Top 5 Mistakes After Knee Replacement Surgery one should avoid

Top 5 Mistakes After Knee Replacement Surgery one should avoid

Knee replacement surgery is a compulsory step to reduce pain and restore mobility. However, you need to be aware of top 5 mistakes after knee replacement surgery which can create hurdles in the way of your recovery. Sometimes, people rush to return to driving or work immediately after surgery. Most people do not take medication within scheduled timeframe.

Patients neglect the use of assistive devices. These are some of the factors that cause hurdles in the way of patients’ recovery after knee replacement surgery. Chris Marino, a prestigious and certified physical therapist, presented his perspective on knee replacement surgery. 

Top 5 Mistakes After Knee Replacement that are common:

Timing of Pain Medication | Stopping Quickly or Taking Too Much 

Most people make a common mistake as they do not manage their pain medication properly. It is necessary to manage pain after surgery and has the same importance as timing and prescribed dosage. If you take more medication than prescribed, it can cause potential dependency complications. Patients will feel more pain or soreness from movement while getting physical therapy.

Therefore, they prefer to take medication before physical therapy, even if they do not feel any pain. But this measure can decrease the ability of patients to participate in physical therapy. 

However, patients should not be worried about the pain and contact their provider and physical therapist regarding their pain concerns. Appropriate exercises can enhance the capabilities of patients and make them fit and active.

On the contrary, instantly stopping pain medication can create hurdles in the way of patients’ capabilities towards engaging in rehabilitation exercises. Similarly, it can cause unwanted discomfort for them. It is crucial to communicate with your health-care instructor about pain medication. 

Unfollow the Correct Duration and Timing of Knee Icing 

Icing your knee is very crucial to manage your postoperative pain and reduce unwanted swelling. However, you must follow the correct duration and timing properly for icing. Most patients postpone their scheduled routine and take icing only when it hurts them.

On the other hand, some patients do not compromise their scheduled routine and take icing 24 hours a day. This is the second mistakes among the top 5 mistakes after knee replacement.

Indeed, patients should take a minimum one hour break between sessions after consistently icing their knees for 20 to 30 minutes. Icing and massage helps patients to reduce inflammation.

However, excess of icing can damage the surface tissue of patients along with enhancing blood flow to the joint. Moreover, it will lead patients to have more swelling. 

Abandoning the Use of Assistive Devices 

Most patients prefer to regain independence after knee replacement surgery. It will be a premature act to abandon assistive devices like walkers or crutches. Because it can cause inappropriate gait mechanics and compensatory patterns.

You should not remove these assistive devices and properly concentrate on normalising your gait. Patients who remain in hurry for their recovery and eliminate assistive devices so they will face several unnecessary health issues.

Firstly, they must develop strengths in their legs properly and then go for abandoning. 

Abandoning the Use of Assistive Devices

Walking mechanics is known as gait and patients should fully work on it. Here are some of the benefits of using assisting devices as follow: 

  • These devices can reduce the feeling of instability between walking and standing. 
  • Patients will regain a proper hip extension with the help of these assisting devices.  
  • These devices will improve your knee extension. 
  • These devices will improve your capability to use your leg properly. 

Consequently, assisting devices are very supportive and useful for the patients after knee replacement surgery. 

Unnecessary Quick Returning to Driving and Work 

Another mistake from top 5 mistakes after knee replacement is, People rush back to their work without considering their rehabilitation process from knee replacement surgery. They must communicate with their health-care team in this regard.

People want to know ‘’How much time does it take to regain strength and recovery after knee replacement surgery’’? It takes almost four to six weeks in recovery from knee replacement surgery. 

Prefer AROM Exercises and Mobility | Less is More 

It might be tempting when you rush to store strength instantly after knee surgery. It is more significant to focus on improving range of motion and fluid mobility with physical therapy. Patients must pay heed to exercises to enhance joint mobility and reduce swelling. Patients will get quick recovery based on the performance of isometrics and AROM (active range of motion knee replacement exercises).

Most importantly, you will regain strength for a long run if you increase joint mobility and reduce swelling. 

Prefer AROM Exercises and Mobility | Less is More

Final Words 

This blog discussed the top 5 mistakes after knee replacement surgery that Patients usually make. It can cause serious health issues and resist them from quick recovery. Therefore, patients need to follow the instructions of their physical therapists and health-care team after knee replacement surgery. On the contrary, they should not rush to immediate recovery and wait for at least four to six weeks. They should develop their strengths by using some effective assisting devices. 

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