Who Is María Elvira Murillo- Everything You Should Know

Who Is María Elvira Murillo- Everything You Should Know

María Elvira Murillo is a real character in Narcos Mexico (a web-series directed and broadcasted by Netflix). Maria Elvira was the second wife of Miguel Angel Felix Gallardo. Narcos Mexico shows the illicit drug trade via two courageous and gruelling seasons, and it puts the limelight on Miguel Angel Felix Gallardo. Narcos Mexico is a Hollywood crime drama TV series produced by Chris Carlo Bernard, Brancato, and Doug Miro.

After watching the Narcos Mexico (web-series), many fans were interested in finding out whether María Elvira Murillo was the real character or not. Conversely, as per the sources and news, María Elvira Murillo was Felix Gallardo’s second wife after Leukemia’s first death. Here, you will get the complete details about María Elvira Murillo’s life, husband, and more.

María elvira murillo – Real Life

In actual life, María Elvira Murillo is recognized as the second wife of Maria Felix Gallardo, who first tied the knot with a gorgeous woman, but she passed away because of Leukemia. In Narcos Mexico, they didn’t mention his first wife. As per the Public Property Registry (PPR) of Jalisco, Maria Elvira was among the Inmobiliaria Delia owners.

In April 1989, Public Property Registry seized the properties after the arrest of the Guadalajara Cartel leader. Furthermore, as per the United States intelligence reports, Maria Elvira assisted Jalisco’s high society in Felix Gallardo’s victory, where he established his drug empire.

María elvira murillo Husband

María elvira murillo was Miguel Angel Felix Gallardo’s last wife and among Inmobiliaria Delia owners, established in 1976 by the drug trafficker. Gallardo and María elvira murillo’s marriage was attended by Ex-Governor Leopoldo Sanchez Celis. Miguel Angel Felix and Murillo were also the dressed by Sanchez’s son, Theolenda Lopez Urrutia, and Rodolfo Sanchez Duarte.

While María Elvira Murillo’s husband initially worked on drugs on a small scale with Rafael Caro Quinto. She dedicates her life to running her association with her husband and starts having extramarital affairs with many women, providing him with expensive gifts and money. Maria Elvira tried to induce her husband to drive his cartel from Sinaloa, but Felix refuses and emotionlessly tells her that she has no need anymore.

Maria Elvira and Felix got separated after a few years, and she returns to Sinaloa with her kids. After an attempt on his life by the Gulf Cartel, Felix escapes to Sinaloa, but he declines to reunite with her wife. Felix Gallardo later informed María Elvira Murillo to protect their children from Colombian revenge if he fails to provide 70 tonnes of cocaine to Helmer Herrera.

Maria Elvira later united with Felix Gallardo after he successfully prepared the 1988 elections in support of the PRI, and they both joined Carlos Salinas’ success party. On the other hand, she brutally challenged her ex-husband after learning of his leading role in the tragic murder of Guadalupe Leija Serrano and her two kids. Maria criticized him for his vandalism and attacked him with a knife as he tried to cool her down. It encouraged Felix to divorce her forever and return to Guadalajara.

Main Character of Narcos Mexico

Most of the roles played in Narcos Mexico (web-series) is based on real-life and people. María elvira murillo is the main character of Narcos Mexico, played by Diego Luna. Narcos began as a serial about Pablo Escobar, an actual-life gangster who went beyond even the most disgraceful fictional persons. The second season wants to explain the results, nearly on a surface level.

María elvira murillo is now married to a big-time drug lord, Miguel Ángel Félix Gallardo. Miguel Angel Felix Gallardo is searching to expand his hard-won Mexican marijuana territory into a transportation operation to transfer Colombian cocaine into the US. The cocaine-centric part of the web-series will be aware of Narcos audiences.

The first three seasons of the Netflix series of Carlo Bernard and Doug Miro followed Cali Cartel and Pablo Escobar and law prosecution officers’ growth. The Narcos Mexico series doesn’t elevate the drug lord’s life, and it is a provisional, advisory tale. Every season of Narcos Mexico is very famous and loved by every people.

What Happened to Maria Elvira Murillo in Netflix Series (Narcos: Mexico)?

Narcos Mexico (Season 2) was currently broadcasted on Netflix. Narcos Mexico (Season 2) remains with Felix Gallardo’s story (played by Diego Luna) as his hold on his drug territory loosens. María Elvira Murillo’s role is played by the famous Chilean actress (Fernanda Urrejola), who got success and fame in 2003 with the youth soap opera 16, directed by Television Nacional de Chile. Throughout the series, Miguel Angel Felix Gallardo is trying to win back his wife (María Elvira Murillo).

Narcos Mexico (Netflix Series) explains the confinement of the drug cartels in Mexico in the 1980s. It has been expressed via an escalation of DEA officers and drug lord Felix Gallardo trying to bring him down. The second season Narcos Mexico was broadcasted on Netflix in February and remained Gallardo’s story into the early Eighties. As audiences will identify, this is when the man recognized as El Padrino started to lose his hold on his drug cartels.

Along with this, the audience also saw that Maria Felix Gallardo attempted to win and return his wife Maria Elvira back and unite with his kids. We have only little about her, which means much of her portrayal in the Narcos Mexico (Netflix Series) is not real. In the first episode of Narcos Mexico (Netflix Series), María Elvira Murillo’s role has more involvement. María Elvira Murillo has been separated from her husband (Felix Gallardo) for the second series as she was disloyal to him.

Final Words

María Elvira Murillo is a famous Mexican businesswoman known as a drug trafficker and Miguel Angel Felix Gallardo’s second wife. If you want to ask about María Elvira Murillo and her life, then drop the comment in the below-mentioned comment box. Keep visiting this page regularly to get the latest updates about famous personalities, superstars, and more.

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