Dramacool Watch Korean Dramas HD: Complete Details

Dramacool Watch Korean Dramas HD: Complete Details

What can you watch on a dramacool? Is it free? Basically, Dramacool is a website that contains Korean drama series, shows, and movies. You can watch the episodes of your favorite old and new drama series with English subtitles. Moreover, it doesn’t require a subscription. Additionally, you can use it to watch Asian content.

This article will comprise the complete details of Dramacool. Here we will inform you about its workings, content availability, and best alternatives.

What Is Dramacool? Features Of Dramacool

First of all, it’s important to know that it is a website that contains access to Korean drama contents. Basically, it is a free website where you can easily watch dubbed and English-titled dramas. In addition to this, you can also watch various Asian dramas here. This is a secure and free kind of website that will not demand any subscription charges. The use of a website makes watching your dramas easier. With your own convenience, you can choose to watch it any place, any time. Whenever you miss a drama, you can later watch it here.

Website title: DramaCool.city

Features Of Dramacool

Following are the best features that are available on Dramacool.

  • It can save time to watch dramas online.
  • Additionally, it includes the English subtitles and dubbed drama series’.
  • Moreover, you can choose to watch any Korean drama here.

What Is Dramacool? Features Of Dramacool

  • You can choose to watch various Asian dramas.
  • Additionally, you will not have to pay a subscription fee for this.
  • Moreover, you can watch a whole variety of dramas here.
  • All categories, including romance, thrill, drama, action, and thriller drama stories, are available here.
  • It’s a great and secure drama-watching website.

Where Can I Find Dramacool?

Basically, it provides all of its content that is free to watch. Most of the time, websites shift their contents or design to some other sites. Sometimes it becomes difficult to approach the website, which might be due to various reasons. It was 2013 when it was established for the first time. At that time it was available at dramacool.com. However, this website is no longer available to watch movies. That’s why, currently, you have to watch Korean content on its latest domain.

Where Can I Find Dramacool?

Why Is Dramacool.Com Currently Closed?

There are some technical reasons why this website is not working properly this time. Moreover, sometimes it will appear in the search bar. However, it will not work properly afterwards. In addition to this, you can also try to visit the official pages of Dramacool. Moreover, you can also choose to use some other alternative websites to watch your favorite content.

Is There Any Software Application For Dramacool?

Currently, there is only one website that offers Dramas downloading services. In the case of an app or software, there is currently no such application available. Moreover, you can find almost all kinds of old and new drama content on the website. However, these contents are actually not available on any application. That’s why, right now, there is no specific app for iOS or Android. However, if you check any kind of app link about Dramacool, it will surely be a scam. Hence, don’t try to approach any kind of app regarding this website.

Is There Any Software Application For Dramacool?

Watch Your Favourite Dramas At Dramacool.

This website is well described in the layout. It’s a more convenient and simpler way to watch a lot of new, entertaining dramas. Additionally, you can choose any old or latest drama here. You just have to search for the website on Google. You will see it on the top website. Moreover, open it and choose what you are looking for. Additionally, you can search for and watch it with dubbed or English subtitles as well. It contains multiple varieties of drama categories.

Drama categories

  • Thriller
  • Romantic
  • Action
  • Suspense
  • Comedy

Watch Korean Dramas On Dramacool With English Subtitles.

You can easily search for any drama or K-show on this website. Additionally, you can watch different categories, from which you can choose and select what to watch. Moreover, with the addition of free English subtitles, it becomes more interesting to watch such entertaining shows. Hence this is a great option for watching your favorite content. All Korean dramas are listed on the website. Moreover, there is a great option through which you can choose to watch it all for free.

Watch Korean Dramas On Dramacool With English Subtitles.

Is Dramacool Safe To Watch Your Favorite Content?

However, with the number of websites and the available links, it becomes difficult to test and check whether they are safe or not. Moreover, in addition to all that, this website is totally secure. Here you can easily watch all the Korean and Asian drama contents, both old and new. Moreover, it is also a secure and legal website. Additionally, it will not demand any kind of registration, and you don’t need to subscribe or pay for it. You can choose to watch all of its contents at any time.

Comparison Of Dramacool With Kissasian

Both Dramacool and KissAsian are websites. They basically contain the Korean drama contents on their pages. KissAsian is the website that is completely available with the full English subseries. Moreover, the same feature is also available on Dramacool. That’s why, comparatively, Dramacool also counts on the list of secure and trustful websites for dramas.

Data Theft Risks In The Form Of Ads

When you open this website, you can find different types of ads on it. These are sometimes linked with criminal activities. Through the form of ads, whenever you click these, there might be a risk of data theft. Moreover, some advertisements are run with the aim of stealing your data. Sometimes it might be problematic with cyber security.

Pros And Cons Of Dramacool


  • You don’t need to register to use this website.
  • You can find a huge variety of dramas and shows on it.
  • Moreover, you can download the contents to watch them offline.
  • Additionally, English subtitles are present.
  • You will see HD-quality videos here.
  • Vast library, including shows, series, dramas, and movies

Pros And Cons Of Dramacool


  • The website is without authorization.
  • In the form of ads, there is a huge virus or malware problem.
  • There, you might see the poor video resolution for some videos.
  • Inactive audio video customization options for some videos

Top Best Alternatives To Dramacool

1. Viu

Original, premium-quality series are available in different languages. You can also get their subscriptions.

2. Rakuten Viki

Operating networks are available in Tokyo and Singapore. You can watch movies here in 100 different languages with English subtitles. Without any malware features, you will get access to its contents easily.

Top Best Alternatives To Dramacool

3. Asian Crush

It includes the most popular shows from Asia along with Korean content.

4. Netflix

It’s a streaming service that provides applications that can also be chosen for subscription. Rated content is available on this medium. You can watch unlimited documentaries and movies here. It’s the best alternative to Dramacool.

5. Kocowa

You can browse and watch almost all shows at Kocowa.

6. Good Drama

You can watch Asian, Korean, and Chinese content in different genres.

7. Dramafire

You can easily choose to watch free drama and music online.

8. Dramanice

You can find different cultural and other stories here.

9. Ondemandkorea

With the fastest connection, you can find almost all kinds of Korean drama series here.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can You Watch Shows On Dramacool?

Yes, you can easily choose to watch different types of shows, series, movies, and dramas on this website. Additionally, it’s free to use.

Q. Why Doesn’t Dramacool Work?

Sometimes it seems to not be working due to an internet problem or technical errors. In that case, try to clear your browser or Internet cookies.

Q. Is The Dramacool App Illegal?

Dramacool is considered a legal site. However, the internal links or ads might contain malware.

Final Thoughts

Whenever it comes to entertainment, there is always an app or a website that is a free content source. Basically, Dramacool is a website with huge Korean (including English subtitles) content. Moreover, it’s free, secure, and full of old and new content. However, sometimes ads might try to steal your data, or it’s not available. In that case, you can also use its alternatives to watch Korean or Asian content.


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