What is Anonib? Revenge Adult Site Targets University Students

What is Anonib? Revenge Adult Site Targets University Students

What is AnonIB?

AnonIB was a bulletin board website, and it is also a revenge site for those interested in taking revenge from others and other girls.

This type of website is not legal, and they are performing their tasks illegally. And this type of website is initially letting people create and manage their anonymous imageboard there.

IP address and Domain information:

 But the ownership of this website is constantly changing their IP address and other domain information to prevent cybercrime police.

He permanently changed hands and transformed this website constantly into a shady pornography website with numerous allegations of housing revenge porn and other related material.

What is the history of Anonib from 2006 to 2014?

This type of website, which is the original AnonIB, was set up by “Alphabet.” And this is starting its work on May 30, 2006, at “anonib.com.”

And this kind of website uses a heavily biased and customized “Thorn” script. And this type of website lets people create and manage their imageboard from there.

Revenge and irrelevant materials:

This was an exciting idea and thinking of a person taking revenge on others by posting their irrelevant images and videos.

This website hosts many types of servers, but the servers are struggling to keep up with the bandwidth use. There’s not much information known about this era, and this website is also based on aside from Buchan and several furry-themed boards, which are not relevant for others.

What do you know of Anonib history?

In the year of 2008:

In 2008, the website AnonIB was handed over to “MindPoop” and “GodOfAnon.” And these are the other two best websites for posting pictures and videos of people without their consent.

The God Of Anon:

The” GodOfAnon” (GOA) in March 2008, then the FBI and cybercrime police got involved around April 25, 2 new cases. And they are forcing them to start from scratch as they had no backups of this website.

New management:

The website is taking over to all new management, which is universally hated as advertisements and malware-infested. This website’s servers kept going down due to the unresolved pre-existing bandwidth issues or people reporting illegal content or material on this website.


Most communities and other people using this kind of website are migrating due to IB4F or using YourSpiff.

 This is the best option of independence of posting and commenting the irrelevant materials is not available.

Advertising with Mindpoop:

However, the adult advertising revenue would delude with the “Mindpoop,” They have power and other information about hosting an AnonIB clone on his website.

 But there is no more information about this type of website, and nobody was maintaining their archaic script for this website.

Hacking of this adult website:

Then this website started working on August 16, 2009, and a group of people hacked the website, and these people are claiming to be 420chan, for proceeding to delete nearly everything within hours.

What do you know about the working details with Kusaba X?

So, after this notorious hack of this AnonIB, this website is switching all its servers and domains to the “Kusaba X” website.

And this type of website is temporarily allowing board requests to their users and consumers. Still, this type of website has eventually abandoned the idea of board creation and committing to becoming a shady pornography website. 

The ownership of this website would then change its servers and domains several times.

 Although, one of its owners decided to voluntarily shut down AnonIB in 2014 after hearing about all the revenge porn they were hosting on its website. And all the material on this website is not posted by its owner.

What do you know about the history of Anonib from 2014-2018?

This is globally a notorious website, and this type of website is shutting down due to some legal allegations and rules. The website also has former AnonIB, and their users would set up on February 28, 2014.

And this type of website retains the shady pornography materials which are based on and aspect of it.

The Dutch police seized this website:

As we all know, this type of website is not legally confirming and this is such a kind of website that is working without any consent of the holder of the material. And this website is also known as a revenge-taking website. 

So, the iteration of this website is running until April 26, 2018, when the Dutch National Police is seizing their other servers for housing revenge.

 And Anon-IB denies the housing such kind of illegal activities, but previously they are announcing that they don’t plan on reviving the image boards that they were best known for.

In the year 2018 and the NewChan’s database system:

Then the immediate and new successor to Anon-IB is Newhan, and this company took over all the authority on April 10, 2018. This began as an Anon-IB clone, but it introduced a cash-grab paywall around July 10, 2018.

 And the servers of this website keep changing their name and their website and payment page several times for convenience to its users and consumers.

 On January 27, 2020, AnonIB was mysteriously reviving at “anonib.ru,” its alternate IP address, and this website is using a clone of New Chan’s database. These people are also buying the old “anonib.com” domain.

Other sources like Facebook, Cloud flare and TikTok:

The new owners of this website are working and spreading its materials on other social sites. They apply all the information with many big platforms like Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, etc.

But many people started to spreading awareness on Facebook or TikTok and then began reporting them to Cloudflare for hosting child and new pornography websites or links.

But this type of website has been working with hiding for a couple of months.

