a 3-metre cable with 1000 mW power. It also includes the cable, which is up to 3 meters long.

4. Ath-Anc900bt

Its weight is usually around 263g. It has a frequency of 5-40,000Hz. Moreover, it has safer storage with the semi-hard case. It also includes the features of active voice cancellation. It can be used for up to 60 hours. Moreover, it can be fully charged within 5.5 hours just through the use of a micro USB cable.

5. ATH-WP900

It carries a bigger 53-mm driver that is coated with carbon. Moreover, they are also features of the midrange and other vocal instruments as well.

6. ATH-ADX5000

Its weight is about 270 gram. They actually arrive with a full suitcase. Moreover, it has a wider soundstage and good-quality music. Additionally, its air pads are cushiony and super soft inside. However, the headband is completely made of stainless steel.

Pros And Cons Of Using Audiotechnica Open Ear Headphones


  • You will find the right base amount in this model.
  • Designs are easier, and designs are available over the head.
  • This one also includes the detachable cable.
  • You will find high clarity in the frequency of sound.

Pros And Cons Of Using Audiotechnica Open Ear Headphones

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In most cases, its construction is usually made of plastic.

Additionally, you should avoid using it in contemporary bass experiences.


Is Audio-Technica A Good Brand?

You will find the best-quality products. Headphones and the air pads are basically great in their qualities. They will provide you with more amazing sound quality and assure you of its quality.

Do Audio-Technica Headphones Have A Mic?

Yes, they have added a mic to these headphones. Moreover, they also claim to give you the perfect live streaming features in that case.

Can Audio-Technica Play Without Speakers?

You have to connect it to the speakers in order to hear the voice. However, you can choose to have active or passive speakers for that purpose.

Final Thoughts

If you are looking for the best-quality headphones, then Audiotechnica open ear headphones are amazing. You can compare and get the best quality features in Audiotechnica open ear headphones. Moreover, you will find high bass and high-quality music production using it. Usually, the prices range from $169.99 to or above this. However, you will find some drawbacks to these headphones, like the fact that they are made from plastic.


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