Woesenpai69 is the best TikTok star in 2022, Age, Birthday, Bio, Family

Woesenpai69 is the best TikTok star in 2022, Age, Birthday, Bio, Family

Just who is Woesenpai69? Do you know the date of her birth? If you didn’t already know, this is the most comprehensive piece on her life that has been written to date. It includes information on Woesenpai69‘s biography, age, height, wiki, net worth, pictures, viral and leaked videos and photos, weight, career, profession, husband, facts, body measurements, dating, real name, domain, TikTok, Instagram, and Twitter. You’ll learn about Facebook, YouTube, boyfriends, children, siblings, parents, education, and more. You’ve found the proper location on our website if you’re a massive admirer of her and want to learn more about Her life. We hope you appreciate today’s narrative, so let us begin.

Social networking is a crucial tool for establishing your brand, forging relationships, and for employment. It has grown so essential that several prestigious. Modeling agencies now demand that their models have social media accounts. The following are some tips for using Instagram to advance your 

Modeling profession Woesenpai69

One of the most attractive and well-known models in the media industry is Woesenpai69. You’re aware of what she does.

Mia Paola is her actual name. She is a social media sensation and an extremely attractive American Tiktoker. She was born in New York on April 4, 1989. The parents, ecstatic about the birth, invited all their family members to the feast. All the visitors were warmly welcomed by her parents to commemorate the birth of Woesenpai69. She has a lavish birthday celebration and continues to post pictures and videos on Twitter and Instagram, which receive likes and comments from her admirers.

Authentic Name: Mia Paola

Birthdate:  April 4, 1989

Age and Marital Status in 2022

33 years of age/ unmarried

Country and city of birth

United States, New York 

Hometown: New York

Nationality: American 

Professions: Model, YouTuber, Instagrammer, and Tiktoker

Some details on the family of Woesenpai69. However, we will provide details about it.

Woesenpai69’s family:

The father of Woesenpai69 came from a respectable household. The father’s name, Woesenpai69, will be “updated shortly.” She was born in a stunning American town in New York. Her father was a very straightforward person who put in a lot of serious work to succeed. After completing her schooling, Woesenpai69’s father founded Her own company and worked hard to build it.

Mother Woesenpai69: 

The mother of this model name will shortly update. Woesenpai69‘s mom was a stay-at-home mom. She was also born in the US state of New York. To further her studies, she enrolled at a college. A boy she liked; His name will update soon. She wed the father of this star. Her mother is now content with her family and lives at home. We wish that She constantly experiences happiness with Her family.

Sisters Woesenpai69:

The sister and brother of Woesenpai69‘s name will update shortly. We’ll change Woesenpai69’s boyfriend’s name as it becomes available. This post on her family will update soon because this fashion model has yet to speak about her relationships or family in any of her interviews. Thus, anyone with information on Her family is welcome to get in touch with us so we can update this post.

Biography, career, educational background, and life history:


The environment in Her household was ordinary when she was born. Her guardians put her in school when she was around four years old. After finishing her high school education, she enrolled in a college. New York International Higher College was the name of her institution. In Her studies, she had a highly keen intellect. New York International Higher College was the name of her school. Also, She turned down this college and went into the entertainment industry. She made a lot of progress, and this star is now well-known. She has millions of followers now that want to meet Her in person. 


She is a Model, Instagram Star, and TikTok. She has a Channel on YouTube @Woesenpai-69. Check out Her channel Twitter handle @Woesenpai-69. Follow Woesenpai-69 on Twitter and Instagram. Observe her on Twitter

We hope you enjoy reading about her life, net worth, properties, and other details in her biography. 


Revenue: $40 billion is the total net worth.

Life insurance: Yes

Vehicles total:  10

 Bungalows in total: 5

Hobbies: viewing movies and using the internet 

She has a 40 billion dollar global net worth. She has ten automobiles in all. God has lavishly endowed Her with fortune since She entered the performing industry. She has a lot of real estate and automobiles. She has insured herself and Her belongings because of this. Eight guards are on Woesenpai69. Additionally, each guard has been given a car. She has five exquisite homes in New York, USA.

Body Type and Interests Woesenpai69 :

She is a healthy weight and of average height. If the photographs of this model of her surroundings are any indication, she has a lofty stature. Her precise measurement and other physical characteristics, however, remain unknown. We’re monitoring the situation and will update this page when new details are available.

  • Body Dimensions 32-24-32
  • 5 feet 4 inches tall
  • fifty kilos
  • 36-inch bra/chest measurement

Woesenpai69 is 50 kilos and 5 feet 4 inches tall. She is adorable and pretty. Therefore, whatever attire She chooses to wear is quite critical of Her. Many firms wanted to hire Her as a model, but she declined and promised to do whatever she wanted. Also, She dislikes clam chowder, hominy grits, biscuits, sausage gravy, and deep-dish pizza. She likes to watch movies and browse the internet in her free time. She adores the colors white, blue, and black.

Leaked Woesenpai69 or circulated images and videos: 

You must be aware that as soon as someone becomes famous, many people turn against them. Because of this, his adversaries strive to discredit him, and some even succeed. Since it is unethical to damage someone’s reputation, the government ought to outlaw such vulgar movies. We don’t have any footage of them on video.

