How to Market Your NYC Business

How to Market Your NYC Business

If you’re interested in growing your brand awareness in NYC, you may need a few helpful tips to start moving in the right direction. This might also be the case if you’re trying to market a product or service to a larger audience. But what is the best way to market your business in New York City? Is there a preferred ad medium that would work better than others? What should your copy look and sound like? Are there other things you should focus on while you’re planning?

We’re big fans of NYC billboards, and we strongly encourage you to give them a try. We’ll also give you a few of our favorite tips and tricks for how to design your next set of NYC billboards for that big ad campaign. Even if you don’t want to utilize NYC billboards, you might find our extra tips helpful. Does that sound good to you? If you’re interested in learning more about how to market your business using NYC billboards, you’re in the right place. Please keep reading for our suggestions on how to succeed in your next ad campaign.

Utilize NYC Billboards

We’re strong proponents for NYC billboards if you’re interested in advertising in New York City. In New York City, you’re likely to gain exposure to a large population and a wide variety of individuals, even those who belong to specific niches and diverse backgrounds. With billboards in NYC, you’ll be able to capture their attention without sacrificing audience or design size.

Billboards give you access to lots of space and come across multiple people’s vision hundreds of times a day, especially in densely populated areas like New York City. And while there can be some competition in cities with larger population sizes, there are several ways to ensure you stand out amongst the crowd and reach your target audience.

Aim for the Right Side of the Road

One of the best tips about billboard advertising, regardless of the city or state you choose, is to place your ads on the right side of the road. This is because drivers and passengers, including those who commute to and from work using public transportation, frequently look on the right side. Ads on this side are closer to the individuals you’re trying to reach, making your ad copy easier to read and audience members far more likely to give their attention.

The left side of the road might be cheaper in many areas, but this is because marketers know billboards on the left are far less likely to stand out to commuters. Psychologically speaking, the closer someone is to an object, the more attached they will feel. This makes it much more probable that those who see your ads will act on your messaging and feel connected to your brand.

Keep Your Copy Short and Sweet

If you’re trying to advertise using billboards, it’s a good idea to keep your copy straightforward and short. This is because, as people are driving, they have limited time to read everything and absorb your messaging. That could be the case, no matter how persuasive your paragraph of copy would be in another medium.

Because of this, we recommend including only one call to action statement, a short slogan or catchphrase that connects your audience to your product or service, and your business name. Much more than this might not be easily read, preventing potential customers from connecting with you in a meaningful way. Instead of complicating things, keep things simple for your growing customer base. This makes it far easier for them to remember you in the future and do more research on their own.

Simple Font Choices

We also recommend choosing simple font styles during the design process in NYC billboards. While your copy might look beautiful in a serif or script-style font, these can be incredibly difficult for people to read quickly while they’re driving. Instead, choose fonts without serifs or other complicated additions, such as wing-ding images. Additionally, refrain from replacing letters with pictures, as these can be easily misread and misunderstood, taking away from your messaging.

By keeping your copy short and simple and ensuring your audience can read what you’ve written, you’re effectively greasing the wheels and removing unnecessary barriers for your customers. This makes it much easier for conversions to increase and your investment to help your business grow quickly.


If you want to boost your brand or business awareness amongst the general public, New York City is a great place to target your next big ad campaign. NYC billboards are incredibly useful for communicating messages to a broad population, requiring minimal pressure and effort on you and your marketing team. You make it even easier to market yourself by keeping your copy concise and easy to read.

If you want to start a rainbow restoration franchise in New York City, we hope you found our tips helpful. Marketing and advertising, especially in new places to different demographics, can be overwhelming and overbearing at first. We wish you luck in your next big ad campaign!

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