12 Continuous Testing Tools Every Agile Team Needs

12 Continuous Testing Tools Every Agile Team Needs

Continuous Testing Tools. Selenium, Appium, Eggplant, Watir, Tosca, Testsigma, Rational Functional Tester, QuerySurge, Katalon etc…

Continuous testing is known as the procedure of the execution of automated tests as an inclusive part of the software delivery pipeline to acquire quick feedback on the risk associated with any business along with a software release candidate. 

There has been an increase in development speeds, but, even the older models are not being viable. Several organizations were in need of having a means of developing and delivering quickly to their customers. 

A modern-age testing model which is agile and has been evolving to address this rising demand for development velocity.

Continuous testing today offers innumerable advantages for the development of the life cycle. At an upper level, it removes all the roadblocks that might pose because of performing tests in a single step. 

With the help of continuous testing, code is automatically tested just as it integrates. This directly offers support to DevOps and the objective of delivering high-quality software quickly. 

Top 12 Continuous Testing Tools You Can Choose From


Jenkins is widely known as an open-source DevOps testing tool. There are several uses of this tool for the automation of all varieties of tasks like building, testing, and deploying software. Also, This tool is prominent for being the best DevOps tool for testing that empowers developers for quick detection and solving of defects in the codebase to the automated testing of the builds. 

Jenkins provides support for scaling out a wide range of nodes and even distributes the workload equally. It holds compatibility with every kind of OS and different versions of Linux, Mac OS, and Windows. This also offers easy installations because Jenkins comes as a WAR file. 

Every user needs to drop WAR into the JEE container and then the setup should be ready to run. With Jenkins, you can distribute work effortlessly along with several machines. 

LambdaTest Continuous Testing Tools

LambdaTest provides the strongest, far-reaching and safe cloud testing platform that allows several testers and developers all across the globe to perform automation testing on a fast and reliable selenium grid. It is basically an integrated platform where all the experts and professionals can count for performing and managing their tests. 

LambdaTest is a widely-known testing tool with which you can deliver flawless, responsive; and compatible to the browser websites and applications easily without any sort of limitations on infrastructure dependency. Thus, people need to focus on their tests. 

A cloud-based cross-browser testing solution that will help you to function any compatibility testing on any web apps or website with ease.

Here, you can run the Selenium scripts on the cloud grid of LambdaTest as it is reliable; and also can perform live communicative testing on the real browser environments. You can simply test the local or any privately hosted website using an SSH tunnel. 

The major benefit is that it offers a 24*7 chat support system which ensures reliability among its customers and no delay in queries and hassle-free work.  

Sauce Labs

The Sauce Labs Continuous Testing Cloud is a widely known continuous testing tool; and prominent for several real devices, mobile adversaries and simulators, and desktop browsers, all just at a place. There are several advanced features of this tool like analysis of tests, extended debug process; improving the productivity of developers, and help in shipping robust applications. 

Although, Not just this, with the access towards breakpoints, you can seamlessly use continuous testing in CI/CD pipeline along with plug-ins. You can kick start the tests with every build and pull request. 

You can test at every stage, run any pull request, integration test, and automated end-to-end tests. Also, You can implement continuous testing for increasing the release velocity; to ship advanced features as per the demand of the users. Captivating the users is easy with this tool, as you can release updates with confidence; and make sure that your customers are enjoying the software that is free from any defects. 

Katalon Continuous Testing Tools

Katalon Studio offers support for continuous testing with the help of seamless Jira Agile integration and native CI/CD amalgamation along with prominent CI tools like Jenkins, Bamboo, Azure, and CircleCI.

However, Katalon Studio is widely known because it is very easy to use; and offers codeless test creation for beginners and also advanced extensions for several experts. The plugins will offer you help in extending the automation abilities and easy integration with several CI/CD software. 

This solution also provides superbly complete support for the infrastructure. One might even execute all the tests on every OS, browser, and device; but also in the cloud, on-premise, and cross-platform environments. 

Not just this, Katalon Studio will also provide an all-inclusive set of useful reports; along with real-time monitoring and a quick feedback mechanism. One can have full control over the quality of the product and the performance of the team. Also, Katalon has the feature of a quick feedback loop that can also help in the detection of any issues just as they appear. 


Tricentis Tosca is a prominent continuous testing platform that has the ability to accelerate testing for keeping footsteps along with Agile and DevOps. However, Tricentis Tosca will apply a model-based testing approach and will make maintenance of the script easier. It can run innumerable tests in a day continuously. 

In addition, Tricentis Tosca makes use of a risk-based test design for suggesting the productive test cases and can detect the risk included in each test case. Also, This will increase the reusability and raise the maintainability with the model-based test automation.

