How to Clean Air Stone? A Step-By-Step Guide, Reinstallation Guide 

How to Clean Air Stone? A Step-By-Step Guide, Reinstallation Guide 

Air stones are usually used in an aquarium aeration system. These create small bubbles in the water and support oxygenating the tank. So, it is important to know how to clean air stone. That is why air stones are essential to keep in water for the smooth flow of oxygen.

What if these air stones become clogged with algae, dust, or bacteria? To eradicate these unwanted elements and keep the environment favorable for fish, it is necessary to clean air stones. In this article, we will discuss some important methods through which you can easily clean air stones.

People want to know ‘’why and how to clean an air stone’’? It is necessary to clean dirt from the air; otherwise, it will produce larger bubbles and ultimately disturb the entire ecosystem of water.

Best Methods on How to Clean Air Stone

It is essential to clean air stones to maintain the water environment, especially in aquarium aeration systems. Here are some of the favorable methods, as follows:

Eliminate the Air Stones from the Aquarium 

You can remove all filtration devices and even air stones from the aquarium to keep the inner water environment safe. In this regard, you can use your hand, a long fish net or gravel to remove stones. With these gadgets, you should disconnect air stones from all the tubes they are connected to. 

Eliminate the End Rubber Pieces 

There are black rubber pieces attached at both ends of an air stone. Therefore, it is necessary to remove these rubber pieces to clean the inner sides of the air stones. 

how to clean air stone

You can take these rubber pieces off with the help of your finger and keep them aside. 

In the beginning, you will find these rubber pieces stuck. To make them loose, you should gently twist them back and forth. By doing so, you will be able to remove end rubber pieces from the air stone. 

Make a Mild Solution Comprising 1 Part Bleach and 9 Parts Water

Take a glass measuring jar and insert 1 fluid ounce (30 mL) of bleach into it. After that, dump this fluid into the jar for cleaning purposes. Repeat the process by taking 9 fluid ounces (270 mL) of water this time. 

Dump this water solution into the same jar where bleach is already available. You have to repeat this process again and again unless you find a solution of how to clean air stone with a large quantity.

Throw your Air Stones in the Bleach and Wait for 2-3 Hours 

You should drop all dirty air stones in the beach solution including end rubber pieces and connecting tubes. After that, wait for 2 to 3 hours. 

You should then swirl the air stones gently in the bleach to eradicate any loosened gunk before getting them out of the solution. You must wear gloves while dipping your finger into the bleach. Consequently, you will be able to clean air stones very easily. 

Throw your Air Stones in the Bleach and Wait for 2-3 Hours

Set Air Stones Near a Sunny Window 

To rinse air stones, you must use warm running water. After that, you should set these pieces on a clean paper towel or simply a towel. However, keep these air stones near a window where proper sunlight is coming from. 

We will suggest you not to use towels for cleaning your air stones. Because towels can break brittle pieces easily. 

People want to know ‘’how to clean air stone’’? The answer to this question is given attractively. However, you can follow the aforementioned methods to clean your air stones in aquariums. 

A question arises in return: how do I reinstall these air stones in the aquarium after completing the cleaning?

How to Reinstall Cleaned Air Stones in an Aquarium?

This is quite an easy and simple process to reinstall your air stones in the aquarium. Here are some of the feasible methods as follow:

1. Use the Silicon Beads on Both Ends of the Air Stone

You must allow air to enter if you want to know how to clean air stone. It is possible only if you remove black pieces of rubber from both ends of the air stone. 

Therefore, it is feasible to squeeze the silicon gently to take 2-3 small beads onto the verge of an air stone tube where a black rubber piece is connected. Most importantly, you can acquire this silicon from your nearby local hardware store. 

2. Connect the End Rubber Piece on the Tube and Clean It

After placing the end rubber piece back on the air stone you should wipe it clean. In this regard, you can use a clean cloth or damp to remove the extra unnecessary silicon on both sides of the air stone. 

You should then let the silicon dry for a particular time period by following the instructions of the silicon package. Eventually, you can repeat this process for any other tubes and any other sides. 

3. Place the Air Stone Back into the Aquarium Tank 

It is necessary to reinstall the air stone back into the aquarium tube. However, you should place it exactly in the same manner you have originally installed it. These air stones must be covered with gravel. 

On top of that, you can use a long fish net and your hands while placing the air stone back into the tank or covering it with gravel. 

Place the Air Stone Back into the Aquarium Tank

4. Inspect the Quality of Bubbles Every 2-3 Months 

The main purpose of an air stone is to produce small bubbles from its full length. It will lose its performance or efficiency when it gets clogged with algae, bacteria and dust. 

Most importantly, if there is dirt on the air stone then it will start producing larger bubbles. 

These larger bubblers are not safe for the inner environment of aquariums, especially for fish.

To eradicate these unnecessary elements, it becomes necessary to clean the air. Now it is your duty to observe the quality of bubbles in the aquarium. 

Larger-sized bubbles will decrease the amount of oxygen in the water, which can never be feasible for fish. We recommend you clean your complete aquarium at the same moment as cleaning the air stones. 

Final Words 

People are curious to know ‘’how to clean air stone”? Hopefully, this is not a difficult task anymore when you go through this blog post. You should remove the end rubber pieces and keep them aside. After that, you should prepare a bleach solution. Dip all your dirty materials into the bleach and wait for 2-3 hours. 

After cleaning, it is quite an easy process to reinstall your air stones into the aquarium tank. Cleaning your air stones is mandatory because it produces larger bubbles in the water which are not feasible for the smooth flow of oxygen. 

In addition to these, dirt can easily disturb the entire ecosystem of water in the aquarium tank. 

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