Shadow sorcerer 5e – Complete guide about ceremony 5th edition 2021

Shadow sorcerer 5e – Complete guide about ceremony 5th edition 2021

What is Shadow sorcerer 5e? The Famous Attributes (range, target, damage, components, duration, creature) of Dungeons and Dragons fifth spell.

Shadow sorcerer 5e is a powerful character assumed by players in DND that has magical powers. The magical power of this kind of sorcerer comes directly from shadow fell. An entity of shadow fell might be the ancestor from where the magical power comes. Another way the shadow sorcerer might have obtained the ability is through exposure to the entity’s power.

Exposure to the power of such an entity from shadow fell might have resulted in the transformation. The game of Dungeons and Dragons has many interesting additions in its fifth version. The fantasy role-playing game gets better and better with each version. Sorcerers wield magical power and can cast spells on others. They have some unique abilities which help them to win any battle with ease.

Darker power dominates shadow sorcerer!

Dungeons and Dragons is a favorite game for players who love the idea of role-playing. There are many different races and subclasses within each of them in DND. The players can assume the role of any of these races while the dungeon master makes the final decision. Also, a lot of non-player characters are also present in this fantastic game. Shadow sorcerer 5e is a subclass that derives its power from the dark world of shadow fell.

Thus the sorcerer will be palled due to the shadow that fell over him. Also, there is an inner struggle between the original soul and the darker power. The spark of life inside the shadow sorcerer is suffocated by the presence of this darker power. The shadow power tries to overcome the spark of life and even changes the physical appearance.

Quirks of being a Shadow Sorcerer 5e

Shadow sorcerer comes with a lot of unique characters and abilities from which a player can choose. Some of the quirks, that come with this character while role-playing, are as follows.

  • Since you have been transformed by the dark power, you seem to be not breathing while sleeping. However, you will be breathing in order to be alive. You just don’t appear to be breathing.
  • Whenever you are touched, you are ice cold.
  • You only blink once in a while like once in weeks.
  • Whenever you are wounded, you will not bleed that much.
  • Unlike others, you have one heartbeat per minute which astonishes you.
  • You are sometimes unable to distinguish between living and dead things.
  • Expressing emotions does not come naturally to you.
  • You have pale skin which never tans.

Powerful spells of a Shadow Sorcerer!

Shadow sorcerer 5e comes with a variety of spells too. These spells give them abilities that they can use and with each level, it increases. Flexible casting and quickened spells are some of the bonus actions that a shadow sorcerer can make use of. Here, you can find the different kinds of spells that a shadow sorcerer can use in the DND game.

Cantripsof shadow sorcerer in 5e DND

Shadow sorcerer 5e

Mage hands

This spell allows you to use ghostly hands that can manipulate objects from thirty feet away.

Ray of frost

Using this spell you can cause 1d8damage by hitting with a cold beam. You can decrease the speed of the target by ten feet.

Blade ward

This spell is useful for defending yourself and can prevent you from getting slashed or pierced or bludgeoned.

Chill touch

Use this spell for causing 1d8 necrotic damage to your enemy by grabbing them with ghostly hands.

First level spells of shadow sorcerer

When you are a shadow sorcerer, you have the ability to not get damaged by magic missiles by using the “shield” spell. This spell also endows you with an additional 5 to AC. “Chromatic orb” is another powerful spell with which a 3d8 damage can be caused by acid or cold or fire or thunder or lightning or poison. It is one of the most powerful spells that you can use if you are a shadow sorcerer 5e. Other spells that can be used in the first level include,

Ray of sickness:

Using this spell can cause 2d8damage to the enemies by poisoning them. The ray of sickness spell uses a green beam to cause damage to your enemies during the adventure.

Silent Image:

Using the silent image spell, the shadow sorcerer can create an illusion of himself/herself which is 15 feet in height. This is a great way to spook others and also makes the game a lot of fun. However, the illusion cannot make any kind of sound.

Second level spells of shadow sorcerer 5e

When you reach the second level, you will gain the ability to use many other spells. Misty step spell can help you in sneak attacks where you can teleport yourself among the mist. Also, using the blindness/deafness spell, you can make the target blind or deaf for a period of one minute. There are a few other spells when you reach the second level.

Scorching ray:

When you are in a battleground or up against an enemy or enemies, use this scorching ray spell. It can do fire damage of 2d6 bypassing three heat rays. Each of them has the ability to cause 2d6damage. All these three rays can be passed on the same target or different targets.

Best races for being a shadow sorcerer in 5th edition DND

Shadow sorcerer 5e

There are few races that are best suited for being a shadow sorcerer. We have listed out some of the best races for becoming shadow sorcerer here.


