How Much Casino and Slot Streamers Earn: Monetization Methods 

How Much Casino and Slot Streamers Earn: Monetization Methods 

Streaming is an activity that can bring hundreds of thousands of dollars a month to channel owners. But income depends largely on the content that is offered to viewers. Casino streams are not particularly relevant today. Even the most popular of them collect no more than 10,000 views, while the most unsuccessful broadcasts of TOP gaming bloggers are hundreds of thousands of views each. However, online slot streamers earn several thousand dollars a month. All thanks to a unique way of earning, inaccessible to the owners of channels with other content.

What Casino and Slot Streamers Are Paid For? 

Streaming online slots is a rather difficult task because you need to hook the audience with something and make them watch monotonous repetitive actions for hours. That is why few people can earn big money on casino broadcasts from But those streamers who were able to overcome the threshold of entry and promote their channel receive big money, thanks to several methods of earning. 

To promote the channel, you need to increase the number of views, subscribers, interactions with your video, CTR. Thanks to views, YouTube algorithms will increase reach, show videos and recordings of broadcasts in recommendations, and new organic users will learn about the streamer. Then, he can use one of the following monetization methods:

Casino affiliate program

The most effective way to make money for streamers of online casinos is an affiliate program. It gives the lion’s share of the income from all activities. An affiliate program is an agreement between a casino and Slot Streamers, according to which a certain amount is paid to the promoter for new clients. There are several payment options available:

  • Revshare. The streamer receives 25-60% of the money spent by the referred player. This payment model is extremely popular;
  • CPA. A one-time payment that is paid to the streamer for the registration of the referred player. The amount of payment can be $250-450;
  • Mixed. A universal payment method with which the streamer will be able to receive funds both for new referred players and for their actions on the site.

The terms of cooperation depend on the affiliate program chosen by the streamer. In exceptional cases, a streamer may enter into exclusive partnership agreements with a certain casino, receiving money for advertising and increasing the traffic of the gaming site.


Unlike other Slot Streamers, gambling-themed broadcasts often do not bring many donations. Spectators watch how the streamer wins, and at the same time do not want to share their hard-earned money with him. Most of the target audience prefers to try to play on their own than to pay money to the streamer. But in this case, broadcast hosts offer viewers interesting bonuses for donations. In particular, some streamers offer a percentage of winning in slots in exchange for a certain amount of money. Typically, such bonuses are issued only to TOP donors. Sometimes streamers are ready to complete certain challenges for large donations, for example, collect four of a kind in poker. ​​On average, the number of donations from TOP streamers per broadcast can be worth $100-200.

Monetization of Twitch and YouTube

In addition to personal agreements with casinos and donations, Slot Streamers receive a small amount of money through an affiliate program with streamer sites. On YouTube, streamers make money on: 

  • Showing ads. For 1,000 views, they pay $0.5-5. But it is worth noting that now almost everyone uses AdBlock, which is why ads are not shown and, accordingly, views are not counted. 
  • Sponsored by subscribers. The subscription price is $4.99. The streamer receives only 70% of the money spent by the viewer on a subscription. 

Similar conditions for monetization are on Twitch, but with one difference. There are also subscription options for $9.99 and $24.99, from which the streamer gets 60% and 70% of the funds.

 Slot Streamer

Is It Worth Becoming a Slot Streamer? 

Not everyone is capable of streaming casinos. Even though it is possible to earn thousands of dollars a month thanks to affiliate programs and agreements with operators, not everyone will be able to achieve great success. Basic requirements for a slot streamer are high communication skills, creativity, patience, knowledge of gambling topics, emotionality, and impulsiveness. Keep in mind that ​​even the top casino streamers have only a few tens of thousands of subscribers, but their income is the same as that of more popular channels. Everyone has a chance to achieve this, you just need to make an effort and understand the gambling industry well.

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