Melissa Roxburg biography 2022 – Career, Boyfriend, Onlyfans & More

Melissa Roxburg biography 2022 – Career, Boyfriend, Onlyfans & More

Introduction of Melissa Roxburg:

Melissa Roxburg is a very famous and popular Canadian actress and a supermodel. She has seen in many favorite movies like The Diary of a Wimpy Kid and Heather Hills, released in 2011. She was playing her role in the following movies as Rachel Lewis in the Diary of a wimpy kid and Heather Hills in 2011 and 2012.  

Her famous movies:

She was also making an appearance in the Big Time Movie in 2012. After that, she made a guest appearance in famous TV shows such as Supernaturals, Valor, The Tomorrow People, and many more famous plays. She was later seen in favorite movies like Star Trek Beyond as Ensign Syl.

 Melissa Roxburg has also appeared in Olivia Tani’s infamous movie as The Marine 4. And he was also playing the character in the movie as The Moving Target in 2015. Moreover, she played the famous symbol of the movie as Heather Henning in the latest romance drama.

This article will tell all the facts and figures about her life and biography. Most of her movies are very famous, and we expect films and web series to be released in March 2022. In the latest edition, Melissa, seen in various TV series like Manifest, and her casting role confirmed for the movie Manifest’s final season in August 2021, will be released on Netflix.

Melissa Roxburg career:

She has started her working career after her graduation degree and when she was in high school. Melissa, at this time, was a very young and very energetic model and actor.

Diary of a wimpy kid:

Diary of a wimpy kid was a very excellent movie, and it was a hit movie at its time. She has appeared in this Diary of a Wimpy Kid movie, and she played her role as a Rodrick rule, and she also appeared in the movie of diary of a wimpy kid as dog days. Rodrick Rules is such a type of movie in which she has played her first significant role as the main character. She was playing her role in that movie as Rachel Lewis. 

Diary of a wimpy kid as Dog days:

This was a sequel to dog days of diary of a wimpy kid. And she was allowed to play her most crucial role as the best character in that movie’s sequel. Dog days are known and titled as the diary of a wimpy kid.

Dog Days movie has essential and different characters in that movie. After her role and personality, she has seen a prominent role as a princess in Big Time Movie, released in 2012. 

Big Time Rush:

Moreover, Big Time Rush was a very prominent and famous series on the channel Nickelodeon, and this movie has followed the adventure of the schoolboys in that movie. She has got a golden chance to play the famous role of Blake in this series, and its name was Arrow in two episodes in 2012. 


In addition to all her characters, she has also appeared in many other movies and web series on television and web series. In many TV series, she has also appeared in the next project as the name of Tomorrow People.

Talia || 2014:

She also played her next important role of Talia in 2014, and Melissa played the character of Violet Duval in Supernatural and Bloodlines in the same year.

Leprechaun || 2014:

Melissa Roxburg also played the role and character of Jeni in the movie Leprechaun. This character originated in 2014 as well. In 2015, when she was swamped in many films and other web series, she suddenly got a high chance to play her prominent role of Olivia Tanis in The Marine 4. 

Sorority Murder:

And also played her main character Carly in the television film and its name as Sorority Murder.

Star Trek ||2016:

In 2016, she was seen in her next project in the movie Star Trek Beyond as Ensign Syl and 2BR02B. To Be or Naught To Be is based on a short science fiction movie in which she has played her role as Leora Duncan. 

Night of the Hawk:

She has also played the leading role of her character as Betty Seaver in the movie Night of the Hawk. And she appeared in her latest episodes of Legends of Tomorrow. She has appeared in the movie, which has the name of Lost Solace as Azaria in the same year. Melissa played the role of Carrie in 2017 in the latest episode of that movie which has a duration of 17 Minutes. And this movie has the name Legends of Tomorrow. Although, she also played the main character of Thea in the latest TV series titled Valor.

In God I Trust:

In 2018, she played the part of an independent film named Mya Matheson, and it has titled In God I Trust.

Heather Henning:

She was also last seen in a movie called “Still I Believe,” based on a book of the same title in 2020. Although, she witnessed her character as Heather Henning in this movie.


Since 2018, she has worked in the famous TV series called Manifest. And it has the main character whose name was Michaela Stone.

Melissa Roxburg early life school and education:

She was born on the 10th of December in 1992, and she traveled around the globe. She widely traveled with her family and friends when she was a kid. Plus, she was very young, traveling many places in Africa, Albania, and Guatemala. She studied at a local high school, and then she entered a communication at the Simon Fraser University of British Columbia University.


And then, she wished to pursue her education career as a journalist, but she became a model and actor. And then, she took up the central role in the trending web series titled Manifest series.

