Best Signs a Capricorn Man is Playing You: How to Handle it? 

Best Signs a Capricorn Man is Playing You: How to Handle it? 

Mostly Capricorn men are considered attentive and loyal partners. However, you must be active against the ones who enjoy playing games. They send their partners some mixed signals during relationships. There are certain Signs a Capricorn Man is Playing You, and one should timely recognize these signals which will lead you to make an effective decision. 

It is true that each Capricorn man is not a playboy by nature. In this article, we will provide you with some reliable evidence through which you will be able to recognize the actual mindset of Capricorn men. Moreover, it will be supportive for you to read the signs a Capricorn man is playing you. 

Who is Capricorn Man?

A Capricorn man is a simple, reliable, straightforward partner by nature. However, if your capricorn guy starts behaving erratically to the commitments he made, then there is something wrong. They understand that relationships need compromise and responsibility. It is a red alert for you if a Capricorn man does not prioritise you.  

9 Signs A Capricorn is Playing You: A Step-By-Step Guidance

There are several signs or indications through which you can observe the nature of your life partner. Here are some of the signs as follow: 

Capricorn Man Keeps You Away From His Social Circle 

A Capricorn man eventually enjoys keeping his social circle tightly knit and small. If he is sincere then he will introduce you to his co-workers, family, friends and everyone who has importance in his life. However, it will be a red flag if he refuses to let you take to his social circle. This is a manipulation tactic and it is better for you to understand it within time. 

You can handle it by communicating with the friends you want to know. Similarly, make a robust bond with them and prove it to your partner that you are ready to get along. You should choose a fairground, arcade and pier where you can easily take him and his friends. If you notice any controversial and awkward conversations then go for another activity to bond over.

Capricorn Man Feels Hesitation in Public Relationship 

One of the Signs a Capricorn Man is Playing You is; a Capricorn man is practical and straightforward. He does not like to keep anything secret and private to the one who remains close to him. Sometimes, you ignore this factor by saying he feels shyness in disclosing his relationship publicly. But keep one thing in mind if he can date you in public places then there is no hesitation in disclosing a relationship publicly. This sign is enough to keep you alert in this regard.

Capricorn Man Feels Hesitation in Public Relationship

You can handle this situation by using these tactics. You should ask him directly what he feels and expects about you as a life partner. In addition to these, advance your communication with him on a regular basis. Remember one thing: a Capricorn man likes directness, and he will surely reveal whether he keeps you in his future plans or not. Ask him some questions like ‘’Can I call you my boyfriend, and do you feel comfortable with me’’? 

Capricorn Man Hides His Private Life

The most important factor that keeps a relationship alive is secrecy. It means that if you are sincere with your partner, you will never hide your personal life. When it comes to Capricorn men, they are ruled by Saturn, which represents the planet of responsibility.

However, if a Capricorn man refuses to disclose his private life before you, then it will be a clear indication of his future unavailability. 

In this case, you should become more vulnerable and come out of fear of his rejection. If you share your insecurities, hopes, and fears then Capricorn Man will consider himself secure while having you. 

Capricorn Man does not Waste Energy or Time on Romance 

When it comes to romance, Capricorn men are fully committed and passionate. Due to Saturn, their responsibilities and fears make them more curious about dealing with other areas of life. They are straightforward and do not like to show off. 

Capricorn men like to make a concerted effort in different ways, such as taking care of chores they do not want to do and weekly flowers. Most importantly, they react very attentively in the bedroom. If your Capricorn man lacks these qualities, then it will be a red flag. 

Every Capricorn guy needs a learning curve to become romantic. In this regard, a girlfriend should give her Capricorn guy some weeks to adjust. She might ask’’I want an attractive physical touch. If you kiss me, then it will make me feel cared for’’. 

Capricorn Man Does Not Make Effort to Communicate 

Among the Signs a Capricorn Man is Playing You, one is; Due to cardinal signs, a Capricorn man likes to communicate with his partner. Most importantly, he will make the first effort to talk to you. If a Capricorn man makes no effort to talk to you or disappears for a few days, it will be a sign of a red flag. 

To handle this situation, you can schedule moments throughout the month to talk. He rules the 10th house of work therefore, he can forget to have time for you. Another way to make conversation without disturbing each other is to send texts like ‘’good morning’’ or sweet notes. This is extremely helpful to keep you both connected without any external pressure.

Capricorn Man is Unpredictable

Due to Earth signs, a Capricorn guy does not disclose his loved life as they are hypervigilant. If he behaves erratically and is not committed to the promise he made, it might be a red flag. 

In this case, you should hold him accountable for his unnecessary actions. Capricorns are very sensitive in their loved lives. If you get disappointed by any of his actions, you must tell him about it. As a result, he will try to adapt himself accordingly. On the other hand, if he does not change his behaviour then it will be a sign of red alert. 

Capricorn Man is Unpredictable

Capricorn Man Creates Drama in Relationship

A Capricorn man does not overreact unless something is wrong. Because he is usually quite stoic like a goat. Capricorn men do not want to make their relationships complicated. If they continuously make unnecessary confrontations with you, it means they want to get rid of your shadow. 

Capricorn Man Creates Drama in Relationship

In this case, you should increase your intimacy with him. Moreover, you should convince him to reveal the potential causes behind this bad behaviour. It might be possible that he is going through anxiety, stress and depression. 

Capricorn Man Enjoys Flirting with People 

Treating relationships with a sacred degree of responsibility is a great quality of Capricorn men. In addition to this, if they tease, hit or court other people then they have no interest in relationships. 

In this situation, you must establish boundaries in a relationship and put terms as a couple. If your capricorn guy violates these terms and boundaries then it signs a Capricorn man is playing you. 

Capricorn Man does not Compromise

Saturn’s rulership represents that a Capricorn man does not perceive a relationship perfectly. They do not ask for renegotiation and resetting their expectations when they are serious about someone. He is not ready for a robust relationship if he refuses to budge. 

Capricorn Man does not Compromise

In this case, you should go into a friend circle which sounds painful. But if someone does not provide values to the relationship then it is better to move on. Another way you can choose is to stop negotiations with your Capricorn guy for a few months. When you contact him later and observe the bad behaviour again, it signs a Capricorn guy is playing you. 

Final Words

A Capricorn man plays with those partners with whom he does not have any interests. He likes to keep his personal life secret. In addition to these, he does not allow anyone to disturb him while he is on duty. He is not a playboy by nature. If you have a relationship with Capricorn man then this article is highly feasible for you. Because there are all signs a Capricorn man is playing you. 

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