How To Make Your Shoes Last Longer

How To Make Your Shoes Last Longer

Shoe care should be done regularly. They are the tools that you use every time you walk in the park, go to the office, and play your favorite sports. Also, It is high time that you get all your shoes from the wooden shoe rack, sort them out, and start cleaning them. There are no easier ways to accomplish this than by getting down and dirty with your shoes. 

How to Keep Your Shoes Durable and Clean

Dry your shoes regularly 

Water causes such a heavy toll on your shoes no matter what material they are made of. Leather, rubber, and canvas shoes can get ruined by constant interaction with water. You can protect your shoes by regularly drying them. This step saves the material and also prevents the growth of bacteria or fungi that can also be dangerous for your feet. 

To do this, you must let the shoes air dry for 1 day. You can use a newspaper, that is, if you have one at home. Newspaper or any kind of paper draws out moisture from the shoes. You should not put your shoes under direct sunlight. Being dried out under the sun can dry out even the glue that keeps the shoe together. Sunlight can also make the material flaky. 

Handwash your shoes 

You can handwash some types of shoes. Those that are made of canvas, cotton, or polyester can withstand the effects of water. They can be cleaned using a brush and detergent. 

Shoes that are made of rubber, vinyl, or leather can be ruined by handwashing. For the best results, you can go to the company’s website and look for the steps to properly wash the shoes. 

Use a shoe rack

Where do you put your shoes? Are they just lying somewhere in the house? Are you keeping them in a specific area? If you want your shoes to last longer, you should get yourself a wooden shoe rack.  They are inexpensive and easy to assemble. They also offer enough breathing room for your shoes. 

Use specialty products for your shoes

You should treat your shoes with special care by using products that protect the materials that they are made of. You can use coats and sprays that shield your shoes from being contaminated with dust or water. There are also products that keep the shine of your shoes for a long time. You also have natural deodorizing sprays that freshen up the insoles so that they are kept clean and smell great.

Compared to the price of your shoes, the cost of these products is very low. You just need to put an effort into cleaning and polishing your shoes regularly. 

Wear socks when using your shoes

The sweat that your feet produce can cause the materials of your shoes to break over time. If you do not wear socks, then your sweat can reduce the life capacity of your shoes. Not only that. You can keep your feet healthy by wearing socks. You can avoid fungal infection and other types of foot conditions if you use socks.  


If there is one item that you use all the time every day, this is your pair of shoes. Much like you take care of your car, you should also take good care of your shoes that carry you from one point to another. You do not just put them on the wooden shoe rack and forget about them until your next usage of them. You have to ensure that you handle them with care, protect them from environmental elements, and clean them every time. 

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