 In 2021, “anonibs.com” emerging with some apparent signs and pointing to it is affiliating with New Chan, recycling “anonreloaded.com,” and advertising their payment methods on their page.

All Anonib information?

This website has Alexa Rank is about 2844578.

Also, This website was created on 2021-05-11.

This website will expire on 2022-05-11.

The name of the owner of this website is redacted for privacy.

The hosting company of this website is Trellian Pty. Limited

The registrar of this website is DOMAINCAMPING, LLC.

The IPs address of these websites is

The DNS of these websites are 150.ns1.above.com and 


These are also another DNS of this website ns1.above.com 

 And ns2.above.com.

Dutch police seized:

The Dutch police are announcing that they had seized several servers of this website, and it is also known as a notorious online portal website.

 Where all the users share pictures of their revenge porn and child pornography.

The celeb gate and Fappening scandal:

This website became famous when it hosted the pictures from the notorious celeb gate, and we can say that (Fappening) scandal. And these websites are also referring to nude photos of US female marines and pictures of underage girls from US high schools.

This type of website also posts photos and videos of many places where angry boyfriends or girlfriends would upload nude images of their ex-partners and their ex-love ones.

This website is also practicing many kinds of scandals which known as normally revenging websites.

Pokemon cards or baseball:

This type of website is also famous for its “collectors” and those using such kinds of sites. But this website keeps all its content and material is private. This website contains all nude photo collections, which they are trading with each other like baseball or Pokemon cards.

Which servers are located in the Netherlands?

This type of website shut down once when Dutch police also announced the arrest of three suspects of three persons; which mentioned here: it is a 28-year-old guy from the city of Heerlen, a 31-year-old man from Culemborg, and also a 35-year-old man from Groningen.

Dutch police and three suspects:

But the Dutch police is also and currently investigating two other suspects relating to this website. So it is all about a 19-year-old from Terneuzen and a 26-year-old from Geleen.

Although, these five are regular users who are uploading pictures on this website. But they are not relating to this website administrators. The Police arrested them and also seized this website server which is located in the Netherlands.

The Dutch police tracked down quickly, and the five culprits have failed to hide their identity because the suspects could not obscure their IP addresses and domain locations.

The police are easily tracking all the relevant information of these types of fraud and hacker persons. They can quickly track out their IP address and domain server pieces of information.

What other services are Anonib offer?

Besides storing nude photos, this website offers many other types of illegal activities and actions. This forum also hosts many types of tutorials that taught on hacking online accounts of others.

This website is also teaching how to obtain data and threads from the website. And how to use them. This website would teach readers how to get publicly leaked data; extract the passwords from public breaches and use their passwords to hack into people’s online accounts; also search out their nude photos and data.

The Dutch police are notifying all affected victims of this website:

The Dutch police are saying about the leaked data and photos of those direct victims who are unaware of their leaked pictures and videos.

They are already notifying some of the women who had their data leaked on this website. The police are also planning to contact further victims to identify more persons and women in the other months.

According to the Police, there are many women whose data is uploaded on this type of website; and these women are unaware the hackers had hacked them.

According to the sources of 2014, this website had more than 2,000 registered users and hosted many types of links; which are more than 30,000 images and videos.

Searches based on locations and country:

Any user or consumer of this website can also search for any women’s images based on different locations and either country or state.

The users can also search the name of any woman, and sometimes with photos; then ask the community or society if anyone has nudes of the woman is wanting then do comment or request in question.

What type of IP address and domain servers is offered?

An IP address is not confirming any individuality which is responsible for what kind of activity. The police or cybercrime is only identifying the activities and location of the culprit.

 This can occur due to illegal logging into anyone’s account and on the computer. This duty could be a government employee or a visitor who logged into any government ISP. 

What kind of images and material does this website hold?

This website with the name Anon-IB is illegal and also changed its domain and IP addresses due to its content and material. Also, This website holds many sexual images of women; which were routinely shared websites, and they have not even known about this.

However, This website holds the data and materials of people who hacked and not aware of their leaked data and content from their accounts.

This website uploaded data without their consent and traded all their data among all users like baseball cards. 

The victims on this website include mainly teenagers and those women who their boyfriends and husbands ditch.

The final words:

Anonib is such a kind of website and hub of nudity. But this website is famous and also notorious in the United States of America. This is a kind of website filled with data and content that is not appropriate and leaked without their consent.

This website is also known as a revenge-taking website. And this website has a more significant number of followers and subscribers all over the world.

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