What is Skinport? Advantages, Features, Working and Uses  

What is Skinport? Advantages, Features, Working and Uses  

Skinport is a gaming marketplace where you can purchase your favourite skins. There are various virtual items in games including CSGO, Rust, Team Fortress 2 and Dota 2. However, users can easily purchase skin items for real cash. This platform enables you to save your cash amount as compared to the steam community marketplace.

Top on that, the major drawback of stream community marketplace is unavailability of few skin items. These factors make Skinport a reliable platform nowadays. In this article, we will discuss how to purchase your favourite skin items. 

What is Skinport

How to Find Your Favourite Items on Skinport?

We will guide you properly how to find your desired items on skinport. Skin port is a marketplace of gaming items which offers Rust, Team Fortress 2, CSGO and Dota2. Firstly, you must visit the homepage of the website and then choose your favourite game in the drop-down menu. This option is available on the upper left of the website.

You will also get many other options to select your favourite skin item. Furthermore, you should type the original name of the item on the search bar. However, you can acquire only those items which are available on Skin port. This is considered to be an ideal option to find your skin item quickly.

Moreover, there are several categories on the upper side of the page. For example, a user can categorise knives for CSGO items. This will lead him to select one of his favourite knives available on the skinport. Users should press ‘’enter’’ on the knife for purchasing it.

There is a list of knives on skin port, however it depends on you which one you are going to get. Most importantly, you can repeat this process for different categories of items. Skin port makes results more purified and easier for the users by using in-depth filters.

How to Buy your Items on Skinport?

A user should add items to his shopping cart. He should click on ‘’Add to Cart’’ from the items page. Remember one thing that you cannot use items in your shopping cart. If anyone purchases these items before completing your payment process, surely he will get it.

Moreover, you can view the items in your shopping cart and total money. Skinport wants you to confirm active trade lock before it expires. You should put your confirmation about the withdrawal of items. Currently, trade lock works only for Dota2 and CSGO items.

Once an item appears on stream, it will receive an ultimatum of 8 days or longer so that it can be traded again. This process is known as trade cooldown.

How to Find Your Favourite Items on Skinport

All the categories of items are available in the skin port’s bots inventory. A seller can sell his skin items to the bots of skin port. His items will also be categorised in the inventory of skinport. These items will immediately acquire a trade lock. Keep one thing in mind: some items remain untradeable for 7 to 8 days.

Therefore, you should prefer to buy those skin items that can be traded instantly. After selecting a suitable item, you will then choose a particular payment method to buy it. These payment methods include credit card, online bank transfer and GiroPay.

Eventually, Skin port does not include a proper on-site balance system. It portrays that the user should not submit payment before he has the potential to purchase an item. Most importantly, the user can retain money in his own bank account until he becomes able to purchase something.

What Filter Options does Skin port Offer?

You can find various filter options on the left side of the platform. Moreover, there are different prices of different skin items. These items involve some characteristics including colours, applied stickers and rarities.

Click on the ‘’checkbox’’ option if you want to include something special in your item. On the contrary, the checkbox will be automatically unticked if you make sure it is filtered out. There is a neutral option also available that you can select according to your will. If you click on the ‘’only’’ option then all the other items in the category will simultaneously be deselected.

Furthermore, if a user selects ‘’only’’ on StatTrak from CSGO items, you will then find only items with StatTrack on them. Most importantly, these items will not feature name tags or stickers at all. If a user is looking for good deals then he must visit the landing page and hit the ‘’see all’’ option.

This will make everything easy for the user to get a particular game. Similarly, users can scroll down the list of discounted items on skinport.

What Filter Options does Skinport Offer

What are the Discounted Prices of Gaming Items on Skinport?

There are numerous items available on the Skin port. However, these items have some concessions to accommodate the users. Discounts are made with the help of Steam Community Market. These are calculated on the basis of total sales of the market over the previous 30 days. These prices are inappropriate and can be changed at any time.

How to Get New Items Sent to User’s Account?

Getting new items is considered to be the most difficult step on Skinport. A user should set up his steam account in the process of signup. He just needs some clicks to get the items sent to his account. Another option is to provide your URL on the account setting page of Skin port.

Firstly, a user should visit his skin port inventory. He will get all his inventory items that he purchased from the bots inventory of skin port. If an item is available for trade, a user should then press the ‘’3 bots’’ option and receive withdrawal.

How to Get New Items Sent to User’s Account

On the other hand, if users want to withdraw many items at a time, they must choose those particular items by pressing the ‘’select all’’ option and clicking on the checkbox. You should approach only the checkbox to get your items. The ‘’withdraw’’ option is available on the right side of the page.


You can purchase your favourite items in games with the help of skin port. In addition to this, skinport offers multiple discounted offers to support his users. You can only get those skin items which are available into the category of skin port.

The major advantage of using skin port is that you are not bound to sign-up your account. Users will not find any difficulty in finding their favourite items on skin port. Most importantly, the platform is quite easy to use. 

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