How to Motivate Employees to Take Health and Wellness Seriously

How to Motivate Employees to Take Health and Wellness Seriously

Employee health is critical for productivity and output. Employers who encourage their employees to take their wellness and health seriously are also seen as more caring which makes people want to work for them for longer. Motivating employees to take their health and wellness seriously is crucial, but there is no single way that works best for all employees. However, there are a few things that will work for individuals and groups of employees that business owners should try.

Personalize Programs and Resources

A personalized health journey is a much better option for getting people motivated about improving their health and wellness. Businesses can do this by providing resources and programs that are tailored to each employee. For example, employees who are at little risk of back pain or hypertension will not be interested in receiving information about it.

By understanding the needs of individual employees and the various health risks and conditions they have, it gets easier to provide content that resonates with them. Knowing that the resources, programs, and information provided can help them with their struggles; it becomes much easier for them to start their healthcare journeys.

Provide Healthcare Benefits

People are more likely to go for checkups, follow health plans, and generally take care of their health and wellness if they know they do not have to worry about how they will pay for it. For example, some people might hesitate to pay for a gym membership, especially in a more expensive city; but will gladly visit one regularly if their employer makes it available to them. This also applies to other things like dental, hearing, and vision checkups. 

These healthcare benefits should also extend to healthy eating and healthy products. As we know, our diets have a significant effect on our productivity and output; not to mention overall health, wellness, and life expectancy. Businesses can make easy access to healthy foods by providing employees with a health products benefits card that makes it easier to purchase these products while also providing discounts for other products employees need.

Provide Variety and Options

This applies to the equipment and facilities you provide in the office; and the health benefits you make available to employees. Everyone is different and has unique preferences, schedules, and interests. What might work for one person might not work for another.

For example, providing a younger person with hearing or vision checkup benefits might not benefit them as much as it would an older employee. This also applies to things like gyms and open meditation spaces that might not work for everyone.

Employees choose what benefits and options interest them most, and what will benefit them the most. In short, providing options will allow you to engage; and motivate people who might otherwise have not been motivated or engaged.

Employee health and wellness are both important for any business. Businesses that care about both are more likely to attract; and retain top talent as we inherently want to feel cared about. Businesses have to find unique ways of motivating their employees to start taking their wellness; and health more seriously and to start health journeys that will lead to the best outcomes in the future.

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