Why is Magento traditionally the best choice for building an online store?

Why is Magento traditionally the best choice for building an online store?

If WordPress remains the best solution for building a website, then Magento offers the perfect platform for developing an online store. Technically, Magento is implemented as an open-source engine. This is intended for creating large-scale projects in the e-commerce segment with huge traffic. In practice, the company positions itself as a multifunctional platform with a host of modern tools, integration options, design, and content management. Many companies prefer to hire Magento developers to offer new modern services.

Competitive features of the system

To date, more than 5,000 thousand online stores operate under the leadership of the Magento engine. Its characterized by unique advantages, thanks to which the system used to manage large-scale projects:

• Flexibility. Like any open-source product; Magento makes it easy to make changes to the project and customize the appearance of the online store.

• Adaptive structure. The user can easily customize the design of the site, with the correct display on mobile and stationary devices.

• Ability to manage multiple projects from one workspace. A sought-after feature for large retailers with an extensive infrastructure of warehouses, a voluminous logistics system, and offline retail space. The owner can easily set up one profile for several business segments, accept payments in one account and redistribute finances to different streams. Control balances in several stores at once, impose restrictions on selected points of sale or provide access to financial instruments to various user groups.

The presented tools on the platform allow you to quickly control inventory balances in several niches at once, control financial transactions in various segmentations and systematize the received data in one account.

• Lots of service providers. The Magento team offers users an integrated approach with the maximum number of services; payment terminals and financial instruments, e-mail newsletters, instant messengers, chatbots, automation systems, analytics, and optimization tools.

Despite being multilingual, Magento is in great demand in the Western and US markets. The system contains many components, so it will be difficult for beginners to navigate the program components at first. You should also not use the platform to create small projects with a very small scale and coverage. Also, Magento has shown its advantages in managing large projects and is unlikely to be a suitable solution for a small business.

Pros and cons of Magento

On the Internet, you can find a large number of platforms that can used as an engine for an online store. At the same time, not all of them meet modern requirements and work with open source technology. However, No developer will want to associate their product with untested solutions. Also, The Magento team monitors the technical support of the platform, replenishes the community, and allows young entrepreneurs to quickly set up a web resource for entering the mass market. Among the basic advantages, the main advantages of the Magento platform can be distinguished:

Excellent compatibility with the search engine optimization system.

A full-fledged multifunctional environment with a huge number of services and modern tools for analytics and promotion.

Ability to adapt any project.

First-class crm system for managing financial flows and systematizing incoming data.

Convenience and ease of use: you can manage the project from your mobile gadget or PC.

Considering a platform for an online store, Magento provides ample opportunities for owners who are connected with several product niches at once. Also, An entrepreneur can create a project of any scale, combining various retail outlets with different infrastructure and locations. Why is this possible? See here: https://elogic.co/services/magento-consulting/.


Given the positioning for a large business, the system contains many complex add-ons that may cause difficulties for beginners. Also, for normal operation, you will need to acquire high-quality hosting with a memory of at least 256 MB.

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