Podsum – Interesting Facts and figures of phalageriformes

Podsum – Interesting Facts and figures of phalageriformes

Podsum common name is Possums. They belong to the suborder of 70 tree-living Marsupial Species, and they are native to Australia.

Introduction of podsum:

Podsum has its common name is Possums. And it has the scientific name is Phalangeriformes. And it has belonged to the Mammals family. This means it is not laying the eggs except giving birth to the babies. And they have an average life span in the wild, up to 15 years. And they have the ideal weight of less than an ounce to over 20 pounds. They belong to the suborder of 70 tree-living marsupial species, and they are native to Australia, and they also belong to the Indonesian islands of New Guinea and Sulawesi. 

Podsum and Opossums:

According to their names, they are similar, but they are both different species and marsupials. Possums and opossums are both different creatures. An opossum typically refers to Virginia, and its cousins live in the genus Didelphis. They both are living in North and South America. Also, They are kept in the zoo. They are very small animals, but they dose not give any harmful attack to human beings. Also, They like to live in dark areas. They love to live in Bushlands ad rain forests. 

How do they look like?

They look like and have plump bodies, and long snouts, big ears, and also have prehensile tails, and also have marsupial pouches. Also, They look a bit similar to their American counterparts. They are very tiny.

English words of Possum and Opossum:

They have names accordingly of English words, which are possum and opossum. And they come from the word of an opossum. And which means that “white animal.” And this word is derived from the word in Powhatan, a Native American language.

What are the kinds of podsum?

There are mentioning different kinds of podsums here:

Brushtail podsum:

These podsums are the most widely spread marsupial in Australia and other related countries. And they are known as perhaps the most popular possums in Australia and its adjacent regions. As their name mentions, the brushtails have long, thick tails with a prehensile tip on their bodies, and they have a furless patch on the underside. They both can help them hang onto tree branches and also on trees.

Podsums have their attitude:

They are not like many other possum species, rather than they have solitary and nocturnal creatures. And they are highly adapted to living near humans and human-populated areas. They live even in urban areas such as Sydney in Australia. And they also like koalas, and they have evolved the ability to feed on many kinds of plants, which would be poisonous for other animals. Possums may also prey on insects, small invertebrates, and eggs of other animals in the forest and human-populated areas.

Ringtails podsum:

Here is mentioning of another group of possums which is the ringtails. And they mostly reside in communal nests, which are calling as dreys. They can easily find in tree branches and hollows. And their dreys are often containing an adult female and male in their homes.

 They have as well as two sets of twins. They both have different aspects of life: one is still nursing, and another is slightly older than the previous one. But they are both still dependent on the adults.

Cuscuses podsum:

The cuscuses are such kinds of animals, and they have their name less of a household.

 But these types of animals are among some of the largest possums in the world.

 For example, the Sulawesi bear cuscus, also known as (Ailurops Ursinus), has their name due to its thick, dark fur coat. And they can weigh up to 22 pounds.

Spectrum podsum:

While on the other hand, another type of podsum is known as the spectrum. And these are the smallest creatures, and they are known as the Tasmanian pygmy possum. And they are like a mouse-sized creature that weighs only less than a pencil.

The Phalangeriformes:

The Phalangeriformes is such kind of creatures that have their suborder of podsum. But they also include various species like a glider, including the sugar glider, squirrel glider, and yellow-bellied glider.

Marsupial’s species || Patagia:

These curious creatures are known as marsupials, and they have evolved flaps of skin between their arms and legs. And they are often called patagia. And they are allowing them to launch for themselves out of the canopy and soar to tree branches.

The feathertail glider:

One of the most famous and popular types is the feathertail glider. And they can “fly” up to 65 feet high in the sky.

Mating system and reproduction system:


They have different numbers in mating systems, known as Phalangeriformes. And they are vary widely spread in the world. For example, one of the most famous is the rock-haunting possums, and they belong to tropical Australian regions.


Monogamy mostly appears to choose only one mate, and we are calling, and scientists are calling them monogamy.


Polygamy is such a kind of glider that takes multiple mates. And they are called polygamy possums. While remaining are known as monogamous. And they are still more variants in between. The scientist and their study found that mountain brushtail possums will change their mating system, depending on how much food is available for them.

Possums live births:

Like all other mammals and marsupials, they have pouches in their bodies, giving birth to live young ones. Their newborns are no bigger than honeybees, and they are typically blind and deaf like rabbit babies.

Podsum development cycle:

When they have completed their development cycle, they have young possums, which must be crawled from the birth canal into their mother’s pouches. And they will compete for a teat and next development phase there.

Milking and feeding habits:

They feed their babies of milk. And this milk is very critical to the babies’ growth. That means when any young possum that cannot find milk of mama nipple, they latch onto a nipple will perish for his life.

