Justice For Saraya Rees – Complete Untold Story of Saraya Rees

Justice For Saraya Rees – Complete Untold Story of Saraya Rees

JUSTICE FOR SARAYA REES. Saraya is a 14 Year Child Who Battles Mental Illness. She was Arrested on Counts of Attempted Murder and Arson last year.

Introduction of Saraya Rees:

Saraya Rees is 14 years old girl. She is lived in Myrtle Point, Oregon. She is the kind of child who has to suffer from mental illness. Also, She was taking the medicine antidepressant by their local pediatric in her town but he told her parents to do visit from a physiatrist clinic for his help of recovering the Saraya.

She is a mentally ill girl. However, She lived with her parents and two younger Sister. Due to his mental condition, she dropped out some amount of gasoline on her living room carpet while the parents and her two younger sisters are sleeping there. Her parents could not understand her mistake and take her to the mental health advisor, Coos Health & wellness.

They called out the police and the Cop were arrested the younger mentally disturb girl without informing her parents. Then she was taken to the court of the town, the judge which name is Megan Jacquot have filed against her a case of attempting murder and assault. The judge sentenced her to 11 years of juvenile prison.

So the question is aroused why the judge become as cruel towards her as she better knows that she is suffering some mental health issue. She missed her entire teenage period in jail. Also, She will be formatting her age years in jail. She cannot enjoy teenage life. Saraya has not the facility of any medical aid from the court and also has not any medicine with her. When she will be 25 years old then she gets parole.

Mental health condition of Saraya Rees:

Saraya has a documented mental health illness and their parents and siblings are witnessed her condition. She has also been bullied at her school on regular basis. The students and teachers are also well known for their mental condition. The school name is Myrtle Point High.

Her parent’s names are Mr and Mrs Shannon Manny was also told her school staff that she is suffering some mental disturbance and also she had taken the medicine to get rid of this situation. She takes antidepressant medicine and her therapy is also continued. Now those days, Saraya had been harming herself. She had been harming herself by torturing. 

Case incident day:

The day in which this heart-wrenched incident happened, was the 8th of July, 2019. This was early in the morning, the little Saraya is waking up and go to her living room she poured some amount of Gasoline in the living room carpet. Her parents and 3 years old younger sister were also sleeping in this room. By good luck, her parents have been awakened and stopped her from pouring more gasoline.

This is done because she does not take her medicine appropriately. She had a cold turkey by a pediatrician but remember that the pediatrician was not her doctor and he does not aware of her mental conditions very well. Saraya went into a mental disturbance condition at 4 am. Her dad abruptly woke up and found her in this appropriate mental condition.

Then her parents make a call 24-Hour Crisis Team at Coos health & wellness centre. Her parents want to take up there and start mental therapy. But unfortunately, the poor Saraya has no access to the desired assistance from them and they called out the Coos county Sheriff Department there. The police arrested the younger Saraya in front of her parents and little sis. Moreover, Saraya being terrified by the sheriffs.

Saraya Rees case To Town Police

Then the Coos Health & Management were claimed that they were supposed to take her to the Bay Area Hospital. But they could not track her. They could not synchronize with tracking her. They also added a note in their file that, they did not even know who called out the town police. The police were also failed to answering this question to the media and news. The police were claimed that they transported the little Saraya into the Bay Area Hospital but all the fake news.

Saraya in the jail of the police department had not attempted any crime. There she had not the facility to hire a lawyer and even not allowed her parents and her attorney to present at the time of under arrest. She was informed in the jail that she is under arrest by the police.

Is Saraya Rees Normal?

Then this time Saraya was not too normal but she had a mental trauma state and she did not know of all this situation by the present health state of condition. She just said few words to the police officer that she wants to sleep for a while. The police department makes a false statement about her that she poured out the whole gasoline all over the house and also poured the gasoline onto her parents and baby sister.

Her were not accepting this statement and disagree with them and added the note she was nothing doing about this type of crime at all. She is a mentally disturbed patient only she does not do any harmful deed. Her parents also added to the story is that she only poured a little gasoline in the small patch of the carpet.

And that carpet was taken by the police department as evidence. Saraya refused to this act that she never intended the lighting a fire on her house on that morning. Her parents are not allowed to see and meet with Saraya for the 23 days of custody in the police department.

The last note:

My last note of this article isSaraya is innocent. She just only had the mentally disturbed she had not done any such a big crime. Saraya needs justice. She cannot live her golden period in jail. As in her teenage, she also needs freedom from all the false charges. From all over the world people are signed the petition to release the victim Saraya and people want justice for her. The different petition is signed in globally from all over the world people. Many organizations and companies are working on her case and make some donations for her parents so that they can hire the best lawyer for her daughter and the therapy as needed more of anything.   

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