Melissa Roxburg family:

Melissa Roxburg

As she is a very famous personality and a popular celebrity, she has three siblings. She has two elder sisters, and their names are Kristie Roxburg, Ashley Roxburg, and Shelley Roxburgh. In other words, she also has a younger brother, and his name is Matt Roxburgh. One of her younger sisters is very young, and then Melissa is older than her sisters. Her parents are very proud of her daughter. Her parents are also businessmen and play an essential role in her life. Also, Her father is a Canadian pastor and her mother Shelley is of British nationality. 

Her parent’s professions:

But now, her mother is a retired professional, and she is a tennis player. And her parents are living in the United States of America. Then she moved to Canada and founded a church in Vancouver in British Columbia. 

Since her father also has American citizenship, and he is originally from Chicago. Melissa has dual citizenship in Canada, and then she moved with her parents to the United States of America. Moreover, she is still single, and she is unmarried. And she is not involved in being in any relationship at this time.

Biography of Melissa Roxburg:

She has the actual name of Melissa Roxburgh, and her real name is also Melissa Rashid Roxburgh.

Her nickname is Melissa, and her professions are actress and a model. Also, Her date of birth is the 10th of December in 1992.

Her place of birth is Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

She has the nationality of Canadian.

Her zodiac sign is Leo. She has a height of 5 feet and 5 inches.

Roxburgh has a charming family, and her father’s name is unknown to anyone.

 But her mother’s name is Mrs. Roxburg, and her daughter’s names are Shelley Roxburgh, Kristie Roxburgh, and Ashley Roxburgh. And her younger brother’s name is Matt Roxburgh. And her relationship is not known, but she not involved with any man or boy. 

She is still single, and she is not a boyfriend yet. She is not a wife to anyone. Her eyes color are blue. And hair colors are dyed and blonde.

Her school and college:

Moreover, she studied at a high school in a local high school situated in British Columbia in Canada.

Melissa Roxburg has entered a local college known as Simon Fraser University, British Columbia, in Canada.

She has graduated with high marks. Melissa has a 1 Million USD net worth.

Melissa Roxburg Height and Weight measurements:

Melissa Roxburg

She is 28 years young and a fresh model, and she has blonde hair with golden dyed highlights. Melissa has a fit and fabulous figure and beautiful blue sparkling eyes. She is 1.65 meters tall. 

Melissa Roxburg age:

Melissa is one of the best actresses in a very famous web series. This series is also trending on Netflix, and she plays the lead character in the Manifest web series.

 She has full hands with movies and other web series. And she is also known as one of the most famous networks on television. She has also made her name as the best drama on television. 

She is the most famous Canadian actress, and she is the face of NBC’s next generation of main TV shows and other web series. Melissa is only 26-year-old actress.

Eight exciting facts About Melissa Roxburg

1. Melissa Roxburg has Dual Citizenship:

She has dual citizenship because she was born in Canada, but her father was born in Chicago. And her mother is from America. So both parents have a separate identity, and thus she has dual citizenship. Moreover, she is the second oldest child of them. She has two younger sisters and one younger brother. She is living in Los Angeles to pursue her acting career.

2. Started her acting career after graduating:

Though she was a brilliant student in her high school, she did not decide to do acting properly. She suddenly pushed into the acting career, and then she became very famous for her fantastic acting skill. Melissa has begun her auditioning for roles in Vancouver and also cast in “Diary Of A Wimpy Kid as the role and session of Rodrick Rules not long after.”

3. Study of Communications:

Melissa has studied Communications at Simon Fraser University. And she got exceptional marks from there. She wants to become a journalist if her career is not an actress.

4. Once fired because of her fake Russian accent:

She revealed that once, she fired at a production house due to not matching her Russian accent with the show. And this was all done due to she couldn’t master a Russian pronunciation during a shoot of a game show of “never have I ever.”

5. Vocal Supporter Of The International Rescue Committee

Melissa Roxburg is also an active member of the International Rescue Committee (IRC). This humanitarian organization can assist many people in third-world countries who have been affected by natural disasters like war, earth quack, and floods, etc. She is one of the most prominent members of IRC, and she is the most visible supporter of this organization.

6. Was it Intolerant to Know How Manifest wrap up?

She interviewed in Elite Daily that she was snoopy about how she ended up all of the mysteries in “Manifest” movie. Moreover, she also does not know how this movie will be ended up?

7. Learned a lot From “Josh Dallas.”

According to her interview from her Backstage, “Josh Dallas” I one of the most renowned celebrities who has been able to give her a lot of advice about her working career as an actor. He has one of those actors who has more experience than her, and she has done many acting roles and obeyed his precious advice.

8. Passion for Tennis:

As we all know, her mother was the best tennis player, and she grew up with this passion for the sport because she gets inspired by her mother.


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The final words:

Melissa Roxburg is one of the best and leads characters in trending web series and also the Netflix series as the name of Manifest.

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