A Comprehensive Guide To Launching A New Product

A Comprehensive Guide To Launching A New Product

When designing new packaging for a product, which your company is either soon to be officially launching or redesigning and rebranding, you will obviously already be fully aware that every little detail counts.

Here, for your information and of course reading pleasure, are some top ideas and techniques when designing packaging and labelling when launching a new product. Follow the below guide to launch your product in the best way.

Communicate Your Ideas Concisely

Regardless of the size or scope of your company, and indeed how many employees or other members of your team are involved with both the conception of your new product, as well as development and promotion.

As well as dictating to your team exactly what is needed and what the next step is, you should also involve your team members or colleagues in a more collaborative fashion. The following are some key questions you can present to the team to gain valuable and constructive feedback:

  • Has anyone figured out one or more issues that may become a bigger problem further down the line?
  • In terms of estimated timeline for completion, what are people’s thoughts?
  • What are the specific benefits of Launch new product that you can inform the customer of that are specific to your new product?

Promote Your New Product

Prestigious and established promotional product designers and suppliers, such as anthembranding.com can work together with your business to come up with a fantastic range of merchandise. You can choose when and where to hand out such items, and whether to give them away as promotional freebies or even set up an online shop where people can buy them.

There is a wide plethora of advantages to investing in promotional merchandise, including:

  • A cost-effective and gratefully received way of rewarding staff for their loyal service
  • A way to make impressions and create awareness of your new product beyond the initial recipient
  • A fantastic way to reward the loyalty of your existing customers
  • A fun and entertaining way to increase your brand identity and presence

Create A Marketing E-Mail Funnel

The third, just as effective way to promote an exciting and innovative product which you and the other members of your team have been working on, is to create a marketing e-mail funnel, with some experts believing this may be the most effective way of all.

When getting ready to launch your new product, spend time working on an e-mail sequence. These tend to range between six and eight separate e-mails. An example of a successful and productive e-mail sequence should follow the following guidelines:

  1. Introductory e-mail to touch base with your customers approximately a fortnight before the official product launch
  2. Explain the problem or issue that your new product plans to solve
  3. Tease the new product with a view to solving the proposed problem
  4. Offer exclusive savings or access to the new product before other people
  5. Officially launch the product
  6. Gather constructive feedback from the product and adapt your e-mail to suit

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