Limestone Commercial Real Estate Houston Controversy Details

Limestone Commercial Real Estate Houston Controversy Details

Limestone Commercial Real Estate Houston was a real estate advisor company that used to help businessmen make effective strategies and decisions in the real estate business. However, the advisory company shut down its services as a result of one controversial video on social media.

In this video, a popular TikToker and social media star Jackie La Bonita was streaming a live video while watching a football game. If you are looking for authentic information about this incident, you have then approached the right platform. 

Indeed, two random girls who were sitting behind her seat started mocking Bonita. These girls were doing jobs in Limestone Commercial Real Estate at that time. Therefore, people came to the official website of this company and passed bad comments in the comment section.

That is why Limestone Real Estate Houston merged itself into another real estate company, J Beard. Real Estate company. In this article, we will discuss why Limestone Commercial real estate company merged itself into J Beard and why people call these girls bullies. 

What is the Real Story of Jackie La Bonita and Two Random Bullies? Discuss Public Reaction

Basically, Jackie La Bonita is a popular TikTok star who currently lives in Texas, the United States of America. Moreover, she is fond of soccer her favourite team is ‘’Houston Texans’’. She was making a live-streaming video while watching her favourite team’s gameplay at the stadium. The two random girls sitting behind her seat started to stick their tongues out and show their middle fingers in this video. 

Jackie La Bonita and Two Random Bullies

However, this video went viral on social media within a short while. These girls would not have imagined the reactions of people they would face as a result. When people came to know that these girls were working in the Limestone Commercial Real Estate Company Houston, they began to raise questions on the transparency of the advisory company. 

How the Real Identities of Two Bullies Came Out?

These bullies were doing jobs in a famous real estate advisory company, Commercial Limestone at that time. Due to this, both were identified by the names of Allondra Poullet and Litzareli Madrigal. 

How the Real Identities of Two Bullies Came Out

The incident took place during one of American National Football League games. Furthermore, both the girls were fired at once by the company after seeing negative comments from people. 

Why did Limestone Commercial Real Estate Houston Merge Itself into J Beard Real Estate?

Commercial Limestone Real Estate Houston came to the limelight when a video of Jackie La Bonita went viral on different social media platforms. In this video, the two random girls were spotted mocking Jackie from behind during a soccer game. These girls were pointing their middle fingers and sticking their tongues out to Jackie La Bonita. 

Commercial Limestone Real Estate Houston Merge Itself into J Beard

This matter became controversial which triggered people a lot. Simply, this video earned more than 100 million views on social media. People approached the official website of Limestone Commercial Real Estate Houston and presented negative comments under the comment section. 

Commercial Limestone Real Estate Houston link with girls

Furthermore, this controversial video badly affected the reputation of the company. Consequently, Limestone Commercial real estate merged itself into the J Beard. 

Did Random Bullies Apologise for their Bad Behaviour and Did Jackie La Bonita Accept it? 

Jackie La Borita requested her followers to stop abusing and harassing Litzareli Madrigal and Allondra Poullet. She disclosed publicly that the incident took place at Houston Astros was nothing more than a misconception. However, both random girls have also apologised to her personally. Jackie La Bonita wanted people to leave this incident behind and avoid harassing them alongside their relatives, families and businesses. 

How did Alondra Poullet and Litzareli Madrigal Respond to the Public Reaction? 

Alondra Poullet and Litzareli Madrigal were spotted doing unethical things to Jackie La Bonita in her video. One girl was showing her middle finger to Bonita, while the other girl was calling her lame. The scene was captured in La Bonita’s video and it went viral within a short while.

On the contrary, those two girls could not have expected the hatred and backlash they got as a result. This video went so viral even the internet had to check its authenticity. 

People started bashing these two girls and called them bullies. Furthermore, death threats were given to bullies, their families and relatives. Consequently, bullies came forward to social media and recorded their claims. They claimed that they did not want to hurt someone or shout ugly. Further said that they did not see Jackie La Bonita in the video.

Additionally, Jackie was bringing the girls continuously in her video without any permission. In this respect, Jackie La Bonita gave positive feedback to the girls and requested people to stop calling them bullies. 

Did the Incident Divide the Whole Society?

The answer to this question is available in the comment section of the former real estate company, Commercial Limestone. Majority of people criticize the advisory company by giving this advice to teach some manners and ethics to its employees. 

However, some people came in the favour of bullies after their apology on social media. These people claimed that nobody had the right to capture someone in her video without permission. Moreover, Jackie has publicly forgiven bullies, therefore people should forgive them as well. It is crystal clear that the incident divided the whole society into two segments. 

Final Words 

Limestone Commercial was a real estate company that shut down its services as a result of an incident. The incident took place at Houston stadium when a popular TikToker Jackie La Bonita was recording a video. Something got recorded in the video that two random girls were mocking Jackie Bonita from behind. This video went viral on different social media platforms and people started calling these two girls bullies. 

Unfortunately, these bullies were doing a job in Commercial Limestone real estate company at that time. Due to this, people started criticizing and raising questions about the transparency of this company. Therefore, Commercial Limestone had to merge itself into J Beard’s real estate and developers company.  

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