Log Horizon Season 3 Release Date, Story, Characters, and All Updates

Log Horizon Season 3 Release Date, Story, Characters, and All Updates

Log Horizon Season 3 Release Date, Trailer and all updates. Log Horizon Season 3 ran for 12 episodes from January 13, till March 31, 2021.

However, Log horizon season 3 is not released yet but it has two more seasons previously. Log Horizon is the best animated Japanese romantic series and it contains many episodes. But all the two seasons along with its episodes. This has Japan’s best manga series-based animated story. Japanese people are loved to read manga series even their youngster and old age groups also. Fans of this movie and the series are extremely excited to watch this series. The original publication series are NHK Educational TV. All the information related to logging horizon season 3 along with its storyline, casting, and characters, and releasing date will also be mentioned briefly in this article. Let’s explore all the information here

Introduction of log horizon season 3:

Log horizon season 1 and season 2 are the best-animated series for the fans of this world. The story of this movie is originally based on manga series. Log horizon has the same name as the name of the original novel. The writer of this series is Kazuhiro Hara. And the series is also illustrated by Kazuhiro Hara. Log horizon novel based on the 13th of April 2010. The series was followed many volumes of manga series.

And the second season of log horizon season 2 was released on the 4th of October in 2013. Both seasons have a huge fan following and it is liked by almost all age groups. Also, The story of log horizon is very fantastic and all the character has done many good acting in this movie. The voice-over artist is doing the very best and amazing voices for all the characters. However, Fans are curious to know what will be the 3rd season of log horizon has released? 

The storyline of log horizon season 3:

Log Horizon Season 3

The story is revolving around the main character of Shiroe. He was a very dull and non-serious student of the college. The story is full of the virtual journey of a young boy named Shiroe. However, A lover of manga series who enjoyed reading all the manga-related stories. The story is full of the adventure and troubles of that young man. Shiroe is not so much a socially active person. He is not made any friends in college. Also, He loves his world of fascinating dreaming. He is playing an all-time online game that is much loved and liked.

Famous Game in Log Horizon Season 3

The name of game is elder Tale. In this animated movie series, the elder tale is a very famous game in this story. This has so many fans following in this game but Shiroe is very attractive to play this game in the series. It is the bestselling game with 30,000 followers. This becomes very famous in the country of Japan. Shiroe introduced this game with his friends and suddenly Shiroe and his friend enter the world of the elder tale game and then Shiroe and his friends are trapped badly into the game.

They tried to come out from the game but they failed in every attempt. Then Shiroe gets very angry and starts yelling to panic. Shiroe loses his hope. Then Shiroe thought of a better plan for himself. Shiroe starts to explore all the features of the game. The game has its own set of rules and regulations and also its limitations. The shiroe along with his friend Naotusgu joined him in his adventure exploration. Shiroe is known as the villain in glasses of this series. He has no fear of everything that he wishes to have. People are used Shiroe as a granted thing and take advantage of its innocent manner.

The casting and characters of log horizon season 3:

Log Horizon Season 3

There are many casting characters in this game and the log horizons series. The name of the main character is Shiroe. And the other character names are Naotsugu, Akatsuki, Nyanta, Minori, and Tohya. There are also many supported characters of this game and the voice-over artist are also give fantastic jobs.

The trailer and the promo of log horizon season 3:

The trailer of log horizon season 3 will be released in the coming future years. The previous season of log horizon was released in the previous years and also had very huge business. The fans are super excited to watch the season 3 trailer and promos. But the moviemakers and the production team are not making the 3rd season. The fans are demanding to make this 3rd season. But due to covid-19 the safety precautions and limitations are not allowed to anyone to gather at a place and do the shooting process. But from the resources, the director and writer of this movie is wanting to make its 3rd season and it will be probably aired on national TV. 

The dubbed language available:

The dubbed language is available on different channels. International viewers and fans are also wanting to watch this movie and series in their native language. The dubbed series are also available in the crunchy roll, fun Imation and Netflix. The dubbed series are also available on Netflix and many more websites. 

The name list of episodes of log horizons seasons:

Log Horizon Season 3

The names of all episodes along their numbering are mentioned here:

Rayneshia’s Marriage

The duke of Akiba

The round table fractures

Akiba general election 


Immortal in ethereal utopia

Not a curse 

The oldest ancients 


Labyrinth in Akiba

Despair Genius

Songs of the Nightingales

The last words of log horizon season 3:

In conclusion, Log horizon season 3 is the best animated Japanese adventure series. It has many famous characters in this series. Log horizon based on the story of the virtual based game. The name of game is the elder tale. Shiroe and his friends are stuck in this game. He tried to get out of this game but he never successes to come out then he realized to live there and make everything better for himself and his friends. The elder tale becomes more famous in this game. However, The game and the movie become more adventurous and interesting as the story goes on. The log horizon season 3 will be released in the years 2021 and 2022. 

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