Lips and their teat:

The lips of baby possums are similar to other marsupials. And they will fuse shut around the teat system. And they can ensure that their lips and teat are not easily separated from the lifeline between mother and their young ones.

The period of milking their babies:

There is no surety of time, and this habit varies for how long each species and babies will spend drinking their mother.

Rather than this time, possums will usually stay with their mother pouches for a while. And even after they have gained some power for survival, the young of many marsupial species will duck into their mother’s pouch to stay warm and safe from predators and other animals.

Conservation status and their endangered extinctions:

Some kinds of which are endangered in this world, and these species are like the common brushtail Podsum. They are doing well as many possums, and their species are in danger of extinction. But we should, thanks to fires, logging, and climate changes. Then the fairy possum, or Lead beater’s possum, is considered critically endangered in this world.

Mahogany glider:

Similarly, the mahogany glider is listed as endangered species due to the rapid rate of clearing its habitat for agriculture, livestock, and timber. The other species which are also endangered are ringtail possums.

When we are talking about Australia, up to one-quarter of the country’s 27 species of possums and gliders are listed as threatened or endangered.

What are the smells that podsum hate most?


Podsum cannot stand in intense and stinker smells. So the stinker smells are the best kind of repellent for them. And they can easily run away from your home. So, these kinds of smells are the best source and provide the best kind of repellent. Because they do not like bad smells. They have a bad habit of never eating bad things or bad-smelling things.

Here is the list of all kinds of smells that we can use against them:

1: Mothballs

2: Camphor

3: Garlic

4: Onion

5: Animal-derived fertilizers

6: Fish smell

For instance, we can spray blood and bone meal around flowers, which is the main reason for not coming near them.

What kind of tastes that Podsum hate?

Possums are such kinds of mammals that are not picky eaters. They can eat anything if they are hungry. They do not like it, but if they are hungry, they will eat almost everything. 

Podsum hate the taste of these mentioned things:

1: Molasses

2: Garlic

3: Onion

4: Hot peppers

5: Hot sauce

6: Mustard

7: Quassia chips

8: Black tea

9: Fish oil

Methods of removing possums from your home:

1: We can determent Podsum by using all kinds of smells and tastes they hate most.

2: we are also thinking like that one method which is we can work on one possum, but not on another one.

3: They would start eating the bad-taste stuff and things too.

4: Any method we choose, never use or spray deterrents directly on any animal.

5: we should not harm any animal or possums because this is not only inhumane but it is also illegal.

6: If the possum keeps coming back to your home, you should contact a professional possum remover or catcher. 7: We are also offering a gardening service for those most affected by them. 

What are their babies called?

Like all other animals and mammals and marsupials, the baby opossums are called joeys.

The majority of the world’s marsupials and possums live in Australia. And the term for their babies is called a joey. And this word originates from an aboriginal term which means small animal.

What do you know about Podsum scientific classification?

1: They belong to the Kingdom of Animalia.

2: They belong to the Phylum of Chordata.

3: they belong to the Class of Mammalia.

4: they have an Order of Diprotodontia.

5: they belong to the Family of Phalangeriformes.

6: they have a Genus of Phalangeridae.

7: their Scientific Name is Phalangeriforme.

Podsum Facts and figures:

1: their main prey is Insects, leaves, and flowers.

2: their main habitats are Bushland and rainforest.

3: their predators are Fox, Cat, Birds of Prey.

4: their Diet is Omnivore.

5: They have an average litter size are about 2.

6: They have their lifestyle is solitary.

7: their favorite Food is Insects.

8: they have the type of mammals.

9: They have a slogan that they are 69 species on the Australian continent in this world.

Podsum has physical characteristics:

They are easily found in these color






They have skin types about fur.

Their Top Speed is 15 mph.

Their Lifespan is about 5-8 years.

They have weight of 0.1-14.5kg (0.22-32lbs).

Some interesting facts about Podsum:

1: Modern possums are known as kangaroos and koalas. And they probably evolved from a common ancestor that lived about 20 to 30 million years ago.

2: the males and female possums are known as jacks and jills. And they respectively, while making a group is known as a passel.

They are mostly found in Australia and some of the nearby islands.

Sometimes they are considered to be destroyed, and pest killers treat them.

They like to hide in dark areas such as attics, sheds, and garages of the houses.

They create and causing of damage and destruction to almost all gardens, farms, forests, and equipment.

The final words:

Podsum is a mammal that feeds its babies and has them on their pouches. They are mostly found in Australia and its adjacent island and areas. They are not creating any danger to humans on their own. But when they are in any danger, they can spread diseases by piercing the body and skin with their sharp claws. If we encounter one of them in our nearby area or residence, we should contact with pest remover or animal catcher. However, it is a good idea to avoid contacting and letting professionals humanely remove them.

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