What is Programmatic Advertising? Everything you need to know.

What is Programmatic Advertising? Everything you need to know.

Programmatic Advertising is a game changer in the advertising industry, powered by technological improvements and data analytics. It involves automated purchasing and selling of online advertising, as opposed to traditional methods that involved human negotiations and manual insertion orders.

Gourmet Ads provides brands, agency trading desks, publisher trading desks, independent trading desks, demand side platforms, and retargeted with a comprehensive range of Programmatic Advertising solutions. A programmatic advertising company has drastically transformed how businesses target their clients.

Our global staff has extensive experience in programmatic advertising strategies and other food advertising solutions. We have worked with a diverse spectrum of food advertising agencies since 2008, ranging from major food firms with hundreds of brands to traditional/smaller and regional food enterprises. We have been collaborating with DSPs and SSPs since 2012.

Automated procedures that use AI and algorithms to acquire and sell ad space are referred to as Programmatic Advertising. Companies that specialize in Programmatic Advertising offer the tools and materials required to make it easier to buy and sell digital ads.

Setup Deal IDs for Private Marketplace

PMP Deals are frequently “Invite Only” or Exclusive Programmatic Advertising Auctions which allow the bidder preferred access in the Ad Server or SSP on a Semi-Reserved basis for a predetermined price.

Gourmet Ads provides three types of Private Marketplace Pricing choices for Deals, as well as a 2nd Price Auction. The Dynamic Floor Prices option is the most popular among programmatic purchasers, in which a base price is specified and the final transaction price is one penny higher than the second highest offer. Also, pricing is fixed regardless of how much you bid. Ideal for Buyers who require programmatic price certainty. Our No Floor Price option allows customers to bid what they believe the inventory is worth and end up paying a fair market rate for the goods at the time, similar to what you would see if you purchased Open Exchange. The most significant advantage is Open Exchange buying with numerous campaigns per Deal. No Floor Price is not supported by all DSPs; please inquire to verify if your DSP is supported.

Programmatic Management Services

Leave your programmatic marketing in the hands of our experts.

When it comes to Gourmet Ads and our Manage Service offering, we have a one-of-a-kind set of algorithmic-based buying models that we apply from the beginning to assure campaign success. While all Managed Service campaigns are marketed on a cost-per-click (CPC) basis, we can now set optimizations such as;

  •         CPA stands for Cost Per Acquisition.
  •         CPC stands for Cost Per Click.
  •         CTR stands for Click Through Rate.
  •         Rate of Viewability
  •         Rate of Video Completion

Since 2008, we’ve provided Managed Services (also known as Direct IOs or Insert Order Campaigns) to brands and their advertising agencies, resulting in hundreds of campaigns.

Our staff not only possesses the strategic and tactical expertise necessary to guarantee success, but we also have a global footprint of ad operations spanning three continents, allowing us to continuously monitor and improve your campaign day and night.

Smart Deals

Smart Deals are a type of PMP that is created within the Appnexus Ad Server utilizing Data Science and Machine Learning and are based on specific campaign KPIs in real-time. Before, we used historical data to surface impressions into a Deal; now, with Smart Deals, the Ad Server handles this automatically.

Guaranteed Programmatic

In contrast to traditional PMPs or Deal IDs, Gourmet Ads enables buyers to lock in Programmatic Guaranteed on an individual basis with Higher Priority. Programmatic guarantee, a particular sort of inventory reserving, provides the highest level of quality and dependability. Programmatic guarantee enables advertisers to reserve inventory with a guaranteed number of impressions on specific premium publisher websites.

Curated Deals

Finding a way to expand programmatic Deals regularly in line with performance KPIs might be a challenge for some programmatic buyers (especially when utilizing their first-party data or any type of narrow targeting).

Gourmet Ads now offers a scalable solution called Curated Deals. Curated Deals differ somewhat from our controlled Supply Deals, which are normally set up in Appnexus. Curated Deals are completely customized and brand safe.

Viewability with Confidence

Advertising companies may purchase viewability with complete confidence due to Gourmet Ads. No matter if an advertiser wants a general industry statistic or a more in-depth understanding of ad viewability, Gourmet Ads offers a solution that will meet their objectives.

Gourmet Ads provides two Viewability solutions for advertisers who prioritize Viewability analytics as a fundamental KPI for campaigns. Private Marketplace Deals executes both Viewability choices, and based on your needs, we offer both MRC Viewability Standard and GroupM Viewability Standard.

Programmatic Report

Gourmet Ads Programmatic Reports is a straightforward solution. We give programmatic buyers and brands trading programmatically complete transparency from the sell side every month. We also supply our full Deals Report to Media Traders.

Programmatic Marketing

You may manage when and how often your ads are shown to potential customers, as well as which publishers show them. You will only have to pay for highly successful ads that are sent to the proper audience when using programmatic marketing.

The use of programmatic marketing involves boosting and optimizing expenditures and resources. By moving the majority of the workload to a digital platform, programmatic marketing simplifies the act of acquiring, placing, and optimizing the marketing process. Ad purchasers will acquire digital ad space for their clients by hand, so there is still a human element to it. However, programmatic marketing automates the vast majority of the process by utilizing cloud-based DSPs and their algorithms.

Always on deals

Our Always on Deals may be used for any programmatic campaign and are divided into three categories: Placement Based Deals, Contextual Targeted Deals, and Audience Based Deals.

Integrated Demand Side Platform

DSP companies are heavily reliant on integrated programmatic advertising. Several supply-side platforms (SSPs), ad exchanges, and publishers all offer real-time ad inventory that advertisers may purchase using DSPs.

Advantages of Programmatic Advertising

One significant advantage of Programmatic Advertising is its efficiency. Programmatic advertising uses automation to place ads more precisely, swiftly, and cost-effectively than previous techniques. This efficiency benefits both businesses and consumers by making advertisements more relevant and personalized to their interests.

We can assist you with all things “Programmatic,” from negotiating deals across our Managed or Curated Supply to running Programmatic Campaigns (Managed Services) to meet your KPIs. Programmatic advertising campaigns must be managed and optimized through programmatic campaign management. This comprises setting campaign objectives, creating ad creatives, choosing which target markets to target, and tracking campaign effectiveness.



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