Are There Any Disadvantages of Being a Freemason? Discuss Reality 

Are There Any Disadvantages of Being a Freemason? Discuss Reality 

Nowadays, a misconception about the existence of freemasons has prevailed throughout the world. People consider that there will be a freemason behind every conspiracy. In reality, this is a fraternal organization that has lost its existence since 1785. In this article, we will discuss what are the disadvantages of being a Freemason. 

There have been many prestigious freemasons in history, such as George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, Mozart, and Jesse Jackson. However, we will suggest you weigh both sides of the coin equally. Uneducated people show you only the blurred side of organisation.

The Membership Decline 

In this era of technological development, people do not have any time for their religion. Therefore, religiosity has been badly affected in the Western world. People do not want to be a part of a freemason organization; unfortunately, they perceive it as a megachurch. We can say that Freemasons are going through a struggling process these days.

The Transparent Hierarchy

Members are strict and rigid about their rules. As far as organization is concerned, it is not complex at all and emphasises human development. If you are looking for the membership of this organisation then special responsibilities will be handed to you. It depends on the specific area in which you are highly skilful. 

The Diversity Loophole

It is important to note that few lodges allow females, and they mostly prefer whites. It also depends on the location where you are currently living. For example, if you live in metropolitan cities like Chicago, New York and Detroit then ethnic divisions are less noticeable. 

On the other hand, if you live in southern states then ethnic divisions will be automatically diverse. Because these 12 states do not recognise blacks as their brothers.

A Freemasonry organisation itself does not emphasise on ethnic, sectarian and race division. In this respect, some groups become more diverse and superior. Divisions occur when it comes to race and location. 

However, the organisation is on its way to eliminate this curse of racism. Black members of freemasonry join Prince Halls, while white members join hands with Grand lodges. 

The Financial Responsibilities 

The main objective of Freemasons is to invest money in other fellow members and temples. If you manage to take all of the freemasonry lodges on the same page, it will then be the world’s top charitable organisation. 

Charity has been a prior factor for a freemason. Additionally, they spend money for the welfare of their fellow masons. 

You can never be a member of a freemasonry lodge unless you do not become stable economically. Therefore, you will possibly see every member in the freemasonry lodge is over 30 years old. So, this is among the disadvantages of being a Freemason.

Similarly, the average person in this organisation is almost 65 years old. It portrays that these people are financially stable and contribute a lot to freemasonry organisations. 

The Strong Religious Belief 

You should not join a freemasonry lodge if you cannot control your emotions. You must be strong enough to listen to the beliefs and faiths of people regarding their different religions. 

Unfortunately, people have misunderstandings about the nature of freemasonry organisation. They perceive it as only a single religion. This is indeed not a religion but an organisation. 

taking oath on holy bible

Most importantly, members working in freemasonry lodges belong to different religions including Islam, Christianity and Judaism. However, atheists can never join this organisation. So, this is among the disadvantages of being a Freemason.

They must weigh the open-minded beliefs and faiths of other people. Otherwise, they will be struggling in the upcoming future. A Freemasonry member will prevail over the mindset of people if he has strong beliefs and knowledge about his specific religion. 

The Dressing Style

In the first ceremony, a member will be told about how to dress up properly. In this way, he will expose his left breast, put a blindfold on and wear a ritualistic chain. 

If you scroll on social media then you will see them wearing proper dress including elaborate hats, ritualistic gear and fancy clothes. If you are fond of wearing a T-shirt and sweatpants then it will not be feasible for you.  

The Dressing Style of Freemason

Furthermore, every lodge has its different dressing codes and ceremonial garb. It seems strange in the beginning but the freemasonry organisation is not ready to compromise on its rules and regulations. 

Not just freemasonry, every religion has its different clothing style. For example, Muslim religious elements wear shalwar kameez. Jews wear hats over their heads and Christians wear Jesus necklaces around their necks. 

The Secrecy 

The Freemasonry organisation gives top priority to secrecy. The main purpose is to secure its transparency before the public and to avoid allegations like nepotism and scrutiny. The organisation works in secrecy to attract people towards religiosity. 

Most of the public wants freemasonry lodges to function online. However, freemasons want to keep their traditions alive and they have no intention to disclose their secrecy. 

If a member of any freemasonry lodge discloses information publicly then he will be immediately expelled from this organisation. This is another disadvantage among all the disadvantages of being a Freemason.

The Commitment to Time

Each freemasonry lodge member needs to attend consistent and regular meetings. However, lodges prefer to chair a meeting at least once a month. This meeting goes 2 to 3 hours longer. 

Similarly, there are regular dinners, meetings, and charity events held with fellow masons. Everyone must attend these meetings otherwise, it will not be enough to visit churches only. It is beneficial to build relationships with high-level people. The only thing you should do is make a time commitment.

The Misunderstandings 

People have no idea about the working nature of Freemasons. They perceive that Freemasonry operates under the influence of the Illuminati. Indeed, this allegation is completely baseless and unrealistic. Freemasonry is an organization that was developed after the combination of a social club and a church. 

Some Illuminati conspiracies are wandering around, which affects the true image of Freemasonry. Therefore, educated people should not pay heed to the illogical opinions and misconceptions of uneducated ones. 

perceive freemasonry


People think there are many disadvantages of being a freemason. However, the reality is totally different. Freemason is only an organization that works for human development. Moreover, it is not a religion, while members working in different freemasonry lodges belong to every religion. It includes Muslims, Jews, Christians, and Hindus. It is also involved in multiple charity events. Most importantly, it does not have any linkage to Illuminati. 

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