Cindy Paulson – Life After Escaping from Serial Killer Robert Hansen

Cindy Paulson – Life After Escaping from Serial Killer Robert Hansen

Cindy Paulson. Who is She? What Happened To Cindy Paulson? Where is she now? She was 18 When She Escaped From Serial Killer Robert Hansen in 1983. Cindy Paulson Robert Hansen True story.

Cindy Paulson is a girl who escaped and was rescued by a patrol officer. At the time of rescue, she is naked and the police officer takes her to the hospital and her clothes were taken to the forensic team. All the stories and biography are discussed today. We are giving the whole information of innocent girl Cindy Paulson.


Cindy Paulson is a 17 years old girl. She is a very beautiful and active girl. She enjoying her life independently as other girls are enjoyed all over the world. But one incident changed her life completely. She is very innocent but one man changed her life very badly. Cindy Paulson is the character and fictional name of a true story-based incident. This is the very famous character of a film.

The name of the film is ‘’ the frozen ground”. This is the true story of a girl name was Cindy Paulson. This film was released in the year of 2013. But the true story was from the year 1983. This is movie so horrifying and heart-wrenching. This movie is an alarm for the parents who have not taken the proper care of their kids. Cindy Paulson becomes an alarm for the rest of the world. Robert Hansen becomes an open book for the world and the police department. 

What is the story of Cindy Paulson?

In 1983, Cindy Paulson was a 17 years old girl. She escaped by a serial killer. The serial killer was infamous and not anyone knows about him. He is the serial killer of this country and the police department was in search of him. But they failed to catch him. One day, the serial killer’s name was Robert Hansen took an innocent girl. Robert Hansen is also known as the butcher killer. She was her first sex victim. 

Escaped story of Cindy Paulson:

The true story belongs to the victim and the culprit. Cindy Paulson and Robert Hansen. She was her first victim. After Cindy, he took 17 more girls for the same purpose. The purpose of his escaping to enjoy the sexual relationship with young girls and females. He made an oral sex relationship with girls and after some time he killed the females very brutally. 1971 to 1983, Robert Hansen was escaped many young girls.

According to the sources, he escaped and kidnapped 17 girls. When I watched out this movie or comes to know the true story of Cindy Paulson, then I cannot believe and imagined that this type of person also lives on this planet and in this world. Robert Hansen was not a human. He was a wild and stray animal. Robert Paulson treats the girls and women very brutally and wildly. 

 Cindy Paulson taped interview:

Cindy Paulson had agreed with the news interviewer to give an interview about the happening of her life. The dreadful incident and also she proved a helper to catch the serial killer. The reporter was asked the whole story of that incident. Then the Cindy Paulson had to tell him every note of this incident. She told him that she met with that guy Robert Hansen and make many phone calls with him. Then one day, he called Cindy and asked to meet her in a park. Cindy was agreed and comes to meet him on the time.

When she reached to meet Robert Hansen he insists with her to do sex with him. He drove the car in a rural area of the town. And offered Cindy Paulson for blow Job in $200. Cindy did the blow job and when she wants to left her car then the Robert Hansen caught her by with her neck and necklace. And forcefully abused her several times on that day. Robert Hansen kidnapped her and takes her to a rural area of the city. Where there was no human passing through. He kidnapped the poor girl in many days and also tortured her.

How Cindy Paulson Escaped Serial Killer Robert Hansen

He treats her very wildly and makes wild sex with her. She hand cupped and a chain was also wrapped into her neck. He pulled the chain and dragged her very dreadfully. She makes so many noises but no one listens to her. She escaped with him for many days and had to face sexual abuse. After many struggles to flee, she one day was able to escape from the prison of Robert Hansen successfully. She was too weak and unable to run. She had no courage to run far away from the house of Robert Hansen.

After many struggled, she was able to find a safe place for herself and dragged herself and become unconscious. Then the patrol police were on their way. The patrol officer found her naked. Also, She was not wearing any clothes on her body. However, The police officer took her into the officer and the investigation was started. The city police had come to the hospital to watch out for the victim and know about the untold incident.

Cindy Paulson had many wounds on her body. She was badly injured and had many serious wounds on her body. Also, She was in trauma. She even not say any word to anyone for many months. Also, The police tried many ways to speak with her nut they failed in their each struggled. With the help of her parents, she able to record the official statement of the brutal incident and Robert Hansen was caught by the police. After catching him, he was also confirmed by the police she was the number one victim of him, the rest of the 16 girls were killed by him in the dense forest. 

Cindy Paulson now:

Cindy Paulson is now fine today. She was enjoying her life with her husband and kids. She had three kids. 

The final note:

The final note of my article is the summary of the life of Cindy Paulson. However, She had proved a strong helper in catching up with a serial killer. She had given all the information which she knows about him. Also, She had many injuries on her body. But she being strong and get enable to free herself from this dreadful incident. Now she had a beautiful family with 3 kids.

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