Chari Pack: How She Changed the Game with Photo Printing in the Tech Space

Chari Pack: How She Changed the Game with Photo Printing in the Tech Space

Chari Pack, Founder and CEO of Persnickety Prints, She launching an app that takes all those memorable digital photos to tangible, lifeproof photographs.

Introduction to Chari Pack:

Chari Pack, Founder, and CEO of Persnickety Prints further her presence in the tech space by launching an app that takes all those memorable digital photos to tangible, LifeProof photographs. Her app, Persnickety Box, is so simple and easy to go through and print those digital memories sitting on our mobile devices. She has proven herself that her originality can stand out and succeed in the male-dominated tech industry.  

Ever since a little girl, Chari’s mother instilled in her to love storytelling, especially through pictures. Chari grew up loving scrapbooking and that is when she fell in love with photography. She sees scrapbooking as a way to express memories and retell stories that journey through life. Now, being a mom herself, she has continued the cycle of sharing life’s memories through scrapbooking; so her children can have a keepsake to look back on over the years. 

Purpose of Photo Printing:

Chari Pack sees photos serve more purpose than just sitting on our phones when this form of technology can be untrustworthy. Not printing photos can leave us in a possible digital dark age–if anything goes offline; there go all the photos we had stored on devices. Keeping photos on digital devices or backing them up through social media platforms takes away the high-quality aspect the digital photos have as they can be compressed. Even so, there is even more uncertainty with the digital form of a photo–there is no security or guarantee the digital photo will be safe and sound. This is why she wants photos to be printed at the highest quality so they are vivid and will last for lifetimes; so sharing a story can be viable to anyone around. 

Chari Pack Services:

Her services to print photos came from seeing scrapbooking becoming more popularized, especially on more digital platforms. However, printing good-quality photos came out to be so expensive that this hobby could not fit people’s budgets anymore. Compromising on quality became a factor too, which then still eliminated the reasons for wanting the tangible prints. This is when Chari put her thoughts into action and connected with a company that can do stellar-looking 12×12 prints at the affordable price of $1.99. Since starting her company in 2010, she has not raised prices for her prints.  

Chari Pack

Chari Pack continues to make photo printing accessible for all photography lovers. She has created and launched a simple, easy app that allows customers to print photos directly from their mobile devices. With just simple swiping motions, it has never been easier to swipe “yes” to the photos you love. Her app, Persnickety Box, will have the favorite photos printed and delivered straight to the door in an eco-friendly; keepsake box to enjoy the beloved memories. 

Chari Pack

Through all her challenges of immersing herself in the male-dominated world of tech, she continues to skyrocket into success. She has overcome multiple rejections by app developers but still pathed a way to help photo lovers have the accessibility of affordable photo prints without compromising quality. Not many women can find funding in the tech space for their projects; but Chari Pack has successfully bootstrapped Persnickety to have it where it is today. She knew her ideas were valuable so she stuck by her values; and has shown what a woman is capable of doing when being determined. Her motivation is her customers–everything she does is for them. 


With Persnickety Prints and her new app Persnickety Box; Chari Pack has created endless possibilities to get creative with great quality photos. Because of her innovative thinking and inspiring storytelling ideas; everyone can have the chance to turn those favorite digital memories into tangible photos that can last for generations to come. With all she has done, she is keeping her mission to save all of our stories for the next generation; avoid a future digital dark age close to her heart.

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