The Best Korean Romantic Drama Series

The Best Korean Romantic Drama Series

Do you know how Korean movies and Korean Romantic Drama Series can be captivating, sweet, and hilarious all at the same time? Now We Are Breaking Up is one of those romantic comedies that will keep you glued to the screen. It was released in 2021 and has gained immense popularity among people due to its fantastic storyline and actors’ acting skills. 

This series is authentic, the characters are believable and their struggles in relationships are relatable. It has a nice balance between comedy, drama, and romance, which is hard to achieve. The two lead actors do a fantastic job playing off each other’s differences and bringing the characters to life. 

With 16 episodes that are one hour long, it should be enough to keep you entertained on the weekend.

You can watch it at It is an excellent site for Asian dramas and movies. It has English subtitles, so you don’t have to miss anything. And best of all, it’s free. Check it out and see for yourself what all the hype is about.

 A synopsis about Now We Are Breaking Up:

The movie features a Ha Young Eun who works in a fashion company. She loves her work and spends a lot of time in the office. People in the company know her for her hard work and dedication. However, her love life is a total disaster. Being work-oriented, she prioritizes stability over love. This makes people view her as arrogant and unapproachable. However, none of the people’s views shake her confidence and view of life.

Meanwhile, Yoon Jae Kook is a successful photographer and has the qualities a girl would want in a man. He is wealthy, handsome, and brainy. This man sweeps Young Eun off her feet, and she falls madly in love with him.

The series follows the love story between these two characters as they go through ups and downs in their relationship. It promises to be an exciting watch for those who enjoy romantic comedies.

How are the reviews?

The movie has received positive feedback from viewers and critics alike. People love the chemistry between the two lead actors, who have executed their roles perfectly and have made this film a success. The cinematography is also great as it showcases some beautiful scenes of Korea at night, making it a fantastic backdrop to the romantic story taking place on the screen.

You can find many reviews online that are full of praise for this film. It’s worth watching if you’re interested in seeing something different than what we usually see on TV these days.

The only dislike is its plot that seems to be predictable. However, the actors’ acting skills have made up for it and helped make this film a success.

Korean Romantic Drama Series

Why do we recommend Now We Are Breaking Up?

It has lovingly detailed characters who are flawed but likable at the same time; they feel like real people with real problems in their lives instead of just being perfect all around. The movie doesn’t shy away from showing how messy relationships can get when love becomes complicated by outside factors such as work obligations.

Watching this series will leave you feeling entertained and satisfied. It is the perfect way to end a stressful day or week.

Whether you’re a fan of the Korean Romantic Drama Series or not, Now We Are Breaking Up is definitely worth watching. It’s sure to keep you entertained with charming characters and an exciting plotline from beginning to end.

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