The Power of silence – 10 Secret Benefits of silence

The Power of silence – 10 Secret Benefits of silence

Benefits of Silence. What is the Power of Silence? It makes You Calmer and More Patient. It Enhances Your Intuition and Has Great Impact on Health. We live in a loud and distracting world that has many negative effects on our mental and physical health. One of the best ways to take care of oneself is by practising silence. If you want to learn about all the benefits of silence, keep watching our video:

No1: You’ll have fewer regrets

Silence really is golden. Everyone has been in a situation where they said something they regretted the minute it came out of their mouth. Choose silence instead of blurting out things that you don’t really think. Once words are out, you can’t take them back. Many relationships have been broken beyond repair because someone said something bad without thinking. One of the first benefits of being silent you can notice is that you’ll have very few regrets for the things you have said.

No2: You appear more powerful which is the power of silence

It may not seem like it, but being silent makes you appear powerful. Other people will not know what you are thinking. You will look like you know something important that you don’t want to share with anyone. Others might even feel uncomfortable. They will try to talk to fill in the awkward silence and that is how they will reveal many things about themselves. In addition, if you are silent by nature, everything you say will be more significant and people will pay more attention. Its great benefits of silence.

No3: It makes you calmer

Silence is a great way to calm yourself, relax and reduce stress and tension. It gives your brain a chance to take a break from all the noise and rush of everyday life. Being silent has a soothing effect on your mental state. Most people tend to live in a hurry and they forget to take time to take care of themselves. Being silent is a simple way to give your mind a much-needed break. It is an easy but powerful way to become calmer and more resistant to everyday stress.

No4: You will become more patient

Being silent apparently helps you learn to be more patient as well. Studies have shown that people who are comfortable being in silence tend to have more patience. This is a great advantage in today’s fast-moving world. Everyday life has many challenges and if you are ok with being silent, that is your big advantage. Imagine being stuck in a traffic jam. Its great benefits of silence. You can be annoyed and angry or you can sit patiently in silence, with your thoughts. Silence makes you calmer and when you are calm, you have more patience as well.

No5: It is great in negotiations

Silence is your best friend in negotiations which is the power of silence. Being silent shows that you are confident in what you have just said. It also shows that you respect the other person enough to give them space and time to express their thoughts and desires. When someone talks a lot, they don’t give you enough time to think and that makes it look like they are hiding something and rushing you into making a decision. On the other hand, being silent creates an atmosphere of trust and honesty. It is a good way to show respect to your negotiating partner.

No6: You don’t waste your energy

The sixth benefits of silence are So much energy is drained every day from us by all the noise around us as well as the noise we are creating with our constant talking. Our energy levels are similar to the batteries in our phones. They are fully charged when we are well-rested in the morning. And as the day passes by, all the things we do, such as working, making decisions and talking, use our energy. And we end up exhausted. Being silent and in general taking some quiet time helps us recharge and waste much less energy.

No7: benefits of silence is a great impact on health

Researches show that noise pollution leads to high blood pressure and heart attacks, as well as impairing hearing and overall health. Silence is a way to counteract the consequences of the noise that is inevitable in everyday life. When we are being silent, we slow down and our muscles are relaxed. That helps cure headaches, migraines and tension in the neck and the back. Our breathing slows, our heart rate drops and we can truly rest and heal.

No8: You will be a great listener and people will love talking to you

When you are being silent, you are giving other people space and time to talk and express themselves. Silence turns you into a great listener. People will appreciate that and gladly turn to you when they need to talk to someone. You will get to learn a lot about other people because they will be glad to share things with you. You may also find that as you listen to people more, you will find more things in common, really understand their views and you will have better relationships. This is great benefits of silence.

No9: Your intuition enhances

One more advantage of being silent is that your intuition enhances. Your “gut-feeling” is responsible for knowing things based on your instincts and without the need to analyze everything. Silence really boosts that ability. When we are quiet, our intuition speaks loudly. Noise drowns out our intuition because we are more focused on what we are talking about than on what we feel and notice around us. Being silent means you spend more time listening to your own thoughts. Silence gives your intuition more space to act. It helps you learn to trust yourself and your gut-feeling more. the power of silence will enhance Your intuition.

No10: It helps you live in the moment

The last benefits of silence is Being quiet truly makes you focus on the present. There is just you and your thoughts. There are no other people and not many distractions. You live in the moment. Also, You notice every little thing around you because your brain is not busy talking. You can notice the sound of the clock. Also, You can notice your breathing. You are not rushing through life; you are fully present in every moment of it. Are you a silent or talkative person?

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