Spotting and Evading Scammers on Dating Sites

Spotting and Evading Scammers on Dating Sites

Having left the bar and club scene we were ecstatic to know we’d left harassers and scammers back there too. Unfortunately, most of the riff-raff we supposedly left in bars found their way online too. With the days of Craigslist behind us, we must enjoy better dating experiences, in this case online.

Better dating apps have come up over the years offering millions of users worldwide a chance to meet. These meet-and-greet apps allow you singles to mingle carefreely. There are thousands of free, screened ads people can peruse daily, from their mobile phones, tablets, or desktop PCs.

What to Note before Joining

As you contemplate joining a dating app, consider the following before registration. Finding a website with a credible reputation like is crucial to maintaining privacy. These websites have dedicated admins who screen ads before allowing them to be active. These ads or personals can be accessed only after an email or phone verification. Upon finding legitimate sites, you can register using genuine information.

The information you input is what will be used to determine if you are a scammer or not too. It means to be sure that age, gender, distance, physical traits, and such are authentic. Anything that points toward non-genuine factors could lead to account suspension or deletion.

A final detail to focus on is the profile pic, which should be one of yours, either clear or blurred. Using copied photos from other sites simply places you in the scammer’s black book. Members with opaque information are exactly what users are trying to avoid. And here’s how to spot scammers and avoid them entirely.

  • Scammers always ask for money, and this might happen soon after you begin a chat. No serious dater asks for money from members at any point during their conversations. Others will offer better deals on the site you registered on, for a fee. Essentially, you might have to part ways with some cash to enjoy unlimited messaging and such features.
  • Spotting scammers also involves noting their avatars or display photos. Many will have a photo that looks familiar, perhaps copied from other accounts on the same page, or ads from another site. Their details might be scanty and lack relevant information which needs to be requested unnecessarily.
  • Scammers take longer to respond especially to basic questions about their needs or even physical attributes. For instance, they may be very eager to meet from the onset. Thereafter, requesting more details from them takes relatively longer for them to respond. In other cases, they may never respond to such questions but will be quick to talk about meeting up. Avoid these folks like the plague.
  • Other scammers will know more about you than you’ve let out. They might be stalkers more than scammers in this instance. Such folks should be blocked from using this feature found on most new-age dating apps. You can also report them to admins for quicker resolutions.
  • Lastly, scammers will respond to messages almost like BOTS. They will likely send messages soon after you finalize registration and all messages thereafter will be too well calculated. It might seem like they were anticipating your queries.

Bottom Line

Conclusively, whatever you do, always take a friend with you on the first date. Have them tag along even if not for a drink or part of the party, but to keep an eye on things. They will act as security or witnesses for you in case things pop off. Staying safe online might be easier with better security and moderators, but remaining vigilant is important while offline too.  

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