Featuring a Boho Style Infused with Art

Featuring a Boho Style Infused with Art

what is boho style? Are you a free spirit, adventurer, or globetrotter? Or you are simply looking to give your home more character and a touch of rebellion.


If so, the Boho style will make you fall in love. This style of decoration allows “impossible” mixtures and combinations of colors, shapes, and figures of all kinds. It is the perfect decorating style for lovers of colors and the wildest pattern mixes. Also, if you are daring and have a great interest in diversity, this is undoubtedly the style that will best reflect your personality.

The 5 Essentials for a Boho Style

Getting boho-style interiors is not complicated, but it is necessary to pay attention to the choice of materials, colors, and decorative elements to create a coherent image. Therefore, we have summarized the first 5 elements with which to start decorating your boho house:

  • Assorted accessories. In the boho spaces we find furniture and objects of different styles: ethnic, hippy, oriental, rocker, gypsy. This combination of styles can create the most original and super cozy spaces. As well as inspiring large boho wall art can also give your home an attractive look.
  • Many colorful textiles. Colorful textiles with prints are the essence of the boho style, especially fabrics with patterns influenced by foreign cultures or animal print.
  • Textiles with fringed finishes. In addition to prints, knitted fabrics, fringes, sequins and lace appliqués are also very popular.
  • Carpets everywhere. Carpets are the star textiles of boho-style homes. Do not cut yourself, use the rugs in all rooms, even in the bathroom. They are perfect for creating a more welcoming environment and will allow you to be more comfortable in bare feet.
  • Cushions. And of course, do not miss the cushions! Place countless cushions on beds, armchairs, and sofas. Play with cushions of different shapes, sizes and motifs to create a very boho and chic atmosphere.

Tips for Getting A Boho Style Home

Here we tell you how you can turn your home into a chic, fresh place with personality in just a few steps. Take aim!

Create Corners to Relax

The boho style is full of corners that invite you to relax. Spaces provided with hammocks, hanging chairs, poufs, benches, and stools. Small oases of comfort where you can relax with a book or share tea with friends.

Both indoors and outdoors and even in the rooms, look for corners were to create these relaxing spaces. Furnish them with sofas or armchairs made of natural materials full of cushions, surrounded by poufs, and with comfortable and soft blankets, best made of wool or velvet, to envelop you in a feeling of incomparable comfort.

Add a Vintage Touch to Bathrooms and Kitchens

The boho style in the bathroom or kitchen is reflected, above all, in tiles with colorful patterns, a very vintage look. Also, inspiring large boho wall art can enhance the decoration. To eat you cannot miss a solid wood table surrounded by vintage chairs.

For the bathroom, get an old freestanding bathtub and recover a classic washbasin to fit into the wall with exposed pipes. Surely you will find more than one option to get disused bathroom furniture. With a little idea and a few restorations touches you will have a great DIY boho bathroom (Do it yourself).

Incorporates Textiles with Floral Print

Floral motifs and patchwork blankets are the boho bedding style. You can also opt for an elegant four-poster bed with a mosquito net or ethnic curtains. Ideal for creating an intimate and romantic atmosphere.

Add Corners that are Comfortable

Comfort is essential in the boho style! The sofa and the bed are, therefore, fundamental elements to take into account. Leather or velvet is the quintessential material for a boho-style sofa. Although you can also choose a more modern cut in a neutral color and covers it with cushions or multicolored fabrics.

A garden Both Outside and Inside

The boho style has a strong natural essence, both in the natural materials for furniture and objects (wood, bamboo, rattan, wicker, raffia …) and in the presence of vegetation. Inside and outside, plants and flowers are a must.

Turn your room into a magnificent interior garden in the purest boho style! Hanging pots, large plants on the ground. Surround yourself with green to keep yourself alive and add a touch of freshness to the environment!

An Intimate Lighting with Lanterns and Candles

The Arabic or oriental style lanterns, and especially the candles, cannot be missing in the boho style. Use the candles as decoration, but also to create a more intimate atmosphere at night, at the same time that you aromatize your home with essence to your liking.

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