Why Your High-Rise Business Premises Needs Regular Safety Inspections

Why Your High-Rise Business Premises Needs Regular Safety Inspections

A commercial building will usually require a lot of maintenance and regular inspections to ensure that it is safe. Taller buildings in particular, such as skyscrapers, will certainly need more attention to ensure that all safety codes are adhered to. High-rise commercial buildings should be inspected on a regular basis by experienced and licensed professionals to identify and deal with any hazards or risks that might pose a danger to your employees or the general public. 


Elevators are often a critical component of a high-rise commercial building; and without them, it might be difficult or even impossible for some people to reach the higher floors. However, we can often easily forget about the elevators in a building until something goes wrong with one of them. Elevator inspections should be a crucial part of any regular high-rise building inspection; to ensure that they are working correctly and not posing any risks to the people that use them. You can book a Florida elevator inspection at Atis

Ceiling and Attic Space

A professional will carefully check the insulation units and air barrier to ensure that everything is working correctly. Throughout the inspection process they will also look for any gaps that will need to be sealed. Any access openings that lead to the building’s attic should also be checked for the presence of insect infestations or rot. 

Plumbing and Wiring

As you can expect, there is often a lot of plumbing and wiring involved in a high-rise building and if something were to go wrong with either, the results could be catastrophic. This is why it’s important to ensure that the wiring and plumbing in the building are carefully inspected using the right equipment and methods. Faulty wiring should be replaced or repaired immediately since it can be a huge hazard for anybody inside a commercial high-rise building. 

Exterior Walls and Materials

A thorough high-rise building inspection will also include a look at the masonry and architecture of the building. In these kinds of buildings, the wall systems can quite complicated; so you will need to bring in experienced professionals who can check the junctions and sealed plates. Walls of tall buildings can impacted by changes in the weather and without the right maintenance and inspections; can easily be subject to wear that might come on very quickly. 

Roofing Foundations and Unit

The roof of the high-rise building should also checked during the inspection to find any cracks or outflows that might lead to leaks. A problem with the roofing system is one of the fastest ways to bring the entire high-rise building down. The inspection is also crucial for finding any birds’ nests or perching areas including the chimneys, vents and gutters. The inspectors will also look for any debris or other items that might lead to damage. 

High-rise buildings can be more prone to issues compared to buildings that are not as tall. Because of this, regular inspections should carried out for safety and security purposes. 

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