7 Emojis That Could Probably Make You Feel Uneasy

7 Emojis That Could Probably Make You Feel Uneasy

We can agree that many beautiful things in this world can make us happy, and that is why most of them become emojis. But we must admit that society is not perfect, and some things can make us anxious or feel uncomfortable, especially with the constantly changing world we have right now. 

Fortunately, we can communicate these concerns through emojis. Using these emojis, especially the ace emojis, can improve our communication and connection with our friends and family because of how fun and creative they are. Some emojis convey a positive message and vibe, but we also have to acknowledge some, such as the anxiety emoji. Through these emojis, people can express whatever emotion they are feeling. Everyone’s feelings are always valid, after all. Continue reading this article to be aware of some emojis that can make anyone feel uneasy. 

1. The Anxious Face With Sweat Emoji

Being anxious about many things, especially in life’s challenges, is acceptable. People have to accept this instead of invalidating someone and encouraging them to think positive thoughts. We must admit that sometimes it is best to face our worries rather than concealing them with a more positive expression. 

Fortunately, the anxious face with sweat emoji is just one of the many emojis you can use to express uneasiness. Send this emoji to your loved ones, and they will find the time to comfort you. You can also use this emoji when reacting to terrible news about society, politics, and any other general information.

2. The Smiling Face With Horns Emoji

When you see your friend turned enemy, send this emoji to you, it is one to be anxious about. Because the smiling face with horns emoji is full of sinister, and this purple emoji with the creepy smile and horns will send shivers down your spine. 

But you also do not have to worry because sending this emoji to someone can mean that you are ready to prank them or tell them about a devious idea to tease a friend or close family member. Remember not to let this emoji fear you too much, and maybe send a laughing face emoji as a reply. 

3. The Skull and Crossbones Emoji

We all know that the skull and crossbones emoji is not for everyday use, but we cannot deny that it is a sinister-looking emoji. It can make anyone feel nervous and scared of anything associated with this symbol. Anyone can use this emoji to signify a possible dangerous occurrence or symbolize a near-death experience. 

However, you can also use this emoji during the Halloween season whenever you feel like being a pirate. Because you can find this emoji printed on a black flag, symbolizing a pirate emoji.

4. The Anger Symbol Emoji

If you and your friends are anime fanatics, you might have seen this emoji before. This anger symbol emoji is one way for your friends or family to express their anger that may sometimes concern you. It may be a little nerve-wracking, but asking what is going on won’t hurt. 

Using this anger emoji can also mean that some friends are teasing you, and you want them to stop. You can even use this emoji alongside the angry face emoji or steamed-face emoji to add a little spice to your messages and posts. 

5. The Collision Emoji 

Seeing the collision emoji anywhere can immediately make anyone feel anxious and uneasy because this can most likely mean that a serious incident has happened. It may be a vehicular accident or a bombing in a particular area. The seriousness of this emoji is on a higher level, so make sure that you are using it for the right situation. Causing panic, among others, will never help solve a problem, so better put some good context while using this emoji. 

If you use this emoji as an exaggeration for fights and other extreme stuff; include emojis like the slightly smiling face and better explain the situation. You can also use the worried face emoji to better express your feelings about a difficult situation. Your friends and family might be there to console you.

6. The Oncoming Fist Emoji 

This emoji can mean many things, but we can’t deny that it can also make someone worried or feel uneasy. The oncoming fist emoji can mean that a person wants to have a fistfight; or we can all calm down because this emoji can also mean a friendly fist bump. 

Using this emoji might get misinterpreted, so if you are angry towards someone or a specific event; use the oncoming fist emoji alongside an angry face emoji or the face with symbols on the mouth if things get too overwhelming. 

If you want to use this emoji in a lighter sense; then use the grinning face with smiling eyes to avoid further confusion.

7. The Warning Sign Emoji 

Anyone who sees this warning sign emoji will instantly become fearful of what is to come. But it is more important to know that this symbol is not meant to scare anyone but to impose consciousness and alertness of what is to come. The warning sign emoji is colored yellow because it stands out from the other symbol emojis. 

Remember to use this emoji wisely because it also might lead to misinterpretation. Do not forget to add an adequate explanation that everyone will immediately understand. 

Final Thoughts

The emojis mentioned above may convey serious and almost negative messages, but they still need some acknowledgment. We must admit that these emojis can also be a message for people to be careful and know that not everything means happiness and positivity. So if you are feeling a little uneasy, you can always look back at these emojis so you can express them to your loved ones, and they might be there to comfort you. 

Thanks for sticking around, and we hope you will find this post useful. Visit EmojiGuide.com for more help on emojis and tips on using them!

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