Top Best Apps Based on ReactJS

Top Best Apps Based on ReactJS

The React software product line today has 2 main models: ReactJS and React Native. If the first application positions itself as a platform for rendering user interface elements, then the last solution is a true cross-platform application or a classic framework. It is noteworthy that many users are mistaken when classifying ReactJS as a programming language or platform. This is a JS library for rendering user interface elements.

Behind ReactJS, as well as the subsequent version of React Native, is a major player in the IT industry – Facebook. Although many analysts do not like to mention this important fact. ReactJS was required by Mark Zuckenberg to quickly design a user interface in a multitasking environment. Saving time and improving efficiency is an age-old need for large corporations when billions of dollars in profits are at stake.

ReactJS supports the syntax of JS, the world’s most popular programming language. But working with “clean code” requires a lot of routine. For example, to render each interface button, you will need to re-render a piece of code and add new values. ReactJS simplifies this process through classes, modules, templates, and iterative changes.

That is, the developer can apply the desired value for a group of objects, while the changes will take effect after the update and affect the specified groups of components. This is a huge time and effort saver. As a result of using the style library, you can easily and quickly design a user interface in a multi-page and large-scale project.

To date, many companies have appreciated the benefits of ReactJS and use this solution to develop and support their projects. Therefore, hire ecommerce web developer is the right decision.



This is the birthplace and deployment of ReactJS. The company needed a tool for bulk copying and process automation when designing a client-side interface. ReactJS did an excellent job in its area of ​​expertise. The subsequent evolution of the product under the name React Native is positioned as a cross-platform application for developing large-scale software products. To a certain extent, this is Mark Zuckerberg’s answer to the actualization of the author’s “platform” from Google – Angular.

React Native has another unique feature – integration on two operating systems iOS and Android at once. That is, an application on React Native can be quickly and easily launched on iOS and Android operating systems. This saves time and money compared to separate engineering.


ReactJS has played a significant role in designing the components of Instagram architecture. The proof of this fact is the type functions. They are similar to the competitive Facebook network: the principle of the search bar, the updating of DOM components, tooltips, chats, tags, navigation fragments, and much more.

Instagram is by no means a clone, but the basic architecture of the application is built on the same principles and functions as the social network Facebook.


The company’s developers wrote an official appeal, where they indicated the role and importance of ReactJS in the Netflix project. In particular, the decision to use ReactJS influenced by time-tested advantages: speed, modular architecture, and high performance.

New York Times

In their new project about the Oscar stars, the developers of the authoritative media used the ReactJS platform primarily to quickly render pages with heavy photos. Through two-way binding, React allows you to render changes on the browser side without undue delay even when the network is slow.


Since Facebook’s acquisition of email, it’s no surprise that ReactJS has become the go-to tool for drawing user interfaces. The project needed to design a streamlined and functional architecture, and ReactJS the perfect fit.

The new generation of email platforms requires modern features and stable system operation on the browser side. ReactJS allows you to provide fast page rendering and thus achieve the highest refresh rate on various devices.

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