5 Perks of Having Spotify as a Music Streaming App

5 Perks of Having Spotify as a Music Streaming App

We must admit that music is a massive part of our lives. Listening to music on a phone or desktop always helps improve mental health, and it also is a way to improve productivity for some people. In today’s fast-paced society, we are constantly looking for things to make our lives more convenient. Different Music Streaming apps become available to easily connect with family and friends, navigate different routes to avoid traffic, and do anything that can improve our daily living. 

Spotify is the latest music streaming hero if you are into music. This app allows everyone to listen to their favorite artist anytime, anywhere. Spotify is easy to use, and you can even solve simple concerns like how to delete recently played on Spotify. If you need a little more convincing about having Spotify as your primary music streaming app, this article might help you.

1. Downloading Spotify Is Free and Accessible

Spotify is one of the most popular apps for streaming music and listening to different artists. But we cannot deny that we need to budget our money these days, especially for things that are getting more tough and challenging.

Thankfully, Spotify is free to download, making it accessible to everyone. Just visiting the Appstore and Google play store will do the trick. As long as you have a good internet connection, you can immediately start your music streaming. But remember that Spotify has in-app purchases, and it will encourage you to upgrade to Spotify Premium. Just make sure that you have extra money to pay for these promos. 

2. Is It an App Where You Can Also Socialize and Connect

Everyone loves to connect with family and friends, not just physically but also on social media. While Spotify is known to be a music streaming app, it has now evolved into a social media platform. Spotify now is not only made for famous artists, but it is also a platform for independent musicians to show their music and introduce themselves to the world. 

Since many people connect and make new friends by having the same music taste, Spotify allows anyone to combine playlists. Each person can work alongside other people to combine their favorite songs and create playlists. Building relationships with others is not just about messaging and interacting on social media posts but is also about getting to know each other through music taste. 

3. Upgrading to Spotify Premium Will Be Worth Your Money

If you are having trouble deciding whether to upgrade to Spotify Premium or not, you have come to the right place. Spotify Premium has a lot of perks, especially when you listen to music almost 24/7. The first exciting thing about upgrading to Spotify Premium is that there will be no ads; and we must admit that it’s not fun listening to music with ads in between. Upgrading can also mean that you get access to unreleased music. So if your favorite artist uploads a teaser for new music, you might just be jamming to it already. 

What is also nifty about Spotify is that it has a lot of promo plans for an affordable upgrade to Spotify Premium. You can sign up for Spotify Family, avail a duo plan; or even avail yourself of the Spotify student if you are one. With all these perks, it is safe to say that upgrading to Spotify Premium is worth it; especially if you want to listen to songs anytime, anywhere, even without internet service. 

4. You Can Create Unlimited Playlists

We cannot deny that we do not always listen to the same music every day. Exploring different music genres can also help increase our love for music. Discovering new music will also help support artists starting in the music industry because their music can compete with other famous artists. 

If you get overwhelmed with the different music genres you have on your Spotify library; it is best to sort them out by making playlists. With Spotify, creating playlists is limitless, allowing you to find your music easily. You can sort out music that you would listen to during a workout while studying or having an intimate night out with friends. 

5. Anyone Can Also Do Streaming Sessions to Support Artists

One of the trendy things people do nowadays is streaming music to support their favorite artists. It is done when they release a new song or album. As a fan, you always want the artist to be on the top of music charts; and streaming is one way of helping them. Fortunately, Spotify is one of the mainstreaming apps these charts look into to determine top artists for a month and even for the year. 

If you are new to streaming, you can start by making a playlist of all your artists’ songs throughout their careers. Also, If you are streaming a specific song; make sure they are played between two to three songs, or else it will not count. If you want to stream a whole album, listen to each song. 

6. Spotify Allows You to Listen to Podcasts, Too

What is impressive about Spotify is that it is not just about music. Since the pandemic, many people have turned to podcasts, either as a career or as listeners. Thankfully, Spotify allowed people to share their thoughts, advice, and stories through podcasts that everyone can enjoy. Listening to these podcasts can also improve mental health and help people cope with daily life.

Final Thoughts

Listening to music undoubtedly can brighten anyone’s day, especially in these times where almost everything is a challenge. Fortunately, Spotify is a popular music streaming app where everyone can jam to their favorite music genres and create playlists. Fortunately, Spotify is also a social media platform where you can connect and build relationships with other people through music. It is indeed exciting to listen to your favorite artists without any hassle. If you are curious to know what this app has in store for you; visit CellularNews.com or download the app today!

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