With the service virtualization, Tricentis offers access to the dependent systems earlier in SDLC; because of which the tests can be executed fully, reliably, and continually. It can seamlessly amalgamate into the well-known enterprise software environments and continuous integration among development workflow. 


Appium is one of those tools that holds adaptability to be grasped and be customized flexibly for continuous needs of testing. Also, This is software that will offer support for several mobile cross-platform testing on many iOS and Android devices. 

One can see that there is a wide range of cloud device providers that empowers its users to run tests on its esteemed infrastructure. 

While making use of Appium one can write, execute; and can also view the test results just directly on the cloud. No doubt that there is some sort of challenges in the initial steps of integration within the CI/CD ecosystem. 

Selenium Continuous Testing Tools

One of the wholly manageable and highly flexible tools; Selenium Box is an Enterprise Selenium Grid that will run on-premises or in the corporate clouds. This will empower you to execute the manual tests in the mobile apps and websites inside the corporate decking.

However, The products are carefully designes for many big industries for some secure and sensitive areas like banking, insurance, and the medical fields. Selenium box unites the functions and features of SaaS solutions along with security and functionality on in-house developments.

Selenium offers support to a wide range of popular OSs like Windows; macOS, Linux, and some browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Safari for cross-environment testing.


When we talk of continuous testing, Testsigma provides test infrastructure with devices; OSs, and browsers all of which are the right fit for the teams with some difficult testing requirements. 

The tool makes good use of AI when it comes to the identification of budding risks and issues; that might come from some fixed changes and modifications for haste actions. 

Testsigma is the cloud-based automation testing tool that is a perfect fit for mobile and web applications. It is an AI-driven tool; that is primarily utilized for continual testing in Agile or DevOps.

Testsigma is the newest member of the cloud testing platforms. This is software that provides a cloud-based solution that offers support to websites, mobiles, and API tests. It makes use of natural English for composing the tests; that ultimately reduces the learning curve for several manual testers to hastily adapt the skills. 

Bamboo Continuous Testing Tools

Bamboo is a well-known continuous Integration tool that can also be used for DevOps testing. This can perform the automatic build, test, and release in a single place. Apart from this, it also offers support to several technologies and languages; such as Ducker, Git, SVN, Mercurial, and Amazon S3 buckets. 

The setting up of Bamboo is very simple and one can even run parallel batches tests here. It has the per-environment permission feature that allows the developers and QA for deploying to their environments. It can trigger builds that are based on the changes identified in the repository, push notifications from Bitbucket. 


TestComplete allows you to perform keyword-driven or data-driven testing. The creators of TestComplete have started to introduce some of the AI features for spirited test object recollection and maintenance. This tool can detect and even update tests automatically in any certain case; if there are some changes along with the UI of the AUT.

The test coverage can be leveled to the maximum with the allowance of integration; with third-party unit test frameworks, like the TestNG, Selenium Webdriver, also SOAP UI for the API testing.

TestComplete will offer support for open amalgamation along with the CI/CD atmosphere through plugins. You can make use of these plugins for joining with prominent CI/CD tools; like Jenkins, GIT, Zephyr or you might develop custom plugins for integrating with the current system. 

Eggplant Continuous Testing Tools

Eggplant has a short learning curve and this is the major reason; why it is known to be the perfect fit continuous testing tool for many manual testers. This tool will provide an exclusive routine of test automation; which is image-based solutions. 

Eggplant communicates with Applications Under Test (AUTs); just with the replication of the point of view of the user via screenshots and images; rather than displaying raw test scripts. 

Eggplant offers a test lab, a cloud devices management service that will also empower 24/7 access for the development teams for using continuous testing and continuous deployment. With the use of eggplant, you get support and combination with the CI/CD biosphere comprising Jenkins; Bamboo, CA Agile Requirement Designers, and so forth. 

One can even integrate Eggplant along with Undo; which is a record and playback tool for helping the developers in shortening the time to identify and responding to the failures. 


QuerySurge is prominent as the resplendent data testing solution; which is the primary of its kind full DevOps solution for continuous data testing. This has a robust API along with 60+ calls and can seamlessly integrate into the DevOps pipeline for continuous testing. 

This can also verify wide amounts of data fastly and can identify the needs and code changes; update tests as per needs, and can alert team members of all the changes. It also offers proper detailed data intelligence and the analysis of data. 

In the Nutshell

The rising adaption of DevOps and Continuous Delivery (CD) is an instance of the working of agile methodologies; that can shape the future of software development and deliveries. It is transforming the way any software deliver; Continuous Delivery is a way that can extend agile’s potential by the involvement in CI and DevOps practices and apparatus. 

Continuous Testing Tools offers help in saving the time and efforts of developers; because they do not need to wait longer for QA teams to finish testing prior to the fixing of the code. Rather than this, testing can performe continuously, which would enable real-time proactive fixes to code quality and security issues.

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