Online Poker vs. Live Poker Tournaments: Key Differences

Online Poker vs. Live Poker Tournaments: Key Differences

If you have been playing poker for a while, chances are you have engaged in both live games at a casino or poker night and online events hosted by various poker sites around the world. You might already be familiar with some of the important ways these two types of gameplay are different, but those variations are even more noticeable when comparing live and online poker tournaments. 

The Game Is Faster Online

If you have been playing a lot of online poker tournaments and decide to take part in a live version, you will probably notice immediately that the hands are played much slower. Since you are typically permitted to play at several tables simultaneously online and can potentially play more than 50 hands in an hour at each table, these online games can provide a rush of adrenaline as each card is played at a very quick pace. Live tournaments, on the other hand, require you to stick to just one table and the number of hands per hour is probably going to be about half as much as an online game. There are certain pros and cons of each version; but many people who are used to playing tournaments online will find the live option somewhat slow; if not a bit boring. 

There Are More Options Online

Even at a casino poker tournament; you are likely to encounter only a few types of poker games being offered at any given time. Furthermore, the amount of each buy-in and bid can be limited by the type of tournament or rules of the hosts. Many of these restrictions are not a problem online, though. It is easy to find tournaments that will allow you to pick between almost any type of poker game imaginable while entering a room that has a blind bet set at whatever number is most appropriate for your skill and comfort level. It might also cost considerably less to buy into an online tournament than it would at a major live event.

More Tools Are Available Online

When playing in a live poker tournament, you are left with only the resources you can bring in your own mind. This involves strategies you have developed during your time as a player; and the knowledge of rules you have learned during the same period. On the other hand, there are countless online tools available to those who choose to take part in an online tournament. Some purists might think this gives players an unfair advantage; but since everyone has access to the same tools and digital assistance; there seems to be a pretty level playing field for everyone who participates. 

The Social Aspect Can Be More Appealing in Person

Although online poker tournaments offer many of the same benefits as live games along with some compelling added characteristics; there is no replacement for the feeling of sharing a table with other poker players. Some people find that the social component of a live tournament is unmatched by online variations; so they simply prefer in-person games despite the slow pace and lack of certain other features. Of course, it is becoming easier to share experiences via technological means as players have the option to communicate and in some cases even see the players live as the tournament takes place.

If you are a social butterfly who needs the presence of other people to truly enjoy a tournament; then a live option might be best for you. For everyone who can enjoy the game without a table full of people, consider trying an online tournament. You might like it even better; or you could at least find an interesting new way to play when you cannot get to a casino; or the poker night at your friend’s house.

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