Keala Kanae – Entrepreneur, Youtuber, and Speaker at AWOL Academy

Keala Kanae – Entrepreneur, Youtuber, and Speaker at AWOL Academy

Keala Kanae Biography, Age, Net Worth, Scam about AWOL (another way of life) Academy And Affiliate Marketing. Keala Kanae Reviews 2021

However, Keala Kanae is a famous entrepreneur and you tuber. He has also an online course channel name AWOL (another way of life). Keala is the true legend of internet marketing and he is the beast of an entrepreneur. And he was the first person of which he climbs to the peak of digital marketing. 

Who is Keala Kanae?

So here we are trying to give all the information related to the famous and rich you tuber named Keala Kanae. He is 37 years old marketer and legit. He is also running an online course channel for the rest of the world. The courses are very highly paid and expensive offering on his website.

The people are thought that he is a big scammer and earns a lot of money through the paid courses. He is also co-founder of AWOL. Also, He established an entrepreneur for himself and offered many courses which are taught online. He is also doing marketing mentorship. 

Keala has a mission to help as many people as he can. He can reach the estimated goal of helping other people over the internet. He has the financial income targets via online marketing. 

Some family information of Keala Kanae:

Keala Kanae Biography

There is some family information about the famous you tuber Keala Kanae is mentioned briefly in this article. Her mother is a house cleaner and she was working small cleaning jobs in the different houses. And her father was working on the seashore of the island of Hawaii. His father was a longshoreman. 

Keala Kanae was born in the Honolulu city of Hawaii. Honolulu city is the largest city in Hawaii. 

His parents were separated when Keala Kanae was 13 years old. 

In the year of 2006, Keala got his graduation degree from the University of Hawaii. He got a degree in psychology from that university. 

In the year 2012. He started working in a coffee shop at a very minimum salary. 

Once he said on his website that is, he spends 6 years of his life studying and also spent $20,000 of debt, but no one taught him what finance is?

In the year 2012, he was starting internet marketing in September. But he attempted failed many times of learning internet marketing. But soon he learned all the tactics of internet marketing. 

He earned $3000 per week and he also makes as a coffee barista of $10,000 per week as an online marketer. 

Biography of Keala Kanae:

The more information related to Keala Kanae was not enough known by anyone. He has parents but he did not reveal all the information about his family life and family goals. Also, He did not tell anything about his siblings and their names. He even did not disclose his marital status although he revealed the information about her girlfriend of his life. He did not even reveal all the information about his wife and the children.

Also, He shares some funny information about her girlfriend that he do some shopping for her girlfriend. He has the target of helping the other people financially that the other people of the world can also enjoy the necessities and luxuries of life. He gathered more information about online earning and digital marketing through many courses and workshops. 

AWOL (another way of life) academy:

Keala Kanae Biography

AWOL is an academy which is founded by Keala Kanae. He was the co-founder of AWOL academy. However, He built the academy from 2015 to 2018. He makes this academy with his best friend named Kameron George. In this academy, you can get the knowledge of making online money by virtual selling goods. If you are a beginner in this online digital marketing then you should get admission to this academy.

He is offering many courses from their online academy and the rate of these courses is very expensive and highly rated. Many people think that this academy is a big scam and the offering courses are also a big scam. Both partners have also announced two more umbrella courses in their AWOL academy. The name of those courses is global Affiliate Zone and Elite push. As we are all known high paid online courses in their AWOL? But there is another interesting news about the AWOL that is AWOL closed all the doors in the year 2018. Keala and George parted their ways and the partnership was broken.  

Scam about AWOL academy:

 The people are making some talk that this venture was a big scam and a fraud. They offered very high paid courses against the other courses which are published on the internet.

The offering lessons are very tough to learn and understand.

AWOL provides the best facility of one-to-one coaching system of digital marketing. 

The net worth of Keala Kanae:

According to the resources, the net worth of Keala Kanae is estimated at $1 million in the first year of AWOL. And according to the resources, the net worth income of Keala Kanae is about $30 million per year. It is said to be that he can add his treasure by selling the e-books and online course tutorials on the website so it is also a source of income and generating more and more income and bank accounts. The company provides the 6 main paid courses which build a strong candidate for online digital marketing. He is also offering affiliate marketing, email marketing, and sales funnel. 

The last words:

The last words of my article are very short and simple. However, The last note is just about the life and struggle of Keala Kanae. He is very hardworking since from his childhood he was not born rich but he becomes rich from his hard-working and his efforts. Her mother is a house cleaner despite his father was a fisherman. He lives his life in poverty but he earns a lot of money and made huge bank balances. He builds the online academy named AWOL which means another way of life. The people think that this is a scam but he is not a scam he wants to help out the people as much he can.

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