Changeling is considered one of the best races for being a sorcerer. They are already dark and hence this can work in your favor when you are a shadow sorcerer. The changeling race will help you with the charisma factor as it has already ₊2 in charisma. An additional benefit is that the changeling can add ₊1 to any stat and this can be added to charisma itself. This will make charisma ₊3 and thus you will be very powerful. Changelings can change their shapes and this also provides additional darkness to the already dark shadow sorcerer.


Another optional race for shadow sorcerer 5e is drow elves. Drow elves belong to fey ancestors and hence have magical abilities like dancing light and fairy fire themselves. This will go well with the magical abilities of the shadow sorcerer. Your AC will also increase and you will get ₊2 in dexterity and ₊1 in charisma.


Verdana is a gobbling-like creature and is innocent in nature. This might make you wonder how it is going to fit with a shadow sorcerer. But the verdan has ₊2 charisma and ₊1 constitution. They also have persuasive abilities and telepathic insights. Whenever you are wounded on the battlefield, you can get healed by the black blood healing.


Owlfolk is also a great choice when you want to be a sorcerer with dark powers. When you choose to be owl folk, you can increase an ability score by 2 and another one by one. So it will be good to get ₊2 charisma scores and ₊1 dexterity or any other score you like. Owlfolk can fly too and this will be an interesting addition to the sorcerer’s abilities. When you want to sneak attack, “silent feathers” can help you with it.

There are many other abilities that this subclass of sorcerers has. Shadow sorcerer is introduced in the Xanather’s Guide to Everything and has many unique powers. Following are some of them which are obtained when reaching each level.

Eyes of The Dark

Using this ability, you can see even in darkness and dim light for up to 120 feet in the first level. When you reach level three, this ability gets a little more interesting. You will get to learn darkness spells and it will not affect the number of sorcerer spells you know.  

Also, sight is possible even when you have cast darkness through your own spell. Seeing through the darkness created by the magic spells of others is also possible. This makes the eye of dark a cool ability to have. Apart from these, you can opt for seeing through darkness cast by others for an hour. But for this, you will have to spend 2 sorcery points.

Shadow Sorcerer’s Strength of The Grave

Shadow sorcerer wanders in between the states of life and death. This provides them with anti-death capabilities that can be used to stay alive. This ability comes from the first level itself. Shadow sorcerer 5e can make a charisma saving throw 5₊ damage taken. If you succeed in making this throw, you will drop to 1 hp. However, the downside is you cannot make this throw if you have 0 HP due to radiant or critical damage.

Hound of ILL Omen

This ability can be acquired when the shadow sorcerer reaches the 6th level of the DND game. The shadow sorcerer can summon a hound of ill omen to attack the enemy who is within 120 feet. This hound will appear on any place chosen by the sorcerer but the place should be vacant. The hound will disappear after five minutes or when the hound has 0 HP or when the target drops to 0 HP. The size of the hound will be medium and it will not be large in size.

What can the hound of ill omen do?

Shadow sorcerer 5e

When the hound appears, it will have some hit points which will be equal to half of your sorcerer level. It starts its turn the hound will be able to see the target even if it is hidden. Whenever you summon the hound, it can attack only the target nothing else. Also, it can travel only in a straight route to the target. It can appear within thirty feet from within the target. It is a very powerful ability that can be used against enemies. Whenever a hound is near, the target cannot make any saving throws against your spells.

Shadow walk

This shadow walk is an impressive ability and you can move from one shadow to another. There is also a bonus action that comes with this. Using this bonus action, you can teleport yourself to a place that is dim or dark up to 120 feet. This is insanely awesome since you can find darkness or just cast it to move. When you are on a battlefield, this ability will come in handy. But however, this doesn’t mean that you get the ability to fly.

Umbral form

This umbral form is a superpower that is unlike any other ability. When you reach the 18th level, you can use this umbral form when you have to survive. The umbral form permits the shadow sorcerer 5e to take shadowy form. Thus you can move even through objects and other creatures like they are difficult terrain. When you end your turn inside an object in this umbral form, then you will take 5 force damage.

Survive difficult situations using the Umbral form!

This is unsurprisingly a great power when it comes to wall walking. In dire times, you can use this to survive or catch an enemy while chasing through turns. But be ready to sacrifice six sorcery points since only then you will get this bonus ability. Thus you have to make use of this only during an extremely difficult situation.

Also, nothing can affect or damage you in this form unless it is radiant damage or force damage. The shadow sorcerer can remain in this form for only one minute and not more than this. In the unfortunate event of you being incapacitated or dead, this form ends early. Also, it ends early if you dismiss this umbral form as a bonus action.


At the end of the day, people who don’t have much awareness of sorcerer 5e, then before getting into the play mode, then make sure to follow the above-mentioned discussion will be helpful and supportive for sure.

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