Twitter and TikTok Woesenpai69:

She is a popular TikTok user, model, and social media influencer well-known for modeling on the app. Woesenpai69 is furthermore a famous TikTok personality. She rose to fame due to popular videos and photographs, but her exquisite beauty and hourglass figure continue to draw in admirers. She gained international recognition by showing her stunning looks and fantastic modeling abilities on various social media platforms.

This star model is prominent on Twitter, where she constantly shares images and videos that influence fashion, modeling, and way of life. As her popularity on the site has grown, she has served as the face and digital spokesperson for several sports, skincare, and fashion businesses. She is a notable Instagram user, but she is also prominent in the TikTok community thanks to her fantastic lipsync videos, which have amassed millions of followers.

What is Woesenpai69’s net worth? Pay and Earnings:


The outstanding and modern fashion model rat makes between $1 million and $2 million a year. Her primary sources of income are modeling, TikTok, and brand promotion. She also makes a lot of money as a model and a fashion influencer.

Birth, Age, Ethnicity, Siblings, and Education:

This model is another famous social media influencer. By showing her extraordinary and magnificent modeling skills on various social media platforms from the beginning to the present, she has attracted attention worldwide.

Unfortunately, her age is unknown at this time. She earned her early graduate degree while attending a high school where she was enrolled for graduation.

Woesenpai69 then joined a theatre and began her performing career as a professional. She needs to provide information about her schooling that can be independently confirmed.

Information about the model’s family is currently unavailable, Woesenpai69 given that she hasn’t disclosed any personal details about her family. Her family’s data is being sought after by our team, and we’ll inform you as soon as we find anything. 

  • Known as Woesenpai69 
  • Worth between $1 million and $2 million
  • Brown hair color
  • Hazel eyes,
  •  professional career: Prominent model

Global Community TikTok

Due to his participation in several dances and fashion exhibitions, she rose to fame. She has established a massive name in the video content industry because of her extraordinary facial expressions and stunning physicality.

This model started her first profession as a video content creator in the TikTok community. Her remarkable performances in plays and videos quickly earned her a reputation as an actor. This star is currently a well-known figure in the global community.

Before participating in a few plays and dramas, she spent years receiving theatrical instruction in various performing approaches. Her exceptional performances in Woesenpai69 theatre shows quickly earned her a reputation as an actor.

She has a large following on Instagram, but her incredible lipsync videos, which have gained millions of followers, have also made her famous in the TikTok community.

On Twitter, where she is well-known, she frequently posts pictures and videos that impact fashion, modeling, and way of life. As her website followers have increased, she has been the face and online spokeswoman for some sports, skincare, and fashion firms. She has a regular height and a healthy weight. She has a towering stature if the images of this model scattered about her environment are any indicator. However, her exact size and other physical features still need to be clarified. We are keeping an eye on the current status. As unique information is available, we will update you.

Social Media Information Woesenpai69:

Some famous people are aware of the usefulness of social media. They set up an account so they can interact with their followers more readily, and we know Woesenpai69 is one of them. Due to the enormous social media, some people can make an account and claim to be someone they are not. You must research to locate the correct social media account of the person you are looking for to avoid damaging yourself.

She is a renowned model and social media influencer with an extensive global following. Being a renowned video content producer, she is particularly famous for publishing her incredible and insightful short movies on several social media sites.


She is a TikTok user who frequently posts dancing videos. She moves to the music of Charli XCX and Soulja Boy. On her Woesenpai69 account, she has more than 1.6 million followers.

Before Fame:

 She opened her account in January 2021.


She made fun of her stretch marks and cellulite in April 2021. She gave her fans an update on her progress with her gym physique in July 2022. Songs like “Beat Box 2” by SpotemGottem and Pooh Shiesty and “Adderall (Corvette Corvette)” by Popp Hunna can hear in her TikTok videos.

What country is she from Woesenpai69?


What good is it to love them without knowing a celebrity’s ethnicity or country of origin? Even while some stars consciously conceal their nationality from the public or their fans, we took it upon ourselves to see if we could discover her heritage and present citizenship. Considering that she was born in Morocco but now calls the United States of America home, she can be viewed as an American.


Is Woesenpai69 still alive or not?

Woesenpai69 remains healthy and living.

What is her Height?

She has a typical height.

What is Woesenpai69’s estimated net worth?

According to estimates, Woesenpai69’s net worth is between $1 million and $2 million.

What email does Woesenpai69 use?

Woesenpai69@gmail.com is her email address.

What are her phone number and WhatsApp?

We may share nobody’s data.

What is her address at home?

Her residence is in New York, USA.

Does she have cooking skills?

She is a skilled chef.

She smokes, right?

No, she is not a fan of Smoke.

She drinks, right?

She does not enjoy drinking.

Does she attend the gym?

Yes, she enjoys visiting the gym.

What are her interests?

Reading, taking pictures, studying, exploring, and using the internet.

Her father, who is he?

The name of her father will update soon.

Her mother, who is she?

The name of her mother will update soon.

Does she have a spouse?

She shields the press from knowing about her private life. Her partner, husband, or prior relationships are unknown to us.

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