Best Way to Buy Bitcoin: Switchere Is an Excellent Option

Best Way to Buy Bitcoin: Switchere Is an Excellent Option

Crypto exchanges like Switchere are large global platforms where traders change, sell, and buy Bitcoin with credit cards through orders or profit on price changes. On some exchanges, digital money is even presented as lots at auctions — users bargain about their price. When choosing a good place to exchange cryptocurrencies, the key factors are ease of use and time of transactions.

The adaptation process shouldn’t take much time, and the verification procedure should be automated as much as possible – 15 minutes on average. These are the determining factors for high customer loyalty and flawless user experience. In addition, fast order processing (approximately 2-30 minutes to buy BTC with debit card for USD) increases the service provider’s credibility.

The Switchere exchange is a reliable and convenient tool. It is most often chosen by those who work closely with cryptocurrencies and buy Bitcoin with credit card. Also, The platform offers the most profitable rate, in most cases, low commissions, and always reliable protection of a high level. This crypto exchange has never hacked. Traders trust it because of this protection and often choose exchange trading for its versatility.

Also, reputation is one of the key factors when choosing a crypto exchange. The world of digital currencies loosely regulated. Therefore, it is essential to know the possible risks before starting cooperation.

How to Buy Cryptocurrency on the Switchere Exchange

Any cryptocurrency exchange needs to obtain a virtual currency exchange provider license. So, choose a licensed and reputable cryptocurrency exchange app because it is ideal for professionals and beginners. However, The main idea of ​​the exchange is to make the process of buying, selling, and exchanging cryptocurrencies for all users of the platform as easy as online shopping.

Switchere is an automatic exchange app from a Ukrainian entrepreneur. It was launched in 2019. This platform has all the necessary functions for cryptocurrency trading. It attracts users’ attention because it works with many currencies.

To instantly buy BTC with credit card on the platform, you need to register on the official website. Click on the “Register” button in the top menu. You can register not only by filling out a questionnaire but also using an existing Facebook or Google+ account. If these listing methods are inconvenient for you, indicate the email and password and accept the user agreement and privacy policy terms.

Verification on the platform:

  • Email and phone verification – you receive an email with a six-digit code in the first case and an SMS code in the second.
  • ID confirmation. Photo of the main pages of the passport/driver’s license/ID-card, video from your device’s camera where you repeat the requested movement (usually head rotation).
  • Bank card confirmation. Photos of the front and back with a closed number (only the last four digits should be visible) and CVC / CVV code.
  • Address confirmation. Scan/photo of receipts for payment of utility bills, Internet, telephony, and other documents where your current location indicated.
  • Income verification. Photo or scan of an income statement.

Each completed stage allows you to increase the limit of operations up to the complete removal of restrictions and easily buy Bitcoins with debit card. In addition, none of them can passed until the conditions of the previous one are met.


The exchange has a user-friendly interface, easy-to-read charts, order books, and, most importantly, a very high order processing speed! All this, combined with huge daily volumes and a chic list of trading instruments, makes this cryptocurrency exchange the best. You can buy Bitcoins with credit card no verification anonymously using this app.

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