Stardew Valley Sebastian – Schedule, Gifts, Marriage, and Heart Events:

Stardew Valley Sebastian –  Schedule, Gifts, Marriage, and Heart Events:

Stardew Valley Sebastian is the Most Popular Marriage Candidate in Stardew Valley. Complete Guide on Stardew Valley Sebastian Schedule, Gifts, Heart Events, and Marrying Sebastian.

The star dew valley game is very famous nowadays in any age of groups. It is also famous for her characters and their relationship with other players and the characters. Star dew valley game has many famous characters in it but here we are discussed the very famous character is Sebastian.

Who is Stardew Valley Sebastian?

Sebastian is a simple villager in the north of Pelican Town. He lives there in the north of the mountains. However, He is a very famous character in the star dew valley game which is famous for marriage proposals. He is in the 12th number of characters. Also, He is lives with his mother and his stepfather in the shop of his mother.

He lives in the basement of the carpenter shop. That store is running by his mother and stepfather. He has a half-sister too. His friends sometimes call him Sabby. So his nickname is Sabby. His mother is also using his nickname and calls him Sabby.

The lifestyle of Sebastian:

Sebastian is feeling very lonely because he thinks that all attention may be gained by her younger sister. All attention from his parents only for his younger sister. So he all day thinks very alone in his room.

Activities of Stardew Valley Sebastian:

Sebastian is busy all day. He has many activities to do. Also, He is using the computer for playing computer games. He is reading comic books and scientific novels as well. Sometimes Sebastian some hanging out with his friends. They go to the star drop Saloon for playing in the pool. His friends were also standing with him at the time of festivals.

Sebastian background:

Sebastian is a loner guy who is lives with his parents. He is also a very handsome and energetic guy. He lives in his parent’s carpenter shop. His room is in the basement of the store. His sister’s name is Maru. But Maru is his half-sister. He thought about his sister that their parents and other villagers are loved only Maru.

Bio of Stardew Valley Sebastian:

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Sebastian birthday:

He is born on winter 10.

Living in:

He is lives with his mother and a sister in the pelican city. He lives in the north mountains range of pelican city in the United States of America.

Full address:

The 24 mountain road, northern mountains, Pelican, united states of America.

Stardew Valley Sebastian Schedule:

The room appearance is can be mentioned in these words which are: there is a poster hanging on the wall of Sebastian’s bedroom which is the character of the harvest moon protagonist. There is a special bouquet in his room which shows up in the social tab. This social tab shows the message as “Boyfriend”. Robin may say that I have found some ashes in the ashtray. And I can smell that.

It seems to be like that Sebastian may do some smoking in his room. So here is the point that the ashtray is in the room for smoking purposes. He has a great interest in the frogs in the winter and rainy seasons. Stardew Valley Sebastian loves to eat pumpkin soups and he loves to like Flounder as a gift. He has no window in his room.

Sebastian’s family members name: 

He has a mother named her is Robin and the stepfather’s name is Demetrius and his younger sister is Maru.

Sebastian’s friends:

He has two best friends, 1st is Abigail and the other is Sam. Sebastian wants Abigail as his drummer. He has a crush on Abigail. Her sister is also wanting that her brother and Abigail should make a better pair for the future. Sam also wants to marry with abigail as Sabby wants.

Sebastian marriage:

He is married in this game. Sebastian wants to marry Abigail. Once Sebastian married than he moved into the farmhouse. In this game as all the players can do his room setting by themselves? As the shabby set his bedroom in the right corner in the farmhouse. He has set a small patch behind his home for his motorcycle. 

Stardew Valley Sebastian offering:

Sometimes, when Sabby remains in his farmhouse then he offers the player some coffee and when it is the weather rainy, he may offer you the gift which he is founded in the cave. The list of gifts which he is offering here all: 


Void Essence


Frozen tear


Cave carrot

But on New Year’s evening, he will offer you a beer for celebrating the New Year with a great feast.                 

Sebastian most favorite gifts and presents:

He loves to take gifts from others. He loves to do gifting some items to the player of this game. His most favorite gifts are apple, bean hotpot, coffee, diamond, cookies, chocolate cake, blueberry tart, pizza, and trout soup.

Stardew Valley Sebastian most favorite gifts are frozen tears, Obsidian, Pumpkin soup, Sashimi, and void eggs.

Sebastian’s look:

When this game is initialized the Sebastian look-up is very changed from now lookup. When the start of the game he looking in different from now. Today he is well-groomed and behaves very well with others. First of all, in the development phase of this game, he has long black hair and has a fair complexion. After that, the developer may took some changes to it.

He does a haircut job on his head. He did a layer high from the right corner of his head. Then the developer only loves to play his haircut and hair color with it. Since we all know that he maintains his color complexion in all the seasons. The developer also took his hair color as a play item and gives him a purple shade of hair dye. 

The last note on Stardew Valley Sebastian:

Stardew Valley Sebastian is a simple villager who lives to be alone in the dark rooms he has no window in his room. However, He thinks that if there is a window then it can be decreased his depression problem. Also, He loves to eat many things. He has a crush on his friend Abigail. He loves to do bike riding. In short, Stardew Valley Sebastian is the most wanted bachelor in this game for marriage. I hope in this article you will get all details about Stardew Valley Sebastian Schedule.

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