Trollishly: 6 Tips To Use Facebook Stories For Business

Trollishly: 6 Tips To Use Facebook Stories For Business

With over 2.91 billion monthly users, Facebook is one of the most visited apps in the world, and it holds the fifth position as the most downloaded app in the app store. Every day, the app is upcoming with new features. From the features, Facebook stories are gaining a quantum leap in popularity and engagement among audiences. Nearly 500 million daily active users are using Facebook stories. Furthermore, if you want to gain fame effortlessly, you can buy Facebook post shares and shall gain a massive audience.

As Facebook is a place with ample opportunities, businesses can promote their brand without fear. However, you miss out on a massive success if you don’t have a Facebook account. With Facebook’s easy-to-use features, you quickly post unique content and get more new audiences to your account. Now, Let’s explore more on the tips to use Facebook stories for business. Let’s begin!

What Is A Facebook Story?

A Facebook story is a short video, photo, text, or GIF collection that disappears within 24 hours, and it was introduced way back in 2013. You can view your friends’ or followers’ Facebook stories on the home page. Within a day, a viewer can see your story multiple times. If you want to reach your content to your target audience, try using Trollishly and stay ahead of the curve. 

Why Do Businesses Consider Using Facebook Stories?

In general, Facebook’s algorithm is a little tricky. So, to gain more followers on Facebook, you must hop on to the trends and try using new features like stories. Facebook stories give the best opportunity for brands to build brand awareness and strengthen their connection with the audience. 

How To Create Facebook Stories For Your Businesses?

It is such a simple process. It will take a few duration to create Facebook stories. Follow the below steps correctly, 

  • In the News Feed, you could see a ‘+’ icon in a square box with create story. 
  • Tap on the icon, and now Facebook directs you to the pages where you can upload photos or videos. Or else, you can record a video, edit it, and post it on your story. 
  • You can add on-screen text and stickers to your videos. Now you can post it. 

6 Tips For Using Facebook Stories For Business

1. Choose The Content Category You Want To Post

As Facebook allows you to post different categories like selfies, polls, boomerang, text, etc., You need to choose your favorite content format. The time duration of the Facebook story video is about 120 seconds. Therefore, creators have to focus on the first 3 seconds story video to improve the engagement rate. 

2. Create Unique Content

It would help if you customized your Facebook story. As Facebook offers plenty of creative tools, you can use them to give your story a perfect finish. The stickers, texts, effects, filters, and much more you use will improve the quality of the content. Moreover, if you want to improve your online recognition, you can use Trollishly and enhance your visibility. 

3. Add A Call-To-Action Button

Instagram stories offer a gateway to increase your conversion rates and reach a broader audience base. You can use the swipe-up option on Facebook stories, where people can learn more about your brand. Then, with clickable links, you can direct your viewers to your websites. 

4. Invest In Facebook Story Ads

Keeping your audience engaged is essential because your story duration is small. You can invest in story ads to make people not scroll past your content. Story ads are ones that about 62% of people are interested in watching. Moreover, story ads will tell more clearly about your brand. 

5. Cross-Promote Your Story

It is possible to drive attention by cross-promoting Instagram stories. You can post the same story video on different platforms. Or else, in another way, you can add the link to your story in another social media video. You can make your stories shareable. Make sure you reply to the comments sent to your story within 24 hours. It will make your audience feel satisfied and encouraging. Ensure your replies are genuine and to the point. 

6. Analyse The Facebook Story Insights

Remember to track the performance of your posts or videos on Facebook, and you have to keep on track of your metrics. It is better to analyze your Facebook story strategies to understand your audience better. To examine your stories, click on the eye icon of your Live stories. It will give you the data on unique story open, forward taps, backward taps, etc., 


It’s high time for brands to embrace the power of Facebook stories. If you are a beginner, don’t stress much about posting on Facebook. Businesses struggling to reach organic can use Facebook stories to drive their ideal customers. We hope the article gives you the best practices for using Facebook stories. Then, brands can consider adding Facebook stories to their marketing strategy. We would like to hear your comments!

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