How to Use Technology to Get More From Your Day

How to Use Technology to Get More From Your Day

In the modern world, it can feel like we’re always being rushed off our feet, trying to cram more into our days. It can make it difficult to balance our home lives, our work, a social life, exercising, and opportunities to learn, leading us to feel overwhelmed. How to use Use Technology to better your life?

When there’s too much to cram into just 24 hours, something has to give. For some of us, that’s our exercise, for others, our social lives suffer first, while many simply stop looking for new ways to learn, develop, and grow. 

Whatever it is that’s making your life busy right now and no matter what else you want to try and squeeze in, technology can help you do it. 

 Use Technology

Automate Your Finances

Unless you’re a banker or a trader, you don’t have time to sit behind a computer, choosing how best to invest your money all day. Of course, putting your savings to work for you is a good way to grow wealth but managing it can be a full-time job in itself. 

Thankfully, there are some simple ways that you can automate all of this work so you don’t have to worry about its day-to-day operation of it. 

There are a few different ways that you can do this. For many years, a popular option has been to invest in funds that track an index like the FTSE 100 or the S&P 500. These can be purchased directly through digital brokers, though it is important that you carry out your own research or speak to a professional before making any investment decisions. 

In more recent years, copy trading has also become a common choice as trading platforms have allowed users to copy or mirror the portfolio of another investor. 

Look for E-Learning Opportunities

Developing yourself and your skills is an important step in progressing in life. If you want to bag a promotion at work, you might find that having certain qualifications can open more doors for you. 

You might also want to learn something new just for the fun of it. A new hobby can be a great way to expand your brain and give you a new perspective on life that can help you in work or just to help you feel more fulfilled in general. 

However, traditional training and learning opportunities can often require you to sit in a classroom, something that many of us don’t have time for. 

Thankfully, the internet and other technology have made it much easier for us to learn on our own terms. 

For example, if you’d like to start a career in digital marketing, then you might want to take an online course in SEO or paid advertising from companies like HubSpot or Google. Many can be taken for free and get you a certificate at the end, giving you something that you can show to your employer or prospective employer. 

If you’d like to get more from your recreation time, the web is also a great place to learn a new hobby. For those that want to learn how to play a card game like blackjack, there are libraries of in-depth articles that explain everything from the difference between hole card blackjack and no-hole card blackjack, “perfect strategy” and how to count cards. Similarly, aspiring bakers will find countless resources online. Of course, there are millions of recipes for cakes, tarts, and pastries, but there are courses and guides that can help you understand the chemistry that makes baking possible

Make Money Passively

Passive income is a term that we nowadays hear quite often. It is probably everyone’s dream to achieve this goal where you make money while sleeping. There are a lot of options on how to achieve this goal, from stocks, property renting, affiliate marketing, etc. While it looks pretty hard, to start there are easier ways to generate passive income. One of those ways is money-making apps. Apps like Honeygain can offer you to generate passive income while going about your day-to-day activities. That said, these apps won’t bring you a fortune, but it is certainly a good start in exploring passive income.

Track Your Time

Part of the reason many of us struggle to get everything done that we planned for the day is that we get distracted and end up procrastinating. 

This is easy to do with so much technology around us. Our social media accounts provide us with constant updates of things to see and our smartphones are constantly pinging, demanding our immediate attention. 

However, by tracking our time, we can hold ourselves accountable for this procrastination. 

Tools like Toggl can help you do this by giving you a stopwatch that you can use to track exactly how long you’re spending on your work. You can then assign each entry to a project and even a client, giving you an accurate way to see how long you spent on each project. 

Alternatively, the Pomodoro technique is another way to keep track of your time and break your day up into smaller working chunks with short breaks that help you keep your focus. There are several apps and browser extensions that can help you do this.

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