Nisekoi Season 3 Release Date, Cast, Story, and Characters All Updates

Nisekoi Season 3 Release Date, Cast, Story, and Characters All Updates

Nisekoi Season 3 Release Date. When will Come Out? The Official Release date is not Announced yet due to Covid -19 but Expected in 2022.

Introduction of Nisekoi season 3:

Nisekoi is a romantic and comedy anime series. Which is originally brought by Japan. This is also a much-hit comedy and romantic series in the country of Japan. Japanese people are very fond of watching and producing the best quality anime series. This series based on the shonen manga series. The story of this anime is written by Naoshi Komi. And the series illustrated by the famous illustrations named is Naoshi Komi.

When the manga novel based on this series was published in the media on the date of 7th of November 2011. The readers of this story become very happy to read the amazing story of Nisekoi. After the novel popularity, the nisekoi novel took for making the anime series. When the readers of the story came to know about the nisekoi visualization has been done and it is published for the viewers watching then they become overexcited and resultant, this series got huge hit on the box office.

Then the first season was aired on television on 11the of January 2014. The manga fans are very enjoyed of this movie and series. And then they demand to make its further season so the next season appeared on the screen of 10th of April 2015. So we shall discuss all the detail of this nisekoi here and also describe its story, characters, and premier date in this article. 

The Cast of nisekoi season 3:

Nisekoi Season 3

The story is a plotting of a boy who has a criminal family. Besides nisekoi movie is a romantic feature but it has some comedy inside. The story is very interesting as the show goes on. The story tells about a boy whose name is Raku Ichijou. And he was the unwilling heir of the family named is Yakuza family. The yakuza family is also known as Shuei-Gumi. 10 years later, Raku made a promise to his school mate if they will be meeting up in the future then they surely married each other.

Time has been passed but roku never met with that girl and he also kept a promised pendant with him and the key was to keep to that girl. Raku had to save that sealed pendant and the key is with that girl. The show picked up that story prominent when raku was very young. Then after some time, raku becomes the public servant. He always dreams of marrying his school girlfriend. The name of his crush is Kosaki Onodera.

The storyline of nisekoi season 3

Then raku has been starting to fulfill his responsibilities as the sole heir of the Yakuza family. The story is being started when the yakuza family had into trouble. Then he forces to pushed two gang war spirals out of control, then he comes to know that pairing the children of two gang leader.

Then raku is telling him to force to date an American bee name is Chitoge Kirisaki. Firstly raku and chitoge start to hate each other but in the end, they fell in love madly with each other. Raku had the relationship with chitoge s fake and he is not happy with chitoge. As the story further goes on. The all story will update when the viewers will watching the new season of the nisekoi series. 

The casting and the character of Nisekoi season 3:

There are many characters involving in this movie and series. The voice-over artist is also giving the best performance in the film. The main artist is mentioned in this article here:

Raku Ichijou:

Nisekoi Season 3

Raku is the main character of this movie. He is the only heir of the Shuei-Gumi Yakuza family. Also, He is a very intelligent boy in his college. He does not like to fight with anyone. Raku had a beautiful past, he is a very soft-hearted boy. Raku is badly fallen in love with Kosaki Ondera. He always dreaming of her school girlfriend. He has a promised pendant with him. But in his youth, he finds an American girl, he had a fake relationship with Chitoge. He hates her but he always tries to find her school friend. 

Kosaki Onodera:

Nisekoi Season 3

She is another main character of his series and she is the girlfriend of raku. She has a key to the pendant which raku had been kept with him. Also, She had very strong feelings for raku. She opens her heart feeling towards the raku. When raku had affair with many girls then kosaki is getting jealous and being afraid of him. Kosaki is not a brash type of personality in Nisekoi Season 3. 

Chitoge Kirisaki:

Nisekoi Season 3

Chitoge is the beautiful daughter of a famous but corrupt leader. Her dad belongs to the American beehive gang. Then chitoge and raku had a fake relationship of love. She had no friends. She is very shy and a famous athlete. Also, She does not make proper food as she has no idea of measuring the ingredients.

Nisekoi series in English dubbed:

Nisekoi is very fantastic content and it is originally made in Japanese. But for the international viewer and fans, this movie is available on Hulu and crunchy roll. 

The trailer and promo of nisekoi season 3:

The trailer and promo are not available and are not published on the specific platform. There is no update on releasing any platform. Nisekoi releases its two previous seasons. But the filmmaker does not make its new season due to covid-19. Whenever we get any information about its new season update we will get to know you all.

The last words:

Nisekoi is a comedy-based and romantic series. The main characters of this movie are Raku and Kosaki. They fell in love with each other but they departed in their childhood. They both have a pendant and a key. Raku had the pendant and the kosaki had its key. Raku and kosaki had made a promise whenever they will meet in the future they will get married to each other. Nisekoi season 1 and 2 are got huge profits and fame. But the release of the Nisekoi Season 3 will not know anyone. We hope after reading this article you will get all information about Nisekoi Season 3 Release Date, Cast, Story, and Characters All Updates.

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