Who is Ben Shapiro Sister? Her Controversial views about Women in USA

Who is Ben Shapiro Sister? Her Controversial views about Women in USA

Most people think that Ben Shapiro was the only popular conservative in his family, but they must think again. Abigail Shapiro, commonly known as Ben Shapiro sister, remains active on different social media platforms.

Moreover, Abigail, like her brother, keeps conservative views. She is a Daily Wire founder and conservative pundit who earns fame for her Instagram posts and YouTube channel. In addition, Abigail challenges liberal media and takes jabs at YouTubers, celebrities, and influencers.

 Her nickname is Abby and she gives people a piece of advice regarding ‘’how to live life as a classy woman’’. Similarly, she urges the public to remain confident about their traditions. In this article, we will discuss the biography, career, net worth, current status and family of Ben Shapiro’s sister.

Who is Ben Shapiro Sister (Abigail Shapiro)?

Abigail Shapiro is a trained opera singer and social media influencer who was born in 1992, in Los Angeles, the USA. However, she belonged to a Jewish family who then shifted to Orthodox Judaism. In 2020, she created her YouTube channel during the pandemic. That was the time when no work was available for singers due to lockdowns. However, Abigail Shapiro has recently married attorney Jacob Roth. The couple has one kid together, while another one is on the way.

Real Name Abigail Shapiro
Nick Name Abby
Date of Birth 1992
Place of Birth Los Angeles, the United States of America
Age 31 years old as of 2023
Gender Female
Ethnicity White
Brother’s Name Ben Shapiro
Profession Social media influencer, singer and critic
Followers on Twitter 60K followers
Followers on Instagram 34K followers
Followers on YouTube 96K subscribers
Last Updated 2023


Ben Shapiro Sister’s Career

Abigail Shapiro explains herself as a YouTuber, entrepreneur, opera singer, wife, and mama on her substack page. Furthermore, She also discloses that being a mother and wife are currently her compulsory jobs. Additionally, she is a young lady who emphasises conservative values.

Abigail has a positive influence on a social media-savvy generation. She currently lives in the dark ages in accordance with her detractors. Abigail constantly follows her brother’s ideology being a polarising element. Similarly, she drums up controversy with ideologies ranging from criticism of the Barbie film to Taylor Swift.

Abigail Shapiro’s Controversial Opinions

Abigail came into the limelight of the media when she compared Nancy Regan with a notorious pop star Madonna. Nancy Reagan has been the wife of American President Ronald Reagan. The comparison shocked the audience massively especially to the followers of the ‘’Queen of Pop’’.

However, Ben Shapiro Sister, Abigail referred the pop star to ‘’trashy’’ and the first lady to ‘’classy’’. This comparison made Abigail the most controversial personality in the United States of America. Moreover, this comparison angered the followers of Madonna, however the Republican Party were happy about it.

Ben Shapiro Sister

Abigail has launched an attack on the Swiftie community. Taylor Swift was also criticised by Abigail Shapiro on making a song ‘’The Man’’. Because Abigail claimed that the song represented the concept of gender inequality.

She further added that she did never like Taylor Swift because of her acting as a ‘’SJW’’, social justice warrior, and ‘’victim’’. However, the response she received from Taylor Swift’s followers was furious and fast.

Probably the main reason Abigail’s detractors have a gripe with her is that she works under the faith that ladies have all the equal rights as men in the United States of America. She claims that only America gives the same rights to women as men all over the world.

Audience criticises Abigail on her incomplete knowledge about America’s gender equality gap. According to Pew Research Center, women earn only $0.82 for every dollar that a man makes, as of 2023. It can be as low as $0.49 to 0.75$ for females of colour in accordance with a research conducted by the non-profit organisation National Women Law Center.

Do Women have an Equal Number of Government Positions as Men in the United States?

People blame Abigail for not knowing the reality that women form a minority across news media, sports, entertainment, corporate positions, and government positions. Ben Shapiro Sister considers that the place where women must live are their homes.

Why Public is trolling Abigail Shapiro?

When people knew her identity she had to face extensive trolling and only anti-Semitic bullying. In April 2020, she started to post several videos on her YouTube channel attributing her political beliefs. She gave the video the title of ‘’Why I came out as conservative: Conservative Women need a community’’.

People call her Classically Abby. In addition, She has become a prominent conservative commentator like her brother Ben Shapiro. On contrary to her brother’s opinions, Abigail adopts a lady-like approach to preach her viewpoints on different social media platforms.

Ben Shapiro Sister’s Social Media

Abigail Shapiro does her promotion as a conservative influencer. Therefore, she has earned more than 96 thousands subscribers on YouTube, 34 thousands followers on Instagram, and 60 thousands followers on Twitter. She emphasises a conservative motto ‘’Let’s Be Classic’’.

She urges the audience to adopt a conservative lifestyle based on tradition and femininity through her motto.  Furthermore, She became a controversial element when Abigail passed misogynistic comments on Twitter about Megan Thee Stallion’s WAP and Cardi B. Moreover, This made Abigail able to earn the public support on her brother’s lyric problem of the song.

Ben Shapiro Sister facts

Abigail bashed Taylor Swift when she became a social justice warrior. However, this time followers of Taylor Swift came forward and urged Abigail to first check her own internalised misogyny. She faced trolling due to her brother’s loophole. However, She claims that women have equal rights as men in the United States of America.

Therefore, people started criticising and trolling Abigail on her conservative mindset. There are many incidents recorded regarding women unequal rights. Additionally, One of the world’s most famous singers, Selena Gomez and her family, have been harassed several times in the United States.


Ben Shapiro sister, Abigail Shapiro has become a controversial figure in America due to her conservative mindset. She claims that there are equal rights for women in America as men. Moreover, she criticises Taylor Swift several times on different social media platforms.

People got annoyed at it and started trolling Abigail in response. Moreover, They urged Abigail Shapiro to get proper knowledge regarding gender inequality in America. People further added that it was the fault of Ben Shapiro.

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