Who is Kathy Ambush? Untold story of ex-wife of current chief Justice USA  

Who is Kathy Ambush? Untold story of ex-wife of current chief Justice USA  

Clarence Thomas is the current chief justice of the Supreme Court of the United States of America. Moreover, he has been a prominent lawyer and associate justice. He is the second African American figure who is serving in the Supreme Court of the United States after Thurgood Marshall. People want to know his legal profession. However, he has divorced one and married twice. Kathy Grace Ambush is the first wife of Clarence Thomas whom he has divorced. She is a famous American celebrity but people knew Kathy  because of her ex-husband. Kathy  is currently living a quiet life far away from social and electronic media. In this article, we will discuss Kathy Ambush’s lifestyle, biography, family, and relationship.

Who is Kathy Ambush?

Kathy Grace Ambush is the first wife of the current chief justice of the Supreme Court of the United States, Clarence Thomas. Moreover, she is an entrepreneur, model, and celebrity. Kathy Grace Ambush was born on June 6, 1950, in Worcester, Massachusetts, the USA. She is 73 years old as of 2023. According to several sources, Kathy Ambush’s net worth is estimated to be around $100,000.

Real Name Kathy Grace Ambush
Birth Date June 6, 1950
Gender Female
Profession Entrepreneur
School Saint Peter-Marian Central Catholic High School
University Lincoln University
Children One
Husband Douglas Allen Smith
Siblings Six
Father Nelson William Ambush
Mother Shigao Gladys Sato
Eye Color Dark Brown
Hair Color Black
Religion Christianity
Ethnicity African American
Nationality The United States of America
Current Residency Worcester, Massachusetts, the United States of America
Age 73 Years old as of 2023
Zodiac Sign Gemini


Ambush Family

Ambush’s mother’s name is Shigao Gladys Sato, while her father’s name is Nelson William Ambush. She has collectively six siblings including four biological siblings and two half-siblings. Four biological siblings are Karen Thande, June Ambush, Reverend Stephen Ambush, and Benjamin Ambush. On the other hand, two half-siblings are Valarie Wilson and Sydney Schuyler.

Kathy Grace Ambush Education Background

Kathy Ambush joined a well-reputed High School named Saint Peter-Marian Central Catholic. She then attended Anna Maria College from 1968 to 1970 and completed her study of Sociology. Furthermore, Kathy Grace Ambush earned the degree of Business Administration and Science from Lincoln University in 1977. She then started training in Radio Broadcasting from 1978 to 1979 at the Broadcast Centre.

Kathy Grace Ambush Career

Kathy Grace Ambush has now retired after earning 40 years of professional experience. According to her LinkedIn profile, Kathy has provided her services to the education, political, corporate, and non-profit sectors like management and administration. Moreover, she has been director of Development and an assistant director at the Immigrant Learning Centre. Kathy gave these services from June 2002 to August 2018. Similarly, she also gave services to the community relations specialist at BankBoston from August 1998 to May 2002.

In addition to these, Kathy Ambush has been the director of MASP Program at Milton Academy. She worked there from August 1990 to August 1994. She has worked as a communications specialist in NRCC from July 1979 to May 1985.

Kathy Grace Ambush Net Worth

Kathy  Grace Ambush’s alleged net worth is estimated to be around 100,000$. She earned this net worth from different sources of income, including her 40-year experience in different corporations and entrepreneurial ventures.

Kathy Grace Ambush Personal Life

People want to know ‘’Did  Ambush marry someone’’? Of course, she is married. In 1984, she divorced her ex-husband Clarence Thomas and then married Douglas Allen Smith. Most importantly, the duo have no known kids together.

What happened between Clarence Thomas and Ambush that led them to Divorce?

Clarence Thomas and Kathy  met for the first time in college in 1969. They used to date for two years and tried the knot in 1971 at a private ceremony at All Saints Episcopal Church. In 1973, the duo relocated to New Haven, Connecticut, the United States of America. Consequently, the couple had one child named Jamal Adeen Thomas.

However, the couple decided to separate from each other which led them to divorce in 1981. Clarence Thomas won the custody of their child after divorce. People want to know the mystery behind their divorce. But there is no solid information through which we can update you in this regard. Kathy married again after separating from her ex-spouse in 1984. Moreover, she went to Richmond, Virginia, USA. On the contrary, Clarence Thomas remarried lobbyist Virginia Lamp, commonly known as Ginny Thomas in 1987.

Who is Kathy Grace Ambush’s Son?

She has one kid, a son namely Jamal Adeen Thomas. Jamal Adeen was born on February 15th, 1973, in New Haven, Connecticut, the United States. Most importantly, the hospital where he was born was Yale New Haven Hospital. He is just 50 years old as of 2023, while his sun sign is Aquarius. Jamal Adeen currently works as director of supervision for John F. Der Hyde and Associates. He is also considered to be one of the most-qualified economists in the United States of America.  

Kathy AMbush son Jamal Adeen thomas

Kathy Grace Ambush Current Residency

Kathy Grace Ambush is currently living in Richmond, Virginia, the United States, with her spouse, Douglas Allen Smith. In addition to these, she advocates for healthy living via social media platforms like Amway. Eventually, Kathy Grace Ambush is also involved in entrepreneurship with Global Internet Entrepreneur.


Kathy Grace Ambush is a famous American celebrity and ex-wife of current chief justice of the Supreme Court of the USA, Clarence Thomas. However, she married twice in her life, and the couple had a son together. Kathy Grace Ambush came into the limelight of the media due to her ex-husband. She currently lives with her husband, Douglas Allen Smith. On the one hand, Kathy lost the case of her child’s custody against ex-husband Clarence Thomas.

On the other hand, Kathy is considered to be a successful entrepreneur in the United States of America. She has earned a huge amount of money being involved in different companies. According to different reports, Kathy Ambush’s net worth is estimated to be around 100,000$ US dollars. For more such information, visit https://marketbusinesstech.com.

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