Amy Slaton – Bio, Professions, Married life, Reason for fame, Net Worth

Amy Slaton – Bio, Professions, Married life, Reason for fame, Net Worth

Amy Slaton is also known as Amy Slaton and Twilight queen. She is well known as Slaton’s sister.

Who is the Amy Slaton?

Amy Slaton is a famous YouTube blogger and Vlogger. She uploads a variety of content on her YouTube channel. Also, She is famous for food and makeup tutorials. She is also blogging into the pin interest. However, She pinned many posts from there, she is the very famous blogger in the world.

She is starting blogging with her younger sister. When she appeared on the screen of her YouTube channel she holds her sister’s hands and then they started her 1st video. Also, She is known as the Twilight Queen among the people and her audience groups. She makes many videos and uploading them regularly basis. Also, She becomes a social media celebrity very soon.

She becomes very popular among every age group. She is the mother of a cute son. The fans are happy and amazed to know that the 1000-lbs weight girls have the ability to birthing a child. Amy posted many pictures with her son on her youtube channel.

As the overweight issue, Amy didn’t take proper care of her son’s using accessories and she is posting the gage photos with filthy pillows and bedsheets. The fans make some noise and pay the attention of Amy to take care of her child’s health. One of the fans wrote in the comments section that these photos make me so upset to see the gage with dirty linen and pillows.

Bio of Amy Slaton:

Here is the complete description of Amy Slaton.

 Real Full name:

The full name is Amy Slaton. Her famous name is Twilight queen. She loved to hear her name is Twilight queen.


She was born in America. However, She was born on 28 October 1987 in the Kentucky, United States of America. She was born on a Wednesday.

Amy Slaton age:

Her age is about 35 years, 5 months, and 9 days.


She has American nationality.

Amy Slaton Zodiac symbol:

Her zodiac sign is Scorpion.

Amy’s profession:

She has the profession of YouTube blogging.

Amy’s sister name:

Her sister’s name is Tammy Salton.

Amy’s channel name:

Her channel name is Amy Slaton-Halterman.

Starting date of her channel:

Her starting date of the channel is 2011.

She is popular and becomes most famous from her YouTube channel which has the name of Amy Slaton-Halterman 2011.

Postal address:

Her postal address is mentioned in her channel. The postal address is P.O Box 142, Dixon Kentucky 42409.

Instagram handle:

Her Insta gram handle is mentioned in this line which is

Her other web addresses:

She has very popular on social media sites and forums she has many web addresses like

Married life of Amy Slaton:

Amy Slaton was married to Michael Salton and then she suddenly conceived a baby. She was very worried about her pregnancy issues and complications but her husband help out her from this thinking. And soon the couple welcomes their cute Babyboy in November 2020. Fans make some fun of seeing her photos with her Babyboy.

Amy Slaton’s son name:

Her son name is Gage Deon Halterman.

Gage Deon’s weight:

Gage weight is 5lb. 6 oz. and he was only 17.5 inches only.

The profession of Amy Slaton:

She is starting her career in the year 2011 from her Youtube channel. At the starting of her blogging, she does the blogs with her sister. Her sister’s name is Tammy. She becomes more popular in a very short period. Also, She posted any type of content in her blog or channel.

She has the versatile of content like makeup, fitness, visiting the famous malls, etc. she has become the most popular influencer in a very short time. Also, She is doing the vlogging of many places. Ammy and her sister Tammy had started their journey of blogging by joining her hands. She is a very overweight personality. She has 1000-LB in weight. Ammy and tammy have the same weight issue. They both are overweighted too much.

Reason for famous:

Ammy and Tammy are famous due to their cooking and makeup tutorials in her YouTube videos. However, They both are very funny and make some comic content for their audience. Also, They both are famous for recently is making some banana bread and soups. They make short clips of comedy. They both perfectly showcase their lifestyle. Both sisters are working with the TLC channel of networks.

They both make some programs there and making different cooking items for their fans and audience. Both sisters make some reducing the fat type of meals in their channel show. And their fans are loved to see together. Both sisters don’t take regular exercise but they famed day by day. 

In many comments, people poked at their over-weight issue but they still encourage high by high levels. Amy Slaton has 2 lacs fans following her YouTube channel.

Amy Slaton net worth:

As we all know that she is a social media star and personality. And she owned many social media accounts and handle them. She is very popular in America and among many countries. She is overweight but she doesn’t make it a big problem and nothing takes any notice of her fatness. No one knows how much she is earning from the social media platforms but rather than we have made some noticeable clues about net income. She is making $250,000 and her sister’s net income is $100,000.

The last note:

In this article, we are come to know the famous personality of Amy Slaton. We briefly discussed her lifestyle and her life interest in the above column. Amy is full of confidence and 1000 lbs weight warrior woman. She is living with her husband and her baby. She is an inspiration for those who have many complications in their life. But Amy doesn’t make any issue about her weight and gained fame day by day. She is making many cooking blogs as well fitness-related blogs in her channel. She becomes a very famous blogger in America.

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