Who is Jordan Belfort ex-Wife, Nadine Caridi? Bio, Career, Age, Net Worth

Who is Jordan Belfort ex-Wife, Nadine Caridi? Bio, Career, Age, Net Worth

Nadine Caridi, Jordan Belfort ex-Wife Bio, Career, Age, Net Worth. She got fame for her Marriage to Jordan Belfort an American Former Stock Market Mogul.

Nadine Caridi is ex-wife of Jordan Belfort. But nowadays she is famous as the name of Nadine Macaluso. She is the 2nd wife of Jordan Belfort. Today we discuss all the ex-wife of Jordan Belfort. We give a detailed note about her life, education, career and famous for. Let’s take a deep look into her biography today:

Introduction of Nadine Caridi:

She is the ex-wife of Jordan Belfort. And now Nadine Caridi is famous for another name is Nadine Macaluso. She becomes Jordan’s second wife. Also, She was introduced by her boyfriend to Jordan Belfort. She first met with Jordan Belfort in the year of 1980s. Jordan was very famous in those days. He was a famous entrepreneur at that time.

Jordan frauds with her as he already married to someone and he purposed the Nadine Caridi and married with her. Then he also frauds in multiple departments. He was also famous for finance fraudster. At that time a resource was very famous for posting the big celebrities and their lifestyle.

The name of the famous magazine was page 6. According to page 6, Nadine was introduced by her boyfriend to Jordan her boyfriend was a race car driver. The name of her boyfriend was Alan Wilzig.

How to introduced Nadine Caridi to his husband?

When the year 1991, she had her boyfriend Alan and they both fell in love with each other. One day when Alan completed his car race and he invited him to a night party at someone entrepreneur’s house then he thought to take Nadine Caridi with him. Then there they met with Jordan Belfort. Jordan Belfort was a finance fraudster and had a wife too. But he kept secret his first marriage to Nadine Caridi.

Soon Nadine caridi impressed with Jordan Belfort and broke up with her boyfriend Alan. Then she had a relationship with Jordan and soon they both decided to get married to each other. Their marriage was long not so last and they had spent only 8 years with each other.

From 1991 to 1998 their marriage period, they had so many issues and controversies in their marriage, and then one day they separated. Nadine Caridi had 2 children with Jordan Belfort. However, She had 1 son and 1 daughter. The name of her son is Carter and the daughter’s name is Chandler. 

Jordan Belfort famous for:

Nadine Caridi

Jordan Belfort is 58 years old man. And he becomes very famous for the financial fraud scandal. He was a very famous stockbroker and did many brokers of falsies and had earned a lot of money and wealth by the scams and frauds. Jordan established a company of stock exchange related and he then invited the rest of the people to invest in his company.

When people had shown his interest in the company then he sells out their share with a huge profit and he did not pay any big such amount to the people. In the year of 1999, he was indicated as a fraudster and captured by the police. He was also a big money laundering.

The court announced his crime and he was fined by the court. The court ordered him to repay all the amount of victims and then he could be free from jail. He was fined in the amount of $200 million by the court. He had married twice times. And he had 2 children. 

Personal detail of Nadine Caridi:

The full name of Nadine Caridi. But nowadays she is famous in the name of Nadine Macaluso. She was born in the year of 1967. The birth date of Nadine Caridi was 24th December in 1967. She is 53 years old now. Also, She had two children. She had 1 son and 1 daughter. Also, She has the nationality of American. She was born in London, United Kingdom. She getting married twice times.

The first marriage was Jordan Belfort. She had married in a very fantasy manner. She married in the location of Manhattan Beach, California in the United States of America. The name of her children is Chandler Belfort and the Carter Belfort. She also had the nationality of British.

After getting divorced from Jordan Belfort, she gets married to John Macaluso. She has a weight of 121 lbs. which is means 55 kg. She has the ideal height of 5’8’’. However, She has the zodiac sign of Scorpio. She had a total net worth of $5 million. She was also a famous model and did many modeling for many magazines and organizations.

Education of Nadine Caridi:

Nadine was also known as Duchess of Bay Ridge.Nadine was moved to Brooklyn and New York USA when she is a small kid with her parents. 

Nadine gets admission to the school of Dewey high school in Brooklyn. And get her graduate degree from the Pacifica Graduate Institute. She had done also in a master’s in Clinical psychology. Then she had decided to do a Ph.D. She had done her Ph.D. in the year 2015. She also does the job of marriage consular and family therapist. Now she is using the DR. with her name. Presently, she is known as Dr. Nadine Caridi. 

The modeling career of Nadine Caridi:

Nadine Caridi

She is also a famous model and doing many modeling jobs in her modeling career. Also, She becomes the poster girl in very little time in the field of modeling. However, She had done any national campaign. She has become more famous after the wedding of Jordan Belfort. 

Nadine yacht:

Nadine becomes again very famous after when her ex-husband is bought a very luxurious yacht for her. This has become a big controversy in those days. But unfortunately, that yacht sank into the sea. 

The final note:

The final note of my article is about the life of a famous model and ex-wife of Jordan Belfort. She is famous for her modeling career and also famous for the ex-wife of fraudster Jordan Belfort. Also, She had done many modeling shots and government campaigns. She had two children. She had a $5 million net